Bioré Hydrate & Glow Gentle Cleanser

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Bioré Hydrate & Glow Gentle Cleanser is a cleanser that is great for dry, sensitive skin. This gentle cleanser is a replenishing blend infused with coconut water and prebiotics. Effectively cleanse your skin without stripping moisture for clean, dewy, flake-free skin.


Bioré Hydrate & Glow Gentle Cleanser


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Seriously impressive Biore cleanser

I am so impressed with this cleanser and have loved every minute of using it over the past month. From the first cleanse my skin just loved it, it felt so hydrated and had that natural glow we all strive for I was so mind blown to achieve that from a cleanser. Easy to use with pump action lid, I use a pump to wet skin and gentle massage into skin. Infused with coconut water and prebiotics it effectively cleanses my skin without stripping it instead infusing it with hydration leaving my skin comfortable, not stripped and flake free. Also cruelty and fragrance free, budget friendly in this economy I couldn’t recommend this cleanser to family and friends enough.
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Great cleanser!

This is a great cleanser that does exactly what you want a cleanser to do - it removes all of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh without leaving my skin feeling dry. I've been using this cleanser in my daily skincare routine for over a moth now and am really happy with the results. My sensitive skin hasn't reacted in any way and the extra hydration is an added bonus to it also being a great cleanser for clean and fresh skin. I'd happily recommend this product to anyone looking for a hard working skincare product at a great and affordable price.
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Gentle and hydrating.

Having just used a cleanser that did a thorough job but was so drying for my skin, I was excited to try the Biore Hydrate & Glow Gentle Cleanser that promises, like the name says, to be gentle. And it is! I used it twice a day, in the morning and evening, to cleanse my skin. I applied it on a wet face, just needed a small amount from the pump bottle and then gently massaged it into the skin. It formed a light foam that cleaned my skin and got rid of makeup and other impurities. I was mostly afraid that the cleanser would be hard on my skin and dry it too much. I was really surprised at how gentle it was. My skin was left hydrated, smooth and glowing. It is affordable in price and seems to be my new go-to cleanser.
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Great daily cleanser

I have often used Biore products but hadn’t yet tried the Bioré Hydrate & Glow Gentle Cleanser, so was super keen when this arrived. The bottle is that of the typical Biore cleaner range, sleek and easy to dispense product. The product is a nice consistency and lathered well for me. It left my skin feeling clean and fresh without over drying or irritating. I love that it is cruelty free, fragrance free, SLS/SLES sulfate free and dermatologist tested! At such a great price point this is definitely a cleanser I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a gentle, daily facial cleanser.
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Gentle cleanser

The Bioré Hydrate & Glow Gentle Cleanser is such a gentle cleanser, it does not even feel like you are cleansing. The pump dispenser makes getting the product very easy. This cleanser is a thick gel and it is a very smooth product. It spreads easily and it does not foam a lot. It is also eash to wash off without much effort. Most importantly, it does not dry or strip my skin after use. I use this nightly and it does an excellent job of cleansing my skin and removing make up residue. Overall, I highly recommend this cleanser and will be repurchasing.
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Great simple cleanser

I was really impressed with this cleanser, it is so so gentle on the skin and has been perfect for me as I have been experimenting with a 60 second face washing routine and it has been so nice to use this and see the transformation in my skin. I love that it is made from coconut water and prebiotics, it is free from fragrance and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It has been dermatologist tested and approved. You don't need a huge amount and the pump action provides you with an adequate amount in just one pump. I normally have oily to combination skin and this hasn't dried out my skin using it and my skin looks and feels great afterwards.
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Super gentle on my skin

I’m always looking for cleansers that will remove my build up without drying my face further. This is one of those gentle formulas that effectively removes all the buildup without damaging or stripping your natural oils. After cleansing my face with this my skin was super soft to touch and was well hydrated and was glowy. I absolutely recommend this Biore Hydrate & Glow Gentle Cleanse to anyone looking for a gentle hydrating cleanser. If you have dry skin then give this Biore Hydrate & Glow Gentle Cleanser a try.

Gently cleanses without drying

This cleanser is great for sensitive skin. Containing coconut water and prebiotics it cleanses gently removing makeup and oil and grime quickly and easily without drying my skin out. I have noticed some cleansers can leave my skin quite dry and flaky but this biore hydrate and glow cleanser is quite hydrating and gentle and leaves my skin smooth and soft and feeling really clean at the end of the day, no nasty drying feeling. It’s really reasonable at just $12.00 and lasts for ages. I love the handy pump which means no mess or waste. Overall a great product for me that I would recommend