Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream Foundation

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Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream Foundation is a foundation with three colour correcting pigments that help counter dullness, redness and dark spots on skin, as well as hydrate, conceal and perfect skin to create flawless coverage with a hint of luminosity. Contains SPF 15 sun protection.


Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream Foundation


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This is a great CC cream that gives enough coverage to be considered a light foundation. It effectively colour corrects and has a light, runny consistency, so is easy to blend. I apply it with a brush, and find that after using it I need much less foundation/concealer to cover my blemishes. It has a somewhat dewy finish (similar to the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, which I am also a fan of), but not so dewy that it promotes oily skin. I also like the fact that it contains SPF15, so I at least know I'm getting some sun protection. Overall, I think this product would suit most skin types and I will be re-purchasing it in the future.
This was the first CC cream I ever tried, and it set the bar so high! First, the bad: Only three shades available.  Now, the good: Everything else - the texture, the packaging, the price, the finish, the effectiveness of the colour correction, the staying power. So yes, three shades, which for some reason is the standard number of shades for CC and BB creams for most brands. However, I will say that the way this cream melts into my skin so seamlessly, it might not even matter if I'm one shade off. The colour always blends seamlessly with my own skin tone, probably due to the colour correcting nature of the product. The light-to-medium coverage is perfect for achieving a natural looking, radiant complexion. It evens out my skin tone without looking cakey nor is it too sheer. The formula is lightweight and a bit runny, and applies smoothly and evenly with no patchiness. I don't bother with a sponge or a brush. The colour correction is just right to soften dark circles under my eyes, most blemishes and even redness around my nose that I get in the winter. I love this for brunch, holidays, or any occasion really, where I want to look presentable but can't be bothered going all out. This is definitely a my-skin-but-better CC cream. I've worn this on beach holidays as well as in the winter, and never had an issue with longevity or my skin drying out. I love that it lasts a good six to seven hours, and doesn't oxidise throughout the course of the day. The 'luminous' claim is pushing it, but with some highlighter and a cream or liquid blush, that's definitely the effect. The slim, opaque tube is both hygienic and easy to carry around, making this great for travelling. Another great draw for me is the excellent price point, plus it's frequently on sale. I can't recommend this CC cream highly enough.
perfect for colour correction I got this product in winter and never liked it on my skin as it gave my flakes and my skin was more drier after using this but I am starting to use it again as summer is starting and I have a different opinion now. Comes in an easy to use tube, the product itself is very liquidy and runny and easy to use, its best used with hands or sponge but I would not recommend it with a brush as it tends to sit on the skin when applie with brush. The best thing I like about this cc cream is its color correcting feature, It really covers all redness on the skin, around my nose and chin and blends it to give an even tone overall. It has medium coverage, so does not cover all imperfections but definitly works in giving a nice even look overall without any redness. Also comes with spf for that peace of mind in summer. On the downside, I still feel it is a bit pricey for that size and it does not last long, I need to retouch up after a couple of hours as it tends to fade away and also leaves my skin shiny after few hours. I am still loving the effect though and has not caused me any breakouts yet.
I really loved this cc cream and have repurchased it numerous times. It is rare to find a shade at the ‘drugstore’ ie Priceline that is pale enough for me but this one is perfect. I didn’t get great results when applying this with my fingers but when I used a brush I got a good result and very minimal streaks. The formula is quite thin and runny, but the coverage is definitely light to medium and more than what you would expect normally in a B.B./CC cream which is what I love about it. It did not feel heavy on the skin and the fragrance was not overpowering. It’s definitely enough that it adds more than just a tint to the skin.
Let me start by saying I am SUPER LAZY when it comes to makeup, especially as part of my daily get-ready-for-work routine, so this product from Bourjois is an absolute lifesaver! I usually find that foundation is best applied with a brush or beauty blender, but this product is SO easy to blend with just my fingers, saving me a significant amount of time each morning. I had expected this product to be quite heavy and thick like the majority of BB/CC creams I’ve tried in the past, so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the Bourjois CC cream was actually more on the runny side. This made it SUPER easy to blend, and it dried very quickly on the skin giving it a semi-matte finish with a hint of dewiness (absolutely none of that dreaded oily sheen though!)   The real beauty of CC creams however,is in their colour correcting properties, and this product did extremely well in neutralising the redness in certain areas of my face – areas I’d usually have to cover up with some concealer post foundation application!   Overall, it made my skin look much better without even looking I had anything on my skin at all – it was very much‘my skin but better’, very natural looking but also flawless! I was also really impressed that for such a lightweight product this really lasted the day! Even after some sweaty yoga sessions, I found that the Bourjois CC cream never looked cakey nor did it settle in any fine lines on my face.   There is a hint of fragrance that I didn’t find problematic at all but may be a concern to others – the only other slightly annoying thing was the tube nozzle, which always left a bit of product in the cap. I also had to be careful in not squeezing out too much product at once. I’ve now used this CC cream on and off whilst trying other BB and CC creams, but I always go back to it! It’s easily become a staple in my makeup bag, and I love that it even has SPF in it! I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting something that is super lightweight and long lasting, and could definitely be an alternative to light/medium coverage foundations. It easily rivals the CC creams from high end luxury brands, and is super affordable in comparison, especially given that its colour correcting properties will save you the need for concealer!    
I'm not sure why this is called a CC cream since it's more like a foundation! The coverage is brilliant (light/medium & buildable), and a little goes a long way. The plastic tube makes it awesome for travelling, too!