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Bondi Boost HG Conditioner is a conditioner that helps support healthy hair growth. The conditioner contains fast-absorbing argan oil, which is a natural moisturiser that enriches hair with vitamins A and E and omega-6 fatty acids. Peppermint and rosemary oil revitalise the scalp, while castor oil, which is a natural source of vitamin E, strengthening proteins and omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, helps protect and strengthen hair. Horsetail extract helps to smooth hair while adding shine and volume. It is free from parabens, sulfates and DEA agents.

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Bondi Boost HG Conditioner


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My mum actually got me onto this product... I love it. the conditioner is great and doesn't leave my hair feeling oily afterwards like some other conditioners in the past have.  I had seen this product all over social media but wasn't sure how good it actually was. My mum got some and said how amazing it was and i should try it. I loved it from the first wash. It can be a bit more pricey than some other conditioners but think its worth it when your hair feels so good and healthy afterwards.
f I could rate this 10 stars I would!  Superior product compared to other hair growth products I’ve tried.  Dramtically reduced my hair fall and I noticed new baby hair sprouting along my hair line. Made my hair feel ridiculously soft and shiny. Love that it’s clean too without silicones or sulphates. Big tick from me. 
I love this product! After seeing it on social I've been interested to see what the hype was all about. I have dry damaged hair and it definitely helped reduced breakage and split ends. It made my hair feel soft and nourished. My friends noticed that my hair had more shine and commented that it looked longer. Overall, very happy!
I liked this more than the matching shampoo, as I felt this conditioner had a more lasting effect on my hair - the softness and hydration lasted for days! It's quite creamy and I was worried it might be too heavy or oily for my thin / fine hair, however it instead added some volume and left my hair very moisturised.  I love the big bottle size, the pump dispenser, and the fact that it's free from parabens, sulfates and DEA agents, but some people with sensitive skin might not enjoy the addition of essential oils. 
WOW! Only after one use of this conditioner, I was getting compliments on how shiny and soft my hair looked. I even had a friend ask to feel my hair because it looked 'so healthy' that day. This conditioner instantly became a holy grail. I have long, straight hair that goes just below my waist, and it definitely soaked in all the goodness this conditioner provided. My hair went from being dry (due to the harsh winter weather) and straw-like to LUSCIOUS, SMOOTH, SHINY AND HEALTHY! I can't rave about this enough. I used it in conjuction with the Bondi Boost HG Shampoo and since then, my hair has changed dramatically and my scalp is so soothed and nourished. If you can't simple, but effective haircare for soft, enviable hair, then without a doubt give Bondi Boost a try. I keep looking at my hair when I walk past my reflection now instead of checking on my makeup!
So, I've been seeing Bondi Boost all over social media recently, and I was delighted when the shampoo and conditioner came in a recent delivery! This comes in a large amber plastic pump bottle, and has a black label complete with fronds on the front of it. Oddly enough, I got this with a different pump compared to the shampoo bottle, and I found this pump a little harder to work initially, but eventually, with a bit of finangling, started and continued to get product out. Rather than beachy type scent, this, like the shampoo, smells quite minty, in a pleasant way. Mint is meant to help revitalise the scalp and encourage hair growth, and there are other hair nourishing ingredients included in this conditioner.  The conditioner isn't very heavy, and covers the hair quite well, as long as you get a large amount of it out. The shampoo simply doesn't do as well without the conditioner, and I like that it does soften my tresses suitably well. It doesn't weigh it down, but I also don't think it protects my colour very well, despite saying that it's appropriate for coloured hair. Overall, it's pleasant, but doesn't change my life. 
