Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

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Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation is a liquid foundation that corrects and conceals uneven skin tone and imperfections. Featuring three colour-correcting pigments that counter dullness, redness and dark spots on skin, the formula leaves skin with a soft and smooth finish. Cotton flower helps reduce shine and keep skin hydrated during wear. Contains SPF 10 sun protection. Non-comedogenic. 

Available in five shades.


Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation


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This foundation was okay. I purchased the foundation for it's colour-correcting ability. It definitely did that, as my redness and uneven skin was less noticeable when wearing this foundation. I would describe it as medium to full coverage. My main issue was that it would not last very long, and if you would touch your face (I often rest my head on my hand), you could clearly see the foundation had transferred onto my hand.
I found this foundation a mixed bag to be honest. Personally, it wasn't for me but I can see who it would work for.   This is a medium coverage foundation, which is buildable as I didn't find it to be cakey at all or too thick. It is really good at evening skin tone and hiding those red patches on my skin, making my skin look really smooth. Application is nice and easy as it is a thinner consistency and is therefore very easy to blend out with a brush or beauty blender. You do have to blend quickly though because this does dry quickly and after that it becomes a lot harder to blend. The finish is not quite matte but not dewy either so I feel that this could work for oily complexions.   Unfortunately, I did find that the product looked quite orange on my skin which I really didn't like as it was quite obvious on my fairer skin. It also seemed to cling to the dry patches around my nose making it look flaky, therefore, I wouldn't recommend this for dry - combo skin. It does have a stronger fragrance to it as well so that might be an issue for people with more sensitive skin.   Wear time on this foundation is not great and I found that after only four hours or so it would start to fade and become patchy.   I would look at this is you have oilier skin but for anyone with dry /normal skin I would steer clear of this one and look at other options. This didn't work for me and so I won't be repurchasing.