Bodecare Detox Dry Body Brush

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Bodecare Detox Dry Body Brush is suitable for beginners to dry brushing. Tampico plant bristle is the used for exfoliating dry skin and assisting in the removal of toxins and fatty deposits so your skin will glow with confidence. This brush is non-toxic, has not been sprayed with chemicals, with the certified heat treated logo.


Bodecare Detox Dry Body Brush


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AMAZING Give it a go!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Using this brush since December, i have found my cellulite has reduced in my legs, my circulation is better, my skin is AMAZINGLY smoot, and i use far less moisturiser. 2-3 times a week I brush in an upward motion (not scrubbing) from my outer-limbs to my heart. So fingers to chest or toes to butt. I find adding it into my nightly ritual helped my relax ready for sleep- post shower i would brush and every other night i would moisturise. I have previously used dry bushes before, though found them to be far more harsh, leaving scratches and irrigations on my skin - the Bodecare brand has not. Though for the first week my skin was getting used to the brush and its firmness, so take it easy on your skin the first few times. Give it a go, your skin will thank you for the extra love :-) Also cannot recommend more the Egyptian Loaf from this company either!

Love dry brushing

Bought this product myself, huge fan of dry brushing and I try to do it every time before having a shower if I can. I brush in upwards motions towards my heart and try to go over each area about 4 times. I will then shower then after the shower use a body oil and moisturizer, the results are always amazing. The more I use a dry brush the better my skin texture and quality improves. Will never stop dry brushing! This is a great dry brush as the handle is not too long or too short, very easy to use and great quality. The results are instant and improve with every use.
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Stimulating circulation booster

This brush is great for improving circulation, exfoliation, lymph drainage and is suitable for all skin types- which is great for my sensitive, psoriasis prone skin. The bristles themselves are firm but not rough, but a gentle touch is required to do the job! For someone new to dry body brushing it felt a bit strange and slightly intimidating to use at first but there is nothing to worry about. My skin tingled and felt energised and my circulation boosted upon using, which felt very invigorating! After showering my skin felt refreshed and gently exfoliated. Pair this with a nice moisturiser and you have yourself a new self care ritual. Looking forward to seeing whether this product will diminish some cellulite and encourage firming with long term use!
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Hairy Hedgehog

This brush kind of looks like a hedgehog and what an interesting tool to use. I've never heard of dry body brushing before and thought this might be a brush you squirt body wash on and use in the bath or shower. Wrong! Just the brush used over pretty much your entire body. It's an interesting experience and it leaves my skin feeling invigorated. It's an oddly satisfying cross between ticking and mild pain. There's plenty of information on the Bodecare website, plus in the pamphlets I received with the brush. This is great to remove any dry skin anywhere on your body and feels like you've had a good all over scratch without damaging your skin.
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Leaves your skin feeling smooth

This is the first dry body brush I have tried and it is a non-toxic dry body brush that uses Tampico plant bristles. This is marketed as having softer bristles so that it won't leave scratches. This brush makes it feel really nice on your skin and is a very relaxing thing to do for some self-care. It's a great exfoliating brush and is supposed to help with lymphatic drainage. I really enjoyed using it at night as I could relax, and in winter it's actually quite interesting to see your dry skin on your legs get exfoliated off! For more sensitive areas of the body, I still found it not as gentle, but by using less pressure it still works well. This is great to use for a beginner as the big brush head means you can cover large areas of your body and reap the benefits. It's great to use before your shower!
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Clean and smooth skin

This is the first body brush i tried so far.I use this brush before shower. It takes only few minutes.I rubbed it over the dry skin firmly stroke version.I found it makes my skin slightly pink at first.This can be use most parts on body. This brush really great remove dead skin on your body.Exfoliation by skin brushing makes my skin clean healthy and it looks smooth,soft pretty much straight away. This brush comes with medium size handle easy to hold not heavy and good amount of bristles that covers large amount of area while using the product.But i feel it's is quite hard to reach on my back.I use good moisturiser and body oil after the shower. This is perfect new addition to my beauty routine.
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Great for Newbies!

I have never used a dry brush until I tried this one. It can look intimidating, but it's so nice once you get the hang of using one. It helps to circulate toxins and exfoliate skin, which is what I need for my dry, flakey, sensitive & eczema prone skin type. My skin feels and looks healthy after shower. I recommend this for newbies like me or anyone wanting to get into body dry brushing. I do wish the handle was a little longer because it's hard to get the back unless you have someone who can help with that.
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To increase circulation in the body

I think for those who have never used a dry body brush or haven't used one like this it can seem intimidating but it's actually quite easy to use. The brush comes with a long handle and the head is quite large with a good amount of medium sized bristles. The body brush is non toxic and will help to increase circulation which will then help with detoxifying the body. I initially used it on my legs and buttocks to start with as I have done dry body brushing in the past in these areas so I felt more comfortable doing it there. The bristles can feel quite scratchy so I had to be very gentle with the brush. Use it in circular motions at least seven times per area until you move onto the next area. The skin can look a bit red after but it will go away. It also helps with exfoliating the skin.
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Not a fan of dry body brushes

I received a trial of this product from Beautyheaven. Not too long ago I bought the Bodecare Japanese brush which I found was a bit harsh for my dry sensitive skin , but turned it into a foot brush. This Detox brush infortunatley I don't really like either as even though the bristles were softer,, I still find it too harsh on my skin , but it is good for areas such as the feet , elbows etc where there are rough patches. Also there were no instructions so lucky I knew how to use it from the Japanese brush. Having said that it may suit others and great for those who love exfolating their whole body.