BOOST LAB Retinol Night Renewal Serum

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BOOST LAB Retinol Night Renewal Serum is a supercharged night serum that works magic while you sleep, plumping and hydrating your skin so you’ll wake up feeling and looking fresh and restored. The hydration formula is designed to reduce skin damage that causes wrinkles, dry skin, loss of fitness and elasticity, and uneven pigmentation. Ingredients include:

- Retinol: helps fight acne, reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen and promote cellular turnover.

- Granactive Retinoid 2%: helps renew skin plumpness, elasticity and hydration whilst stimulating skinc cell proliferation. Providing a radiant and fresh appearance.

- Aloe Vera: high moisturisation to help calm and soothe dry and sensitive skin.

All BOOST LAB serums are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin to ensure they are not only potent but safe for all skin types. To use: cleanse your face with warm water, apply one drop of the serum to your face and rub in.


BOOST LAB Retinol Night Renewal Serum


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Great serum

A nice addition to my serum collection. I hadn't used a retinol in quite some time but was looking to bring one back into my skincare routine. I had hears a but about boost lad and wanted to try. It comes in a really nice glass bottle (feels like good quality) with a handy doppler to dispense the serum. I use this once or sometimes twice a week in the PM as part of my routine. It has a nice mild scent and the serum is a lovely consistency. A little goes a long way as it smooths over really nicely. It isn't drying and I haven't had any reaction to it. I also feel like my skin is looking quite nice lately.

Great serum

This is a great serum for those who want to incorporate retinol into their routine! Best of all is that it does not cause any dryness, irritation or sensitivity. The serum comes in a glass bottle and it's dispensed through a dropper. I use a couple of drops for my whole face right before bed. It's hydrating and if you use a small amount it will absorb into your skin much easier than putting too much on. After using it for several weeks I noticed that my skin felt much smoother than before. My pigmentation was also starting to decrease and become less noticeable. If you do wear it in the day make sure to wear SPF with it as well as it can make your skin sensitive in the sunlight.
Incentivized Review

Keeps skin smooth and plump.

Gentle for those who are used to cosmeceutical skincare. I have used retinol before and high % acids. This serum comes in glass bottle with pipette applicator. It is bright yellow. No fragrance added and no unnecessary fillers. Serum spreads and absorbs easy and fast. I used it at first on its own than later over their HA serum overnight. Skin is kept smooth and soft. Also feel that is plumper a bit too. I did stop using acids in this month while trying the serum. Usually my skin would become bumpy and rough. But didn't this time while using Boost Lab retinol serum. Did not see difference in fine lines under the eyes yet. Skin though in the eye area is bouncier and plump. I have used the product on eye area too as it is gentle for my skin. I have combo, oily t zone, huge pores skin.