Avon Skin-So-Soft Original Bath Oil

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Avon Skin-So-Soft Original Bath Oil is a luxurious bath treatment enriched with jojoba oil to soften and condition skin, leaving it looking and feeling soft, smooth and cleansed.


Avon Skin-So-Soft Original Bath Oil


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This is yet another Avon product I have been using since I was a teenager, my Mother used to use it and passed it on. I haven't used it as a bath oil  but put in on after my shower.It dries my skin as I rub it in. It makes my skin smooth and massages in easily.  It smells like my childhood .  I have also used the spray on oil in the same scent which is just as good. Con: They have actually reduced the size of the bottle but kept it the same price, I guess that is one way of keeping costs down.
I nearly fell over when I seen this, what an institution! Can remember all of my female family members having this.. and I always thought it was something so very very special.  The scent brings back wonderful joyous memories and it has been such a tried and true formula. I would doubt that any other similar product would even come close. Now that I know its still available I will most definitely be purchasing a box full for either myself! or to all the intelligent ladies out there who already know about this fabulous stayer.
Avon Skin-So-Soft Original Bath Oil is the first Avon product I ever used, my Grandma gave me a bottle and told me to use this in my bath and soak in it, it will make my skin soft, smooth and smell divine.  Well I would like to say that my Grandma was right, and not only did she have beautifully soft skin, but I still use it now and have a bath at least once a week and soak in this wondrous bath oil. It's a very generous sized bottle, if you use this once ot twice a week, it should last you at least 4 months.  Squirt a generous amount under the running water and then hop in and soak your day away, and when you get out of the bath, you will smell divine, and your skin will be soft, smooth and feel so hydrated.  My skin feels moisturised for days afterwards when I soak in this glorious oil.  It is also wonderful if you soak in the bath, and then shave your legs.  You will be able to shave easily, with absolutely no skin irritations at all.  It is wonderful for your feet and hands too, so make sure you pop your hands under the bath (in other words don't read a book the whole time you are in the bath, so that way your hands get an amazing treatment too.) PRO's Smells beautiful and you will smell gorgeous when you go to bed Skin will be very soft Shaving is made so made easier Skin stays moisturised for days after No scaly legs if you use this wonderfully rich but light oil once or twice a week Great value, will last you 3-4 months I recommend this oil to anyone who loves to have a regular bath.  This way you can soak away your dry skin, and when you get out of the bath, you will have soft, plump, moisturised skin that is so soft to the touch.
This has an outstanding and unique woody scent edged with floral and fresh notes.  It is so good to put in the bath that I personally think it's Avon's most iconic product ever.  It reminds me of what my mum smelled like when I was a toddler - she still uses it today and now I love to use it too in both my bath and sometimes straight onto my skin as a hydrating body oil.  It comes in a generous 400ml container and just a couple of squirts is enough for a lovely scented bath.  It leavess my skin scented, soft and moisturised.  There's no need for me to moisturise my skin after I hop out of the bath when I use this.  My skin glows with hydration when I use this bath oil.   My best tip would be to ask for a sample sachet of this.  I find it handy to use my samples of this bath oil for having a bath when on holidays and keep the full size bottle for home use.