Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick

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Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick is a long-wearing matte lipstick that won’t crack or cake throughout the day.

Available in 12 shades.


Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick


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This is one of the best lipsticks I have. It goes on easily and smooth and feels great. I love the colour and it stays on for longer than most of my other lipsticks which is fantastic and also means less re-application. This lipstick is well worth the money.
Matte lipsticks are a favourite of mine because I don't feel like my lips become the centre of attention - maybe I just feel a little self-conscious or something of my lips but making them matte seems to give me more confidence so there's no guessing that these could be a possible hit with me and yes, they are!  These are creamy and smooth to apply and the formula is literally perfectly matte so three cheers to Avon for making this lipstick accompanied with an appropriate descriptive name.  There is no scent at all in these lipsticks and the formula feels light on the lips so I tend to forget I'm even wearing it which is great.  I also love how they tend to keep my lips feeling a little more moisturised than if I just had bare lips.   I normally can only feel like I can wear neutral shades because of my lip self-consciousness but with the beautiful matte finish that these lipsticks have, I can even feel a little more adventurous and wear a brighter colour too.  It's because of how subtle and understated the perfect matte finish appears which makes the colours also feel so wearable.   I like how they last a fair while on the lips and I think they are fun to apply because of how they instantly make-over my lips.  In my view, these lipsticks are a fantastic choice for any matte lipstick lover.  I can highly recommend these lipsticks and I will buy more matte lipsticks from Avon now that I've tried and loved these.
I bought this lipstick from a friend who was selling avon and I really loved it. I dont often buy avon but this was a really high quality lipstick. The pigment was lovely and I loved the matte consistency as it was not drying like some  matt lipsticks can be and was surprising creamy and easy to apply, it glided over lips and really felt quite hydrating. I used a lovely nude which was so flattering and it lasted really well, I didnt need to reapply even after coffee. This lipstick did not bleed or cake, however its a little hard to purchase if you dont know an avon rep, I would recommend this product
Love this lipstick. It doesn't bleed and lasts for a long time. I usually let it set for a while before having anything to drink, but then it will last for most of the day without drying my lips. The colour range is good and it is not too expensive. This is a great everyday work lipstick.
Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick come in 12 different shades. There's a good variety of colours, from pinks, reds and nudes.. so anyone can find something, which is awesome. It has a slightly fruity fragrance. The lipstick is creamy, glide easily on the lips, and has a very light-weight feel and do give a clean matte finish as they claim. The color was very pigmented which I loved. I did find they can be slightly drying but not as much as comparable matte lipsticks. Mine seem to last about 3 hours before reapplying, even with normal eating and drinking. They are perfectly sized for your purse and for travelling.While they are a good everyday lipstick and although I was reasonably happy with my experience, I think given the price and having to find a local 'Avon Rep' it is not a purchase I will be making often.