Bourjois Aqua Blush 12hr

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Bourjois Aqua Blush 12hr is a lightweight gel blush that works to boost skin’s natural radiance while adding a touch of colour, leaving the complexion looking youthful and glowing.

Available in four shades.


Bourjois Aqua Blush 12hr


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I remember the first time I used this gel blush I was shocked by how natural it looked on my cheeks. This gel blush is very pigmented so I used half a pea size amount of the product for both cheeks. The blush is very easy to blend and blends out evenly with a natural finish, of course you can build up the intensity if required. The blush sat beautifully on the foundation and was very long lasting.
Bourjois, if you want an iconic French makeup brand that's been around for many years, has beautiful and effective products, including the famous little round pot of eyeshadow or blush, than this is the brand to go to. The products, results and formulations speak for themselves and if I need new makeup then I will definitely go to this little French beauty brand first. I am always on the look out for products that are unique and different in their look, feel and formulation and this aqua blush 12hr fit that bill perfectly. I use powder blush mostly, Bobbi Brown for example, but I was yet to try a liquid, cream, or in this case, gel blush. I am always willing to give new makeup products a try so that was the decision made for me really. That morning, after my usual routine of double cleansing, exfoliating, applying serum, moisturiser, primer and foundation, I now had the perfect blank and flawless canvas for this blush. I pumped out the tiniest amount, and dabbed it on the apples of my cheeks, buffing and blending it in like crazy. I repeated with another tiny amount, buffed and blended it in thoroughly and I was done. Just a layer of powder and makeup setting mist over my entire face to complete my makeup. So how did my freshly blushed and flushed cheeks look? Why, so fresh, flawless, glowing as if with good health or much sleep, and the most beautiful, natural peachy, coral colour, that's how they looked, thank you very much. They really did look amazing, the texture, formulation and colour were bang on and professional quality, it lasted all day until my evening routine, and I never needed to do a single touch up during the day, it just stayed looking freshly done all day long, and was very easy to remove, just a wipe over with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water. This was my first time using a gel blush, and I loved it, because it was the iconic French brand that is Bourjois. If you want makeup products that are unique and of professional quality in the texture, colour and formulation that are easy to use, effective and give first time, every time brilliant results, than this is the brand you definitely need and want. Bourjois, you little French beauty, you have brilliant products that continue to make me, and other makeup addicted girls like me, feel and look beautiful, confident, powerful and the very best versions of ourselves every time with just a swipe, buff or dab of a brush. What can I say but oui oui.
I wanted a blush that I could put in my makeup kit at work, so that I could touch up during the day or even do a full face if I was running late and hadn't had time to do it in the morning. I decided to include the Aqua Blush as I can apply it with fingers, it's not messy and won't leak, and it is buildable so it's very easy to apply.  I love that it starts off with a gel texture, but blends seamlessly into the skin and then doesn't budge, even on my oily skin. The colour is nice and natural, and can be layered to get a deeper shade, but it is not so pigmented that it's easy to apply too much. I usually apply a small amount onto the back of my hand, and then smooth into place with my fingers.  Cream blushes are great for getting that 'glowing from within' effect, and can really boost your radiance if you are feeling a little tired. However sometimes they can be hard to blend, and often it's easier to use a brush. I find this gel blush a great alternative and love having it on had to add a pop of colour during the day. 
I have been using bourjois products now for years as I love their quality at a great price. This blush is lovely, it glides on easily and blends in well, the gel formulation is a little strange the first time you use it but I quickly loved its ability to blend easily and the colour pigmentation gives a natural rosy sunkissed glow. I would absolutely recommend this product