This conditioner is housed in a pump bottle. It's white and non heavy consistency distributes well. You dont need much product and it goes a long way, i imagine that this bottle will last a while. And that's saying a lot because i usually use a lot of conditioner. I didnt find that it promoted hair growth but it did make my hair look healthier and feel smoother
Thank you BC for including this product in the supercrew kit.    I feel terrible that this review is harsh. However ,I think the major issue is that I have not been able to spend more time to keep using the product.    The background is this: I have been sent the supercrew kit(not knowing what the contents are until they arrived). At the time that they arrived, I have commenced another shampoo and conditioner trial which I have already committed myself to do. Therefore, although BC gave us 4 weeks to trial, the maximum time I could give myself to trial Bondi Boost was a little more than 2 weeks. One of the girls on the same boat emailed BC and asked if we could be given more time to trial Bondi Boost, but unfortunately the dead line is strict. Therefore, my review is preliminary.   During the trial period, I washed my hair every second day.   The conditioner felt really thick when it's pumped out of the bottle,but it just seemed to disappear (or got absorbed quickly) after applying - so I felt that I have to use more.  After 2 washes, may hair was so frizzy that I could not believe it.  However, the frizziness eventually calmed down by the end of the second week (possibly because I was using more conditioner in the second week as well).   The real problem came at around day 10.  On my non-washing days, my scalp was itchy, and I also noticed dandruff (I have not had any dandruff problem for about 25 years).  This was bad.  Really bad. I did consider whether I should stop using them altogether, but I persisted.  Eventually (at the beginning of the 3rd week) my scalp was less itchy (possibly it has gotten used to whatever ingredient that was irritating it) but I could still notice a small amount of dandruff.  However, I tend to think that the itchiness and the dandruff problem were due to the shampoo rather than the conditioner.    As to the condition of the hair itself, although it has improved in the second week compared to the first week, it has really just gone back to the condition when it first started (but not an overall improvement).  However, with this "bounce back" there is hope that the condition of my hair will continue to improve over time.
This is my first time trying out Bondi Boost HG Conditioner and I have used it for few weeks now with the HG shampoo. I have dry, fine with colour treated hair and most of the hair conditioners in the market are not nourishing enough for me. But I'm so glad that I have tried this conditioner because it is super nourishing and i don't get itchy / dry scalp anymore. This conditioner is lightweight with shine, making my hair looking healthy which can last about three to four days before needing a wash again. Also worth mentioning is the minty scent which I love as it makes me feel clean and refreshing.
The Bondi Boost hair conditioner comes in an amber coloured bottle with a pump dispenser.   The hair conditioner is thick and creamy and left on the ends of my hair, it conditions quite well. It made my hair less frizzy, and more manageable. I'm actually quite impressed by this gem of a find and the subtle minty scent is gorgeous.  
I was very excited to try the conditioner from this range as I had heard and seen so much hype about these products! Unfortunately, as per the shampoo review, this product did not work me. Like the shampoo I didn't find it very moisturising and felt that it left my hair quite dry. I did try and use both the shampoo and conditioner with my other hair products to see if it worked better but unfortunately that didn't work either!
My hair is quite dry and frizzy, naturally curly and I use heat on it quite regularly so conditioning is important to keep my hair soft. This conditioner was very lovely on my hair. I applied it after shampooing and left on for about 2-3 minutes in the shower. After rinsing my hair was lovely and soft. The packaging is very lovely as well. Love the big amber bottles. The pump makes application super simple too. No juggling bottles around the shower. And the subtle peppermint smell....YUM. I highly rate this conditioner and would recommend it to anyone looking for lovely natural hair care that reduces frizz and leaves hair lovely and soft.
I tried this conditioner along with the shampoo in the same range. I felt like my mid to end strands really need moisture after using the shampoo so my hair was happy to get this moisture. It smells really lovely with all of the essential oils and it feels very gentle and natural on my hair. I quite liked this conditioner. 
