Avon Nutra Effects Ageless Multi Action Eye Cream

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Avon Nutra Effects Ageless Multi Action Eye Cream is a non-greasy eye cream enriched with pomegranate seeds to moisturise the delicate under-eye area while revealing a firmer and more lifted look.


Avon Nutra Effects Ageless Multi Action Eye Cream


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I love how this refreshes my eyes so much - not just in appearance but also how they feel.  After applying the gel-cream formula my eyes feel very refreshed and the skin feels calmed.  When I look at my eyes, the skin around them apppears toned, firmed and hydrated.   I can put this all around the eye:  underneath the eyes, on the lid and right up onto the brow bone and eyebrow area.  I find that by doing this, my lids also look toned and hydrated and I love that because I can then put some eyeshadow on much easier.  The eyeshadow goes on much more smoothly than if I hadn't put this on. It only takes a minute or so to feel like this eye cream has set and it has a lightly cooling feel to the eye area.  The little glass pot is stable and looks cute alongside it's matching day and night creams.  This eye cream pot is a real miniature version of the larger day and night NutraEffects creams that it goes with.  To keep it's ingredients fresh after opening, there is a translucent plastic re-placeable seal between the lid and glass pot.  I appreciate this little touch for hygiene and freshness sake. I'm finding this eye cream to be excellent value and excellent quality.  It's simple and it works for me. This eye cream can be easily used both day and for night time use too.  I would love this to have some SPF in it for daytime use but to counteract that issue I push a little bit of my NutraEffects matching day cream (which has SPF in it) over the top of this carefully after applying it in the morning.   So I put my eye cream on first and then I apply my day cream/night cream.  
The Avon Nutra Effects agesless multi action eye cream comes in a tiny glass jar with a screw on lid. The eye cream is opaque white, thick and of a creamy consistency. I apply a rice grain sized amount of the product around my eye area with my ring finger. The eye cream instantly cools and soothes my eye area. It sinks in and gets absorbed into the skin without a greasy residue.  The eye cream is non irritating and fragrance free. It works well under makeup as there is no balling or pilling. My eye makeup just glides on without any patchiness or caking. I think this is a good eye cream to keep your eye area hydrated, nourished.and keep signs of premature aging at bay. 
We all know that the skin around the eye is very thin and extremely delicate, and is often the first to show signs of aging. I'd never used an eye cream before I tried this one. I thought since I was coming into my mid 20's it would be a good idea to start taking some preventative measures. I use the Avon Nutra Effects Ageless eye cream with my nightly moisturiser of the same range. The eye cream comes in a small glass jar and looks very luxe sitting with its fellow moisturisers on my bathroom shelf. I use my ring finger and pat a very small amount underneath my eyes and up to my brow bone. I wipe any excess over my eyelid. It is important not to drag the skin here whilst applying. I have noticed however that while the cream is drying it does sting my sensitive eyes.  The stinging does subside after the product has dried and probably wouldn't be as noticeable for other people with not so sensitive eyes. I now close my eyes as I apply the cream and keep them closed for a few seconds after, its become my little nightly moment of tranquility. The cream applies well, is cost effective, and is a quality brand, I dropped one star for the eye-sting effect. I will continue to use this eye cream as I like my nightly routine. It feels great knowing that I'm using a product which will benefit my skin in the future!