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Beyonce Heat EDP is an alluring fragrance that captures Beyonce’s fiery spirit. The floral fruity perfume features rare, sensual flowers, with top notes of red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and peach, heart notes of almond macaroon, honeysuckle nectar and crème de musk, and base notes of sequoia milkwood, tonka bean and amber.


Beyonce Heat EDP


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Pros - Made by Beyonce - an amazing aroma infiltrates your nostrils as soon as you put the perfume on - lasts a very long time  - easy to spray out of the bottle - does not leave skin feeling oily after use  Cons - can be overpowering if you spray too much - the shape of the bottle is not practical for travelling or storing
Celebrity fragrances aren't my thing and I find them to be quite basic and unoriginal which is why I stay away from them.  I happened to receive the Beyonce heat perfume as a gift and I was really hesitant about trying it out.  It was described as a sweet and fruity fragrance which is something that I like but once I sprayed it I realised how artificial it smelled.  It reminded me a lot of those body mists/sprays that you would wear as a teen or a young child when you wanted to start wearing perfume.  I found Beyonce heat to be quite typical as it has the same fake smell that I've come across amongst celebrity fragrances.  There was no depth to it and it did not last long at all.
This is just not a pleasant scent. For something called 'Heat', there's hardly any warmth that comes wafts out of this fragrance. It's mostly fruity and just something sickly sweet. It's definitely more juvenile than sexy. I don't expect a scent at this price level to be particularly long-lasting or to project widely, but this is really weak; it doesn't last long, and definitely stays really close to the skin. So even if you did like the fragrance, it's not the best one to spritz for a long day or night, unless you plan to decant it and carry around a travel-sized spritzer.
This perfume is lovely. It's a nice scent that contains strong notes of vanilla. It has a mix of neroli and peach, which is quite uplifting. Its a really feminine scent that doesnt really remind me of much else. The staying power is fine. It doesn't last all day, but you can still smell it after a few hours. It's a bit of an inconvient bottle to carry around to reapply. It's often on sale at priceline which is the best time to buy it. 
The Beyoncé Heat perfume is definitely a strong scent. I think it's a bit musky and reminds me of someone fierce. It's not sweet or floral but it smells great and lasts for a lot longer than your typical perfume. One spritz is enough to last most of the day, so that's a pro. A con is it can be a little strong and if you spray too much it's difficult to remove. Overall it's a nice product and I would buy it again. The bottle has lasted me 8 months now and it's still going strong so it's definitely worth buying if you want a new 'you' scent.
When I wear this perfume I feel like Beyonce - like a queen! Not only do those around me comment on it but I catch the scent wafting many hours after application too! I give this product four not five stars as the scent is quite strong so only one spritz is enough as too much will be slightly suffocatingly strong. I highly recommend this to my friends when they're looking for a scent that lingers for a whole night out on the town!
I really love this fragrance, it probably one of my favourite celebrity fragrances.  I find it to be very sexy, sensual, warm and it just has a beautiful, powerful smell without being too overpowering.  It also stays put for quite a while unlike some fragrances.  I know fragrance is a very personal thing but I would recommend this one.
Love this fragrance not to over powering not to sweet. And it lasts the day without having to reapply. You don't need to apply to much so it will last but because it's one of my favourite fragrances it does get worn a lot and people always ask what it is as they love the smell.
This is a beautiful, fiery scent that will linger for days and still smell as though it was freshly applied. I have received so many compliments whilst wearing this perfume and I love how it smells on others too. This affordable scent is strong and elegant and I believe you are getting the highest quality for such a low price tag. Worth the buy!
With the name Heat, I pictured the fragrance to be spicy and floral but it was actually quite the opposite.  Beyonce is very unique in every facet but her fragrance was anything but. The scent was a real sugar rush! Sickly sweet and really fruity. It just reminded me of something that a young teenage girl would wear. It doesn't have that wow factor that I normally get when I smell perfumes.  It was very meh, just average.  It almost smells like Britney Spears Fantasy.  In my opinion it didn't have any depth or complexity and it just fell flat.  The strongest note I got when initially smelling it was vanilla and then a mix of amber and peach.  Before I could even enjoy the notes the scent disintegrated quickly.  It was gone by the time I sprayed it on! I expected more from Queen B but it just didn't win me over.
People can often discount celebrity perfumes because they feel that the celebrity has simply signed a contract for the perfume company to use their name and they then get a cut from the sales.  I think you are doing yourself a great disservice if you don't take the time to at least check them out.  With Beyonce's Heat, my research tells me that she spent a great deal of time working with the perfumer to make sure that Heat was exactly what she wanted.  She even had massive input into how the bottle would look.  Hence the bottle is red, which is also Beyonce's favorite colour.  Heat was her first fragrance and was released in 2010 after a lot of time, effort, and thought. Heat is a very strong, powerful fragrance with fruity, floral, woody, and musky notes all mixed in together.  I love the fact that it has Neroli, a citrus scent, and citrus scents always get my attention. I like the fact that there is also Tonka Bean used as well,  as soon as I read that I knew that I had to give this perfume a try.  I'm really glad that I did.  I was lucky enough to get a 30 ml bottle in a gift pack. That also had matching gold sparkling body lotion and pearl exfoliating shower gel, both were 75 ml tubes.   Heat goes on strong but as it works with your body heat it calms to become a very exotic and sexy scent. Shopping around when its coming up to Christmas, Mothers day, and sometimes for Valentines Day, you can find the Gift packs. They are always a great value. Don't cross this off your list simply because its a celebrity fragrance.  Check it out for yourself and see how many compliments you get.
This is a strong, heady, musky sort of fragrance.  I personally also think it smells a bit like a cheap perfume.  I originally smelt it on a tester card in a shop and was quite please with the fragrance, but I find that when I wear it, due to the way it develops on my skin, that I'm not too keen on it.  Good for night time wear.
I'm surprised to read the notes of this perfume and see its a Fruity floral. I honestly don't smell peach or flowers at all!  To me it's quite a strong and very noticeable scent, especially upon first spray. It tones down a bit to a beautiful creamy, kind of musky scent. Too much going on with this fragrance for me to be able to pick any particular notes.  Reminds me a bit of Gucci Rush.  The scent of this stays around on clothes for days. Definitely a night time scent I think. Quite strong and a bit sexy.  I like it and wear occasionally. Much too overpowering and heavy for me to wear too often