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Bioderma Hydrabio Light Cream is a daily moisturising, soothing and nourishing lotion for normal to combination and sensitive skin. The formula contains Aquagenium® to strengthen the skin, glycerin to bring back radiance, xylitol to hydrate and vitamin PP to soothe and restructure skin. Immediately dryness is improved. Preservative and fragrance free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.


Bioderma Hydrabio Light Cream


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I was introduced to bioderma way back in 2013 when I was in Paris and went hunting in French Pharmacies as per Lisa Eldridge’s recommendation on YouTube. I can see why the French are so good at skincare when I use biodermas products- they were the ones that created Micellar water that every brand now has their own version of. This product is a lovely lightweight moisturiser that is hydrating and I feel like it plumps up my skin and helps to erase dehydration lines and quenches my skins thirst. I think they also have another formula which is slightly heavier which I also like as well. My skin is as dry as the Sahara at times so this felt like sweet relief for it. It’s also great to use when travelling as the bottle is quite small so it’s not going to take up prime real estate in your toiletries bag, and of course whose skin isn’t dehydrated when taking a long haul flight???
I have dry skin and I really love it! The cream feels light but yet provides hydration for my skin, making it feel plump and smooth. It is great for my dry and sensitive skin, especially during the summer time, when I want something that is not too heavy. The packaging is great because it comes with a pump and a cover. I have tried various Bioderma products and the brand curates so many great products for dry and sensitive skin types. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for great quality, gentle yet effective products for the skin!
I'll admit I'd  never really given the brand Bioderma much thought before trying this moisturiser because of all the hype. I just thought it was too hyped to live up to it, you know? Oh boy, oh this is such a nice moisturiser! It feels so light but my skin felt fully hydrated. And  soft too! I only needed to use a little, it absorbs easily and was comfortable to wear with sunscreen and / or makeup. It had a really nice delicate scent too. I'm definitely going to check out more in the Bioderma range now.
Bioderma is a cult name in the skincare industry....i mean,who DOESN'T have a bottle of Sensibio H2O in their bathroom ? Summer is a time to ease up on the rich creams,but moisture is still paramount to me...enter this to deliver on both counts. Bioderma Hydrabio Light Cream is a light,yet nourishing cream (more fluidity than a typical cream formula,it must be said.More a gel- cream texture) that is perfect for summer feels weightless,has a fresh,airy light scent,leaves skin dewy,yet able to be transformed with makeup seconds after applying. This offering from Bioderma MAY be a little "lightweight" for the very dehydrated of you out there,but for summer,and all year round for slightly oilier skinned girls and guys,this is perfect.A little goes a long the cost is extremely affordable (and hey,it's French,so adding a little French luxury to your beauty routine every day is worth a few $ non ?) TIP:Summer means humidity and heavy who wants a heavy skincare regime then ? Add this with a litttle gel sunscreen,and you have summer weight skincare nailed.
I am using this cream from Bioderma from last 2 years and never being disappointed!!! I have been going back to it all the time I have even tried to use some other sort of cream but what results this cream gives to my skin are just beyond believe. I have a combination skin type so choosing a skin cream is always being tricky since I found a sample of this cream in one of those Priceline goody bags and its my best buddy since then .      This comes in a hard plastic white bottle with blue lid on it and is very sleek in design which makes it very travel friendly! It gets absorbed very quickly and never felt sticky or heavy on my skin I am pretty much ready to do my makeup straight away ! It has made my skin looks healthy glowing  smoother and hydrated! It is bit expensive as compar d to other face creams in market but believe me it is worth every cent. I would recommend to everyone to at least try and see the amazing reasults !
Very good moisturiser.  It moisturises my skin well without being too heavy or leaving my skin looking and feeling greasy.
A very basic, unscented hydrating serum - but it works like a charm! I find this serum to be extremely soothing and it quenches my skin when it is feeling tight or looking a bit lacklustre. It has a pleasant gel texture that sinks into the skin very quickly, and provides a wonderful base for makeup!
This cream hydrated and moisturised my skin very well without leaving it greasy. It also has a subtle yet lovely and fresh aquatic scent that I love.
This is my holy grail serum! I love mixing this with chia seed oil and it makes the perfect combination! This serum is perfect under makeup, it plumps the skin up beautifully, sinks in and doesn't disrupt your makeup application at all! Also if you struggle with sensitive skin this is the ideal product for you!
I received a sample of this Ageless Parcel and I am really happy with the product. I have sensitive skin and find that some products tend to not react well. I had no problems with this moisturiser and really enjoyed adding it to my daily routine. I applied it to my face and neck in the morning after cleansing my face and found it to be very hydrating. I also found it absorbed really quickly and I was able to begin applying makeup straight away. I will be purchasing this when my sample runs out and encourage others with sensitive skin to give it a go!
I am a huge advocate of Bioderma products and was introduced to the Hydrabio range last year when I was looking for products to take away on an overseas trip.  I wanted products that came in plastic containers that didn't cost a huge amount, but would offer me great moisture for my dry, sensitive skin.  The Bioderma Hydrabio range definitely did all of that. I ended up purchasing the Hydrabio light cream for day time and the Riche version for a heavier night moisture boost.  This in combination with the Hydrabio Tonique (a toner) and I was on a definite winner for our month long trip to Europe and the UK. Both the light and riche creams came with me in my carry on bag for use on the plane and as they are in 40mL plastic bottles they comply with the airline regulations coming well under the 100mL limit.  Even though the bottles only contain 40mL of product, I found I only needed a small amount to achieve adequate moisture for my dry skin and I only ran out of the cream at the end of my month long trip.  I couldn't have done better if I had tried! There are a few things I look for in my moisturisers.  The obvious one is that they have to leave my skin feeling adequately nourished, but another very important feature is that it has to 'play nicely' with my foundation.  A true test for a great moisturiser for me is if it can work nicely with cream, liquid, powder and mineral foundations and the Bioderma Hydrabio light ticks all of the boxes. We are travelling again in a couple of months and this is the first product that is going on my list as it will be equally perfect for Bali as it was for Europe.
-  I found a generous 15ml sample of this cream in the Ageless Parcel. I am familiar with Bioderma’s Sebium series and their famous Micellar Water, but never used the Hydrabio series. I have been using this hydrating cream for the last couple of days and I am in love. I haven’t used such a good moisturising cream in ages, either they are too rich for me and I feel like my skin is going to suffocate, or I can’t notice any hydration at all. Bioderma Hydrabio Legere impressed me a lot. The formula is lovely, gel- cream like,rather on the runny side, very light, absorbs in seconds, and doesn’t leave any nasty film. It makes my skin feel soothed and nourished and really hydrated.This hydration lasts for a long time. It softens the skin and makes it look radiant and healthy. What is more, it is perfect as a make up base too. There is a subtle, very pleasant scent too it, but it disappears right after application. The packaging of the full sized product is a hygienic bottle with a pump. I will definitely be purchasing the full sized product, as this cream works beautifully on my combination skin. I’ve already checked the stockists and prices. What is more, in Europe there is a new version with SPF. Even better. This cream is great for sensitive skins that need high quality and long lasting moisturising product. I think is best for those with combination/oily skin, it might not be rich and hydrating enough for super dry skins.
I had never heard of this product until I was given a sample to try recently. I've been trialling it at night and although it's not as think and nourishing as I would like a night moisturiser to be, this would be perfect for the summer months. Looking forward to trialling it again then.
I have weird skin which is combination, sensitive in areas and acne prone. So as you can imagine finding something which is hydrating and doesn't antagonize my skin isn't easy! This product works great for me, and is very light which I love as no one wants to cake heavy layers on their skin.