Bioderma Photoderm BB Cream

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Bioderma Photoderm BB Cream is a light-coverage BB cream with SPF50+ UV protection and a radiant finish. The tinted formula helps to moisturise skin and unify skin tone and texture with a sheer coverage. The BB cream’s fluid texture allows for easy blending.

Available in two shades.


Bioderma Photoderm BB Cream


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Light shade is too golden

I was quite excited to try this Bioderma BB Cream thinking that it would be the perfect product for summer especially as it contains SPF 50+. I have fair skin with a splattering of freckles so naturally out of the only two shades to choose from I chose the light shade. The cream, or rather liquid, applies really easily and smoothly and I like that it is more of a tint rather than a cover up. But, a couple of factors have been disappointing for me. On its own the product makes my skin glow and the colour is way too golden, making my face look a different colour to the rest of my body. I used a mattifying product under the BB cream which reduced the glow but the golden colour remained. But I've still been able to use the product rather than discarding it. I now mix the BB Cream with a couple of lightweight foundations that were too pale or too pink for me. Just a drop or two is enough to add that little bit of colour, so it's a win win situation. I just wish that Bioderma made this BB cream in a more natural shade because not everyone has a tan or wants to look like they have one.
Bioderma is a brand i have used for's French (an addiction of mine),its simple and it works.If French pharmacy products haven't hit your radar yet,then you are missing out on some amazing products. Bioderma Photoderm BB Cream is a light-coverage BB cream that is more like a milky lotion than a cream in texture (beautiful for summer,as who wants a heavy cream on them when it's 40 degrees outside ?),that is easy to blend into skin and it feels divine on (moisturising,but not heavy.It may not be what an oilier skin may want,but for my mature skin,i love the feel) and is not at all sticky.The coverage is just like most BB creams / tinted moisturisers,but the huge plus here is that SPF...... 50+ NO LESS,so you can rest assured that not only will your skincare concerns be addressed,but any skintone worries are worked on with the tint AND your must wear daily sunscreen is there as the highest level possible.The colour lasted all day,without too much fading,and that silky texture kept my skin soft and touchable for the entire 12 hour day (and glowy..not in an oily/ greasy way.rather a hydrated,fresh way).But does this have any drawbacks ? Honestly,one main one.The problem is that the shade 'Light' was a little too dark and too pinkish for my light skin tone,so i had to mix it with a little of my regular moisturiser to tone it down,so if you a fairer skinned  girl or guy,this may not quite be the right shade (this was perfect for hubby,who actually didn't mind it at all,and did in fact wear it to work.He loved the texture and it suited his more olive skin perfectly). All in all,i really do love this product,and will be getting it again (such is the comfort of this cream when on and the SPF level.I can work with the colour and adapt it),and at $37 for 40mls (that replaces just about all the skincare you need during the day),it is a must have. TIP:To cut back on the sheen and tone down the colour,add a little Sebium Mat Control from Bioderma.It does all that AND adds a touch of matte to the texture.
This BB cream is great because it not only gives my skin a bit of coverage but it also gives me the sun protection that I need before I leave the house.  Never one to enjoy putting on sunscreen and then makeup, this is a great two in one that makes my morning routine much faster.  The coverage is very sheer and natural looking and it makes my skin look dewy.  It's hydrating without feeling heavy or greasy.  It's perfect for all skin types!
Obsessed with this sunscreen! Only one chemical based that does not burn my eyes!  It is very light, lotion like. I got shade light and have light skintone. The tint is just enough to do a subtle blur. I wear only light serum under it. Love how invisible it feels on the skin. So lightweight and gentle, becomes my skin. Perfection. I have oily skin and big pores. This sunscreen does not clog my skin. So in love that I want to switch from zinc based sunscreens! And if wanting, the only sunscreen i could use under my makeup. The rest all make things slide and pores go nuts.
A star product that I keep repurchasing. this product travels with me everywhere . It is the perfect sunscreen with some coverage.  I love that it has SPF 50. It is so light and a dream to apply.  If I just want to run out the door and not fuss with applying makeup then this product is perfect as it protects you from the sun and also is tinted to give you medium coverage. It makes your face look so fresh without making it look greasy. The shade golden is perfect for my tanned skin and it blends out to perfection without leaving a trace . It is also like a tinted moisturizer leaving your face supple and soft.
