Batiste Hair Benefits De-Frizz

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Batiste Hair Benefits De-Frizz is a dry shampoo for those who suffer from frizzy hair and fly-aways. The dry shampoo is ultra-lightweight and clear for minimum impact on styling, and contains smoothing coconut oil to refresh hair and smooth out any frizz.


Batiste Hair Benefits De-Frizz


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My hair has never looked better in between washes. Firstly the smell that comes put with this is heavenly which means I always gravitate towards it. I have thick, curly hair and often I end up looking like Hagrid due to my uncontrollable frizz, this product always comes in to save the day by helping to maintain the frizz but also making my hair look fresh again. Where has this been all my lofe?
This is a great dry shampoo for in between washes that works really well for my thick hair, it leaves my hair feeling clean and fresh and eliminates fly aways and its so much smoother and with no frizziness, great for humidity. The product is easy to use, the clear spray simply sprays on and I style as normal, it contains coconut oil to defrizz which makes it also smell really nice. At under $13.00 its great value for money and I would purchase this dry shampoo and de frizz again, I have used batiste hair spray with great results, I will add this product to my list of likes.
I bought this the other day when I was in Woolworths as I love dry shampoo but it dies leave my hair dry and fluffy sometimes. And I’m so glad I did. I have thick wavy hair and this made it feel so much better than the original version. It has a nice scent, easy to use and is a really nice product. More expensive than the original but still a good price point I think for the quality.