Avon Nutra Effects Hydration Gel Night Cream

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Avon Nutra Effects Hydration Gel Night Cream is an oil-free gel cream enriched with chia seeds to hydrate, soften and smooth skin. With continued use, skin is left feeling replenished, soft and visibly healthier.


Avon Nutra Effects Hydration Gel Night Cream


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I am a huge fan of Gel Moisturisers. Ever since finding the Clinique Moisture Surge I have loved them. Now lets start with the fact that this is a night cream....look I use this morning and night I love it that much. It is so light and soaks in so quickly that it is perfect for all day! This is an almost transparent gel moisturiser, which reminds me a lot of the Clinique moisturiser. It smells fresh and feels just as fresh when you apply it to the skin. You only need a small amount and you simply massage it in gently, which won't take long because it soaks in so quickly. This is part of the reason I think it is great for the morning as well. Unlike some cream moisturisers that leave your skin feeling greasy and oily, this moisturiser leaves your skin feeling hydrated but not greasy - perfect for make up to go over the top of.
OK,i admit....Avon is not a brand i have used in many,many years.I have felt it a little more "Nanna" than i am ready to be right now (but like just about every Aussie woman,i have used many of their products in the past,and was even an "Avon Lady" as a teen to get more pocket money),but out of the blue, i came across a rep..and the love affair (from my teens) rekindled,and a new appreciation occurred. Avon has had amazing press of late for their cutting edge skincare,so when i saw the Nutra Effects Hydration Gel Night Cream (a moisturiser formula type i adore in summer),i had to get it.A "superfood" we are adding to our diet by the bucketload,the use of  Chia seeds in this formula (which are rich in antioxidants, plus, these super seeds can hold up to 12X their weight in water...hyaluronic acid like in that respect ) gives it a natural,moisture surge boost that lasts well into the next morning (my skin looked fresh,plump and truly cared for post use) and a feeling of freshness that is rare in the world of more "mature" skinned aimed products..perfect for this weather that we have right now with it's gel - cream texture,OR for winter if you have a slightly oilier skinned visage. The main thing i have to point out is the amazing pricepoint....$15 for 50 gms is unheard of...you can't get a jar or tube of anything vaguely worthwhile for that at a supermarket,so this is a bargain that allows you to at least try it without having to fib to your other half about the cost of that newest addition to your bathroom cupboard....and it really does work to smooth fine lines,whilst being a Godsend after a long,hot day (and no strong scents to leave you feeling overly stimulated at time your skin is resting to repair itself). Go and try this (along with the many other new,targeted skincare products in this line) if you are in need of a skincare product overhaul. TIP:Feeling the heat ? Beat it by putting this in the fridge and slathering it on at day's end to refresh,yet calm your skin...helping you drift off in comfort.