The Bioderma BB cream comes in an orange squeeze tube with a screw-on lid. It has a pointy tip for dispensing the product.  The BB cream is a tinted moisturiser with an spf of 50+. Its lightweight and a little runny in consistency but blends in well onto my skin with a flat top foundation brush. It blurs out imperfections such as redness, while evening out my skin with a gorgeous dewy finish. Even with such a high spf, the BB cream doesn't feel heavy, or tacky.  You can achieve a sheer coverage or layer it on for buildable coverage. I like to cover problem areas lightly with concealer after applying the BB cream. I dust my t-zone with setting powder and leave the rest of my face as is for a sheer, dewy finish. The BB cream does not appear cakey on my skin and is hydrating on my combo, dehydrated skin.  I like to wear it while running errands or on the weekends. Its a perfect 3-in-1 product with hydrating, sheer coverage and high sun production in it. 
One of the best BB creams I have tried, this magic multi-tasker infuses the benefits of high protection SPF and hydration with a sheer, healthy glow. It is my vacation staple (the tube packaging is so convenient!) and I use it on its own on a bare face on the weekends for a no makeup look.  - I love the light texture of the product. When it comes out of the tube it is a bit runny, however it feels very light yet hydrating on the skin. It blends out beautifully and doesn't have the sticky or heavy feel of traditional sunscreens - I use the light shade and it is the perfect match for me. It provides sheer coverage and imparts a natural, healthy radiance. - I also love to use the product as a primer before applying foundation. Not only does it give me the high SPF protection, it hydrates the skin and is very lightweight so it works wonderfully as a smoothing makeup base.  - I have sensitive skin and this product did not irritate my skin at all.  Highly recommended and in my opinion one of the best BB creams / high protection sunscreen products on the market!
This BB cream is a must have! I love it so much! It blends so easy, like melting to my skin and everytime I Use it, I just feel safe and protected knowing that the SPF in it is very high and will cover my face at least for 3-4hrs.  Would highly recommend it! I know it’s on the higher price range but you won’t disappoint it! 
I have made it my mission to be diligent about wearing sunscreen and making sure I put it on  it everyday before leaving the house.  I must say that it has been quite difficult, especially when you can't find the right product that will protect your skin from UV damage without leaving your face looking like a greasy mess.  With my oily and acne prone skin most products block my pores leaving them congested, increase the oily residue on my face thus creating even more breakouts.  I wanted to find a BB cream that would not only give my skin some coverage but would also have sun protection so that way it would save me time and I wouldn't forget to wear SPF.  After doing some browsing online and reading many reviews I decided to purchase the Bioderma BB cream.  I purchased it in the light shade and it wasn't an exact match for my skin but it was pretty close! The great thing about the BB cream was that once I applied it onto my skin and rubbed it in, it blended in so nicely.  The BB cream in my opinion is not really a cream but a liquid.  I would apply it with my foundation brush and apply it all over my face making sure every part was perfectly covered.  The coverage is light but buildable without looking cakey.  It does give your skin a healthy, dewy glow and it's also lightweight so I'm not aware that I'm wearing sunscreen.  It did help with covering up some redness around my cheeks as well as acne.  I applied concealer on top for blemishes that were harder to cover up.  For my oily skin it was more hydration than what I needed so for those with normal to dry skin this would be perfect for you.  It holds up pretty well throughout the day, sometimes I liked to top it off with some powder so it lasts longer.  It can make your face look a bit shiny so I would recommend using blotting paper or adding more powder on top when possible.  Whether you forget to put on SPF, haven't found the right one for your skin type or are time poor and want a two in one product then I would definitely recommend this.   Tip: Use it as a primer so you not only get the hydrating benefits of the BB cream along with the SPF it requires less of your full coverage foundation!
I love a great bb cream, I wear them all the time as a great natural alternative to foundation. This bioderma bb cream is just lovely. The texture is smooth and glides on easily, it spreads well and gives a gorgeous natural glow on my olive skin. I used the golden shade and the glow it gives my skin is really pretty. Its not at all drying and feels really lovely and light to wear. It gives a sheer coverage that is really flattering and just covers any imperfections. It never goes oily and will not irritate sensitive skin. Its quite well priced, especially as a little goes a long way and I would absolutely buy this product again and would recommend it.
Unfortunately this tinted sunscreen only comes in two shades; golden and light. I purchased the light and though I have light to medium fair skin, this was a bit too dark for my skin. The texture of this sunscreen is interesting though. It comes in a tube and dispenses as a very runny liquid. It is very easy to apply and sets to a slightly matte very weightless finish.The coverage is very sheer. I think if you have oily skin and struggle to find a non greasy sunscreen you would probably enjoy this. I have sensitive skin and found it non irritating, so I think this would be suitable for all skin types. I would recommend this based mostly on its lightweight feel and high protection.