Beyonce Midnight Heat EDP

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Beyonce Midnight Heat EDP is a seductive floral fruity evening fragrance with top notes of dragonfruit, starfruit and Armenian plum, heart notes of purple mokara orchid, black tulip and purple peony, and base notes of warm amber, patchouli and sandalwood.


Beyonce Midnight Heat EDP


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While I am a fan of fruity scents I found this to be too sweet for my liking.  There wasn't enough balance and while it smelled alright it had that artificial scent to it which I did not like.  In my opinion it worked better as a body mist rather than a perfume.  It contained notes of plum, starfruit and orchid but the scent quickly faded.  Despite being an EDP it didn't last long at all which was rather unfortunate.  I'd say that the scent is quite safe and not too overpowering but it's something I would wear in very casual situations.
I'm not a huge fan of this perfume. It has a very strong sweet smell that I find a little overbearing, and it smells quite cheap to me. Would definitely consider it more of an evening perfume than an everyday perfume. It does last for most of the day though. I do not plan on purchasing this perfume again, however the bottle is pretty and it's good value!
This scent is nice. It's not one of my favourites, but I do enjoy It.  It smells very floral, mainly of tulips and peonies.  It has a spicy patchouli base, which compliments the florals. After wearing this scent for a while, I can smell a stronger amber scent which is lovely.  The bottle is inconvient to carry around, which puts me off wearing it out as I can't reapply.  It's an affordable perfume that I'll likely buy again when I run out, but I don't see that happening soon as I don't wear it all that often.
I received this in a giftpack as a present for my birthday. I found this the most appealing out of the 3 that were in the pack. It's really very pretty and the scent lasts all day. Literally only need to apply the tiniest amount and you'll be wafting lovely fragrance all day. Whenever I wear it I get so many compliments; considering how cheap and cheerful the price point is I'd say it's wonderful value for money. I would highly recommend it as a daily wear perfume; probably wouldn't wear it on a special night out but certainly stands the test of time for a day to day perfume :)
This perfume was  The very first person I ever got and so far out of all the perfumes I have now it's still my favourite. The bottle is super pretty and it's also reasonably priced. When I first sprayed it on myself I was instantly transfixed in the way it smells so beautifully and I love how it last for so long, it can last for a few hours at least. It's great because it lasts a really long time and I would recommend it to anyone looking at buying a perfume that's affordable and this would make a great gift since it's the type of perfume that everyone can like the smell whereas some times only certain people like it.