BLAQ Activated Charcoal Face Mask

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BLAQ Activated Charcoal Face Mask is a purifying peel-off charcoal face mask that works to draw out impurities from the skin. The mask contains activated charcoal to remove dirt build-up and minimise the appearance of pores and blackheads. 


BLAQ Activated Charcoal Face Mask


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Hard to Remove

This face mask was lovely to apply - thick and gooey - and it took about 15 minutes to dry. It was very harsh when it came time to remove it and left my skin red and sore. After a while my skin settled down and it did seem to clean and exfoliate. It's just a little too harsh for me.
This mask is so very good! This is a heavy duty skin clearing mask with really good results.  This product is super thick but easy to work with and spreads out well, leave it on for 20 mins, it dries down very quickly and hurts like hell to remove but once it's done, or really ceebs the skin so well
They say beauty is pain and this product is no exception! Although messy, painful and kind of scary - the satisfaction of peeling this mask off and seeing all the little things on it made it so worthwhile! It would be 5 stars but it is quite painful and left my face a little red after use, but otherwise, if you want to get all the gunk out of your face I would highly recommend!
I wasn’t a big fan of this product as I found it didn’t pull many blackhead out. I also didn’t like how messy it got when applying it an having it drip everywhere but yeah I did get break out the days after which I know I said normal as like any mask it’s will draw out the toxins.
A friend gave me this mask as it wasnt suitable for her. I quite liked it, its really easy to use, just apply, leave for 20 minutes and peel off easily. The mask is effective at removing impurities and deep down dirt and grime and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and glowing afterwards. The activated charcoal is responsible for the deep clean and although its effective it is messy. It feels quite comfortable to wear and has minimised the appearance of pores which I love and at under $30.00 its good value as I only use it once a fortnight so it lasts really well. The black and white packaging is modern, it leaves skin clear and doesnt irritate sensitive skin, overall quite a good product.
This may not be a product many are familiar with,but it may be something you fall for. I first tried this in a beauty sub box from OS some time ago,and i wasn't sure about it at first....but i soon found out that when the occasion arises,this can be a huge help in getting glow-y,clear,clean skin,at a price that means you can use it often without guilt.This mask is a detoxing and clarifying peel off product that removes deep down dirt and impurities in only 20 minutes,and what you are left with is a glowing skin free from anything dulling your visage.The very minimalist tube (black with white lettering) means that you and he can leave it out and no-one would know whose it is,the 60ml size means you can both get a good couple of months use from one tube and the rich,black product is seriously satisfying to peel off once it dries.So what's in it that leaves the skin so clear ? That will be the activated Charcoal,which quickly absorbs extra oil to keep skin mattified and spot-free,and whilst it is great at deep cleansing,most skin types can use this without any reaction.A word of warning though....this is one messy product,and one that isn't something you may want the neighbours to witness,so take care in the bathroom when using....and lock the door. All in all,as a "every now and then" product for me,i don't mind this at all....but i won't say i found it something i would forgo every other product i have for (and it is wallet friendly at around $30). TIP:Apply this a week before a big event to leave your skin clear and luminous (not too close to it,as you may well see some breakouts occur due to the detoxing ability of the charcoal.