Avon Nutra Effects Balance Day Cream SPF 15

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Avon Nutra Effects Balance Day Cream SPF 15 is a shine-reducing moisturiser enriched with chia seeds to help absorb surface oil while providing lightweight hydration to skin. 


Avon Nutra Effects Balance Day Cream SPF 15


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This has a soft, sweet scent which seems to linger long after I've applied it.  It is a white, fine cream which supplies my skin with a very good protective moisturising layer.  I can feel that I've got it on but it's not heavy and it feels nurturing, making my skin feel hydrated.   As I apply it, the formula goes on with a white hue, which, after gently massaging into my face, it disappears, leaving my face with a clear-look moisturising layer with some SPF15.  I do find this balances out the appearance of my skin but I don't need to apply too much - this cream goes a long way so I find only a little is needed.  I love the idea that it has Chia Seed in it's formula.   The glass jar is nice and squat and stable.  It has a plastic easy-screw-on lid and another bit of protective plastic to seal the contents to keep it extra fresh.   My best tip would be to use this moisturiser with a mineral powder make-up instead of a liquid powder make-up, especially if you have an oily or oily/combination skin type like me.  I find mineral powder make-up tends to help 'set' this moisturiser and I get minimal shine with it when I do this.  With liquid make-up I find it doesn't keep me so shine free by mid afternoon.