Avon Nutra Effects Self Foaming Face Wash

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Avon Nutra Effects Self Foaming Face Wash is a gentle, soap-free cleanser enriched with cleansing berries to rid skin of dirt, oil, makeup and impurities. Skin is left looking and feeling refreshed, purified and clean.


Avon Nutra Effects Self Foaming Face Wash


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This formula comes out of the nozzle as an aerated white foam.  It feels frothy and very lightweight and has a light citrussy-lemon scent which I like a lot.  It's easy to pump out and I only need one pump to clean my whole face.  I can massage this wet foam around my face quickly and very easily making fast work of removing any make-up, dirt and excess oil.  I don't need to leave it on for long - around 30 seconds is plenty of time for this cleanser to do it's work. My first thoughts were how this cleanser smelt much lighter and fresher than what I thought it would.  I also thought, before I used it, that it may be too harsh for my skin but after using it for the first time I realised it was gentle enough for my skin type (I have oily combination ageing skin).   I loved the way it rinsed off very easily, so that, with just a few splashes of water it was all rinsed away and my face cleansing was done.  I also thought that this 150ml must be going to last a long time because only one pump of this formula can cleanse my face thoroughly. When I tried two pumps I found it was a little bit stripping and drying on my skin and so I realised that it was also a waste of product and unnecessary to ever use two pumps again.  Hence I decided then that only one pump of this formula was personally the right amount for me to use to cleanse my face.  I expect that in summer when I wear waterproof sunscreen a lot, this foamy cleanser will be fantastic to use to remove that and I think anyone who wanted to remove heavy make-up or stage make-up then two pumps may be a right amount for cleansing that off.   So I suppose it depends on your personal needs as to how many pumps of this cleanser you would require.  For my everyday use, one pump in the morning and one pump at night is just right.  Males or females of any age could use this cleanser as it has unisex packaging.  The container itself and the pump feels like a good quality plastic that wouldn't break easily at all and the transparent cap goes on and off easily.  I like the way you can see the nozzle through the cap.   I like that the formula is soap-free which is also great for those who may be sensitive to soap.  It is also free of parabens and dyes.  I love that this formula contains salicylic acid and several botanical extracts too. 
This is a lightweight foam cleanser which is gentle for everyday use. It comes in a easy to pump bottle and it stands steadily in my shower caddy. The cleanser comes out in a soft white foam and is soft and creamy to use. I gently massage it onto my face and rinse it off and my skin feels soft and clean. The cleanser doesn't have a fragrance, although it smells like unscented sorbolene lotion, which is pleasant. This cleanser works well to keep my face feeling nourished and clean and it removes the makeup and daily grime off my face.  I can't believe this cleanser is so low priced and does not contain any harsh ingredients or parabens. It cleans my skin without irritating my skin or blocking my pores. After use, my skin feels soft to touch and doesn't feel tight.  Pros: affordable, cleans without stripping the skin's natural oils Cons: since it's only available thru Avon, make sure you know or have access to your local Avon rep to purchase this cleanser  Recommendations: this mild foaming cleanser is light and refreshing to use. It would suit users of all skin types and for males and females. I recommend this soap free cleanser for anyone who wants a daily cleanser to clean and keep the skin feeling soft and refreshed. 
The Avon Nutra Effects self foaming face wash comes in an opaque pearlescent white cylindrical shaped pump bottle with a pop on/off clear lid. I love the chunky rounded edged self foaming pump because its so comfortable to use especially in the shower.  The cleanser is a runny liquid in the bottle but transforms into foam when it dispenses through the pump. I only need about half a pump to cleanse my face and neck because I use this cleanser as a second cleanse. My first cleanse is usually micellar water but I like to follow it up with this cleanser to wash off any leftover dirt and grime. The foam has a light mint scent which feels cool and refreshing on my skin. I just massage the foam onto my skin in a gentle circular motion for 20-30 seconds and then I rinse it all off with warm water.  The cleanser washes away dirt and grime, leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean without stripping it of its natural oils. I always following it up with toner and moisturiser to add hydration and create a moisture barrier. One of the ingredients in this cleanser is salicylic acid which is anti acne and anti aging (deep pore cleanse shrinks pores). My skin is prone to congestion on my nose and between my brow area so I like to rotate this cleanser in my skincare routine a few times a week to get the benefits of a deep pore cleanse without overdoing it and drying my skin. I think with its affordable price, comfortable self foaming chunky pump, and soap free anti acne, anti aging ingredients, this is a good product to have and rotate with other cleansers.  Pro  Soap free Salicylic acid - anti acne, anti aging Cleanses, cools and refreshes skin  Comfortable self foaming chunky pump  Affordable  Con Fragrance 
I was lucky enough to receive this cleanser in a beauty crew prize pack last year. Usually, I don’t often purchase foaming cleansers because I tend to find them too drying and in turn cause me to breakout. The product has a pump bottle and one pump dispenses the perfect amount. It foams nicely and has a gentle scent. I have oily, sensitive and acne prone skin so I need to be very careful with what I put on my face, the Avon Nutra Effects Self-Foaming face wash states that the cleanser is soap free, suitable for sensitive skin and free of parabens and dyes. To my joy,this cleanser lived up to its claims. You can feel the cleanser working as it foams and ‘pops’ all over your face and after you wash it off, your skin is left clean, soft and supple. I was very surprised to find a cleanser that removed my stubborn foundation whilst not stripping my skin of its natural moisture in the process. Winner! I have been using this cleanser for months and have not experienced any drying or skin break-outs. Since starting this cleanser I have switched to using it as my only face wash morning and night and am currently ordering my second bottle. If you are interested in trying a foaming cleanser, try this one! It gets full marks from me being gentle, thoroughly cleansing, and in my price range.