Avon Luxe Couture Crème Lipstick

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Avon Luxe Couture Crème Lipstick is a silk-infused lipstick with a natural plumping complex to create a full and soft pout, while also adding a pearlescent wash of colour on the lips.

Available in eight shades.


Avon Luxe Couture Crème Lipstick


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This is a (sadly) more nostalgia-tinged review of a product i was given a few months ago by a former "Avon lady" friend of mine. The Avon brand was as much a part of families lives around the world as milkmen delivering the milk,or Dad mowing the lawn on a Saturday,so when that last "ding dong..Avon calling" was heard,a chapter of life for teenage girls (buying their first lippy) teenage boys (tell me that your brother's first aftershave wasn't "Black Suede"),Mums (earning a little something extra to help pay for Christmas) and Nanas (getting her supply of talcs and SSS bath oil) closed for ever. I loved the look of this tube (i am a sucker for gold on packaging,as all the "luxe" range had),but it was a rather cheap,flimsy plastic to feel.The  product itself was a delicately scented,creamy textured bullet that felt silky to apply and was not bad on the colour payoff (i got "Stiletto Red"..a bluer toned red),but the wearability was not great at all....a couple of hours,then a re-apply was needed.It certainly didn't stand up to eating or drinking,and bled into lines rather quickly.The formula was not quite matte / not quite cream,rather a heavier balm type hybrid that was comfortable to wear,but not (as i mentioned) up for any real testing.So would i have got it again if i had a chance ? Ummm,NO....at $22 for this,i would have spent my cash on something else a little more lasting and with a few more colour options (in a world of hues,8 was not enough to excite me).I love some of Avon's other lipsticks,and will mourn the loss of those for a while,but this was a miss for me.
The Avon Couture Creme Lipstick is a hydrating lipstick that provides pigmented colour with a beautiful shiny finish.  I had this in a nice, bright red colour as I find it's suitable for both day and night.  The lipstick packaging is gold and has the words luxe written on it just in case you forgot what type of product you were using.  When I swiped it on it was so easy, it just glided on with no effort and it felt so light on the lips.  The formula wasn't creamy like other lipsticks and instead added a thin layer of colour to my lips without compromising on pigmentation.  The lipstick had a pearlescent finish to it and my lips felt hydrated and smooth.  It didn't dry out my lips at all and I felt like I could wear it all day without any problems.  It didn't have the same staying power as the other lipsticks in my makeup bag so I had to reapply every two hours and after eating and drinking.
This lipstick has a nice sweet, candy-like fragrance to it which I can smell as soon as it's applied onto my lips. The colours are all fairly classic and natural, ranging from nudes to pinks to reds - definitely no crazy colours or heavy formulas. This is perfect for females who want to wear something natural to work but still want that little pop of colour. My personal favourite is stiletto red which is gorgeous and bright! It will take you from day to night. It applies easily because of the smooth, creamy formula, even when my lips are chapped, and it keeps my lips moisturised throughout the day. I love that it feels creamy on my lips, rather than matte, and gives my lips a beautiful glowy sheen.  Pros -  - Beautiful classic colours - Creamy, soft and moisturising - Affordable  - Versatile (can be worn day and night, and to all different occasions) - Keeps my lips hydrated Cons -  - Lasting power is not the best, especially if you're eating and drinking
This is an excellent lipstick for the price - it has the most gorgeous nude colour that I love - it is called "Nude Slip".  I love how it gives my lips a natural look but also like I've cared enough to use a lipstick product.  The formula seems to melt on impact with my lips and is easy to apply and spread around.  I love how hydrating it feels.  I use this lipstick a lot so I expect I will be buying it again when it runs out.  The gold shiny packaging is secure enough to keep it rolling around in my handbag and I like the click sound it makes when I put the lid on.   The 'tube' is an unusual assymetrical shape - it is not round like normal lipsticks.  There is a very light slight scent to it but it's not very noticeable - a little bit perfumey in the way it smells.   The look of this lipstick is a slight sheen - it's not matte and it's not shiny, it's somewhere in-between.