The packaging is fantastic, very economical 500ml pump and easy to distinguish shampoo from conditioner due to very different black and white labels (important as I’m often in a hurry).  The scent is divine, a delicious minty fragrance that reminds me of Christmas and candy canes each time I use it! For the record my hair is long, thick, dry, naturally curly (which I straighten as I don’t have nice formed curls, just messy knotty ones and my hair is also coloured (ash brown). I found that when I used the matching shampoo my hair felt a little stiff after rinsing, almost like it does when I use a clarifying shampoo.  Once the conditioner is applied however my hair is feeling amazing!  I am fussy when it comes to conditioners and find that moisturising ones often leave my hair dull,heavy and coated but I’m happy to say this one leaves my hair light, bouncy,hydrated and frizz-free. The growth promises on the product I feel need a lot more time than we were given for this review (one month) but I am confident it will happen as my hair looks and feels healthier, smoother and shinier and my frizz has gone.  Overall I’m really impressed with this duo and feel that over a longer time period the scalp circulation boost and the nourishing oils will boost my hair as the advertising claims because so far I’m impressed.  It has also proven to not strip the colour from my hair.
After seeing Bondi Boost products on social media, I was very excited to see them in the crewkit to test out for myself. First of all, I like that the products come in plastic, pump packaging, that they are Australian made, aren’t tested on animals, and are paraben, sulphate and DEA free. Both the shampoo and conditioner include a lot of essential oils, and I found them to have a very strong mint scent, which I don’t love.While I didn’t experience any irritation from the essential oils/scent, it is worth noting that my husband also used the products and did experience some tingling. The conditioner was easy to apply (you only need a small amount), however I did find that it weighed my hair down and left it looking a little greasy and flat. While conditioner is marketed for all hair types, I do think that those with very fine hair (like myself) may find it a bit too heavy, and people with sensitive skin should be mindful or the essential oils.  Overall, I’m not a big fan of the conditioner and didn’t notice any positive changes to my hair.
I was super excited when I receive this in the mail but when I started using it I wasn’t that happy about the product. Like the shampoo I found it really hard to cover my entire head without having to use a lot of conditioner so I found myself using way too much than I needed. But, like the shampoo and the conditioner has the most beautiful refreshing peppermint smell that is it’s quite strong but it lasts when you’re conditioning your hair and also after which is really great and it can be hard to find that in a lot of conditioners. Overall I would recommend this to people with shorter hair or sooner hair and people who maybe don’t use conditioner as much otherwise you’ll find yourself using a lot of it and having to spend more money to continue buying the product.
Bondi Boost HG Conditioner comes in a plastic bottle with pump which is very use. The conditioner claims to encourage hair growth so I was hoping big from this. I use it after Bondi Boost HG shampoo. It has nice smell  which I love. It has thick consistency which makes it very easy to apply. It stays on my hair without dripping. It rinsed easily without leaving any residue. It instantly makes my hair shiny and silky. They are frizz free and easy to manage. I have not notice any improvement in their volume yet. But I hope with regular use, I can see the real results.  Overall, I like this conditioner and I recommend it for every one.
I was lucky enough to receive this as part of a set with my SUPERcrew kit(thank you Beauty Crew!) I'm always thrilled to try out new Shampoo /Conditioners as I am still yet to find a set I love enough to stick to permanently . The conditioner comes packaged in a dark brown plastic bottle with a handy pump dispenser.  The product is a rich lotion like consistency and smells mildly minty. The white cream applies to the mids to ends of my hair nicely. A great texture,not too thick or thin. My hair looks and feels healthier and smoother after use. I feel there is less visible damage/split ends after using this. My hair is not weighed down or oily from the conditioner.  Quite happy with the conditioner and it is pretty good value for the amount you get.
The perfect partner to the Bondi Boost Shampoo, I have been testing out both products from the same range. The packaging is well designed, as the generous pump bottle is convenient and easy to dispense the product. It works well when paired together with the conditioner. The product is very nourishing and helped to smooth and condition my hair. I found that my hair looked healthier, shinier and was more easy to manage. I think it has helped with maintaining hair growth as my hair is in a better condition and less prone to breakage. I have noticed less fall out on my hair brush and will continue using it!
I have been using this product in conjunction with the shampoo and miracle mask and my hair condition is so much improved. Comes with a pump for easy dispersion of the product. Has a minty smell and leaves my hair soft and nourished. Was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this product. Highly recommend.