Avon Luxe Temptation Blush

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Avon Luxe Temptation Blush is a powder blush infused with silk and sapphire extract for a smooth and even application. 

Available in four shades.


Avon Luxe Temptation Blush


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So sorry that Avon is discontinuing production in Australia as this is a great blush that has become my regular product.  I didn’t pay the RRP and rarely do for Avon products - it was 50% off so a great deal for me.  The blush has no scent on goes on well though I prefer my own brush which is fatter and more precise than the one that comes with it.  The colour is highly pigmented and stays on all day for me which is unusual as blush usually does fade on my face.  I just use a very light touch in the apples of my cheeks and instantly seem to be a healthier looking with a glow, without looking made-up.  I’ve used it with and even without foundation and it always looks good on me.  The gold case is a bit heavy looking though at least it’s easy to find in my bathroom drawer and the inner mirror is good enough to use when you’re on the go.  I think that the formula is pretty moisturising as it doesn’t dry my aging skin out, and also leaves my skin looking quite good, and hasn’t irritated my skin at all.  I’m nearly out though and alas, my local rep is done, so I think I may have to rely on eBay for a while to get this or to find a way to order from overseas. In any case, this is a lovely blush for all skin types and lasts a treat, leaving a beautiful rosy glow.
My all time favourite blush that honestly makes me feel so bright and vibrant! This blush will last all day long and the colour never saturates so you will stay fresh and crisp no matter how long you wear it, the value for money is really quite good. You will get so much use out of this blush, its worth every cent!  I purchased the shade "show stopping pink", which is an incredibly cute tone and perfect for people with light to medium skin tones. It will really brighten up your complexion without looking too deep or "clownish". I find this shade just glides on and is a perfect fit, the blush looks quite subtle and yet it just gives me such a healthy glow, I feel so happy when I wear it! I literally never go a day without wearing this adorable, sweet pink shade, its my everyday pick and looks great even if you are going for a natural look.  For darker skin tones I recommend the shade "Elite Mauve", my mother has olive/brown skin, and this shade looks stunning on her and really looks natural, never too pale or powdery which is a great find. This shade is a significantly deeper and richer pink, it has a lovely flirty vibe to it!  I like using the Mauve blush for special occasions to really look more dramatic on my medium skin, it is a perfect option for evenings out to look bold and striking, or if you have a darker skin tone it is perfect for everyday use without looking over the top!  I love how even this blush apples onto my cheekbones, the colour looks perfect in texture and even if I sweat, the colour will stay in place and never smear or run. I find a few streaks of this blush is always enough as the colour comes out strongly and is quite matte. I recommend not applying too much though, I think too much of this blush can make you look a bit cake so keep it light and you will honestly look lit! This blush is the sweetest companion to a good highlighter, and I think a bit of shine (and don't forget the shimmer!!) really goes beautifully and brings out the sweet, girly tones of this blush. It's a match made in beauty heaven!! This blush honestly stays perfect so there isn't even a need for touch ups, you can leave this blush at home though out the day and be assured you'll look as perfect as when you applied it.  Although I really don't use a lot of Avon products, this blush has really stepped it up, if you want your cheekbones to look on point ALL day long give this blush a go!!! There are a few really diverse and stunning shades available, so whether you have the palest of skin, or a darker skin tone, Avon has you covered and your cheeks will be rosey and glowing in no time.