Avon Nutra Effects Radiance Day Cream SPF 15

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Avon Nutra Effects Radiance Day Cream SPF 15 is a radiance-enhancing day cream infused with Bird of Paradise seeds to even skin tone and reduce dullness and pigmentation.


Avon Nutra Effects Radiance Day Cream SPF 15


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nice texture to the product but as its in a container made it hard to use the product at the end. Didn't really see a radiance change to my skin after using it for weeks as it was from Avon ive tried others who work work better and are in a pump formula
This moisturiser is nice and doesn't have any odd putting smell like some moisturisers can have. It felt nice on my skin however was slightly heavy and toke a long time to try even when the smallest amount is used in saying that after a long busy day my skin would still feel hydrated making my skin feel soft and smooth. I wasn't initially to keen on the product due to the drying time and heaviness of the formula but after a few times it has become a go to moisturiser when my skin is feeling way dry and I want to plump it right back up and not in a rush to allow for drying before go about my usual makeup routine. I would definitely recommend this to those who have dry skin and don't mind a little heavy feeling for a great hydration boost. Pros: - super hydrating - makes my skin feel and look great - super affordable Cons: - slightly heavy formula - long time for drying - wish came in pump
This leaves my skin feeling very soft, deeply moisturised and protected from losing extra moisture during the day.  I find it a very balanced cream - it's not too rich and not too light - it just sits somewhere right in the middle.  So it's a very comforting cream for my skin (and I have oily combination ageing skin).   It has a basic SPF 15 in it which means I can wear this in winter because I don't need as much sun protection as in summer or spring.  For my winter moisturiser I can give this a five star rating but the rest of the year I would probably only give it a four star as I really need an higher SPF at those times with the sun being stronger and with me being outdoors for more of the day.   It could be a good cream for any skin type as I think it's nurturing enough for normal to dry skin and non-greasy enough for normal to oily skin.  If you have very oily skin I would only put it on very lightly like the way I do for my oily T Zone area - that way it seems to be just enough moisture protection for that area.  It's opaque white in colour and it has a very light fragrance which is truly barely-there but just noticeable when I put my nose right up to the product.   It's a feminine, clean and soft powdery scent.  It wears beautifully all day under make-up but also on it's own for the weekends.    After appliying this cream to my face I like to give it a couple of minutes to settle in before I put my make-up on.  It's great under both liquid or mineral powder foundations.  I think the price point makes this a very good value pot of skincare.