Avon Luxe Couture Crème Lip Gloss

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Avon Luxe Couture Crème Lip Gloss is a silk-infused lip gloss that adds shine and a hint of colour to the lips.

Available in five shades.


Avon Luxe Couture Crème Lip Gloss


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I have this in "Dazzling Nude" which lives up perfectly to it's name:  it is a little bit dazzling with all it's very, very fine glittery bits yet it's still a very wearable nude colour that can be worn every day anywhere.  It's not over the top but it's noticeably pretty - especially when first applied.  There is a variation of the colours of the glittery bits - some gold, some nudey-pink  but on the lips they don't look as glittery but they seem to blend together to become a little holographic in their effect.  All the while it still looks quite nude and natural.  This colour could equally be worn by a bride for a glamorous nude look to the lips or just for a trip to the shops, either for day or night wear.  So it's a very versatile colour.   There is a very faint fruity scent but after applying this the 'scent' disappears and I don't notice it at all.  The gold lid is metallic, shiny and smooth to hold.  The tube is unusually horse-shoe shaped so that it can lay flat on one side and not roll which can be useful.  The other side is curved so it looks unique.  The whole container is just over 11 cm in length.   The lid always goes back perfectly into place so it's aligned exactly with the canister each time I use it. The formula feels creamy and nurturing.  It feels much more than just a gloss - it feels like a moisturising formula which is great for my lips because I tend to get dry lips easily.  It's a high quality product compared to other Avon lip products I've tried and it's not at all like their other glosses.  I could almost give this lip gloss a five star rating but  I would love to see more shades brought out in this Luxe range as there is not many colours.  I find the moisturising effect of this gloss lasts a lot longer than the shiny appearance that it gives the lips.  I find the shininess wears away and the look is more muted and neutral but the hydrated feel of my lips stays for a couple of hours.  I like that little subtle sparkles of fine glitter stay on the lips for quite a while.   I like nude colours a lot and this is my pick for me in this range.  Any age could wear this lip product in "Dazzling Nude".  I love the name of it's range,  Luxe Couture Creme, which I think suits the way it feels on the lips and the fact that it's part of  Avon's highest quality make-up range.