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Beyonce Rise EDP is an uplifting floral fragrance that features Beyonce’s favourite flower, the orchid. The fragrance has top notes of Italian bergamot, golden apricot and iced basil sorbet, heart notes of gold symphony orchid, freesia blossom and natural jasmine sambac, and base notes of autumn woods accord, cashmere musk and vetiver.

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Beyonce Rise EDP


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I have mixed feelings on this scent. I've owned it for a while, but don't find myself using it often. On first spray, it smells terrible. It's a very strong alcohol scent that smells like cheap champagne. After it's settled on the skin It mellows out to a nicer scent. It's a musky floral scent that includes Orchids and Jasmine. I do enjoy the scent. But it's the first 20 minutes or so of wear that make me dislike this perfume.
I was given this perfume as a gift, and although it isn't a perfume I would pick for myself, I really enjoyed this perfume. The bottle is quite cute and I enjoyed that it was a tall slim bottle, so it didn't take up too much space. I am quite sensitive to some scents, this one had great staying power, I could smell it all day, but I didn't find it overpowering. A few people had commented on the perfume I was wearing and said it smelt like a really sophisticated "expensive" version, and were overly surprised that it was in fact a Beyonce perfume. I would recommend going and giving this one a sniff!
This feels like just a generic celebrity perfume, which in all honesty smells like all the other ones by various celebrities. It has a very dated old-lady scent to it which I don't believe compliments anyone under the age of 80. And I highly doubt anyone over 80 would be buying a Beyonce fragrance. it's very woodsy and musky but doesn't have any good strong undertones to balance out the scent which is very disappointing. I'm disappointed in both the scent and the boring bottle. I'm assuming Beyonce did nothing but collect her pay cheque as I can't imagine her picking the design or the scent if she had any say in it.
This unique fragrance is actually not one I would expect Queen B to wear - it has an old-world feel and reminds of me conservatively dressed ladies from many eras ago. Its somewhat traditional inspired bottle compliments the scent within but I did find that Rise EDP does not have a strong hold on my skin and tends to wear off within an hour or less. It is a lovely celebrity fragrance but a little overpriced.
My Mum has this perfume and I make sure that every time that I am visiting that I spritz a little of this gorgeous scent while nobody is around! It is gorgeous (as with all of Bey's perfumes). It is sweet and feminine with just enough citrus to it to allow for it to feel 'grown up'. I find that the scent lingers for a long time so doesn't require additional applications throughout the day. I love the bottle and find that it is a really fun shape and has an empowered feel to it. This will more than likely be the next perfume that I buy as it is amazing.