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Bourjois Blush is a baked blush that transforms into an ultra-fine powder that is easy to blend when applied to the skin. Contains a built-in mirror and brush for touch ups on the go.

Available in 12 shades.


Bourjois Blush


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Little round pot of joy

This Bourjois blush comes in the cutest little round pot, a design of which they were using when my mum was young (my mum once owned one and she loved it so much she kept the packing and it is almost the same, we only just chucked it out). The pot is round and the lid has a magnetic clasp which opens on a hinge to reveal a cute mirror and curved brush, behind which is a round pot of blush. I have the colour Rose D'Or and it is the perfect pink rose colour with a beautiful shimmer and has a perfumed rose scent. The baked blush has a wonderfully fine texture which feels super-silky. The colour is pretty and light and it is easy to build up on the colour if you want a stronger look. The colour lasts and lasts.
I use blush everyday and this blush is definitely one of my most used and is reaching to the bottom of the pan. The quality of the powder is very fine and the formula is very pigmented so a little goes a long way and is buildable to suit every occasion. The blush sits on my foundation very well without exaggerate my pores and lasts the whole day. The packaging itself is super cute no need to say more.
I have been using the Bourjois Blush in 34 Rose D'Or, which I would probably best describe as a slightly more pink- dusty rose colour, with a subtle golden shimmer. This blush comes in a totally cute, small, round pot about the size of a golf ball and includes an application mirror as well as a small curved brush that sits perfectly on top of the baked half sphere of product. The colour Rose D'Or is a little more pink than what I would usually go for, however I think that it would suit most skin tones. With just one swipe, the colour is quite translucent, you are left with more of a shimmer/ highlighter effect, however you can very easily build the colour to what you prefer. I am probably a little harsh with my scoring, as it is a decent product- the price point is great and I quite like the colour and it is easy to apply (with my usual blush brush that is), although I get frustrated when a product includes an applicator that just doesn't cut it. I think that the brush really isn't suitable at all, not even for touch ups. I also don't find that the blush has much staying power at all, it is barely there by the time my 8 hour day at the office is over. This just isn't my favourite, however I will definitely keep it in rotation in my makeup kit.
One of my fav blush products on the market - I have been using this product for years! Adds a youthful glow to your cheeks with its gorgeous pink hue and comes in an easy to carry pink pot with a brush and mirror for on the go application.  I highly recommend this product! 
My favourite blusher hands down! I love the scents these blushers have, they are packaged in the cutest little pot. The blusher it’s self is a baked formula, so you won’t have a packed with product brush however it’s totally buildable. They all have a luminous glow, with shimmer particles. They make you look fresh and glowy, I use both blush colours and contour like colours and love them equally. The blush colour will last you the 8 hours plus time test. Completely worth a try, you won’t be disappointed.
Don't let the adorably cute packaging fool you - these little round pots are seriously big on quality. I'm a Blush Girl - you can take away my mascara, but you can't take away my blush - so I've tried a lot of blushes. These are my absolute favourites. With a range of stunningly flattering shades that are both highly pigmented and super blendable, Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushes are the ones I keep reaching out for. The baked formulation means the finely-milled powder packs a punch; not only is the texture velvety and creamy, but the resulting colour is more concentrated and vibrant. A little goes a long way with these blushes - use a light hand to achieve that beautiful healthy glow. Or, if you prefer, go heavy and this blush will still look gorgeous. The beautifully radiant finish is what I love the most about these blushes; yes, it has shimmers, but the effect is luminous rather than glittery. It's so easy to forego the highlighter when I wear these blushes. What I like the least is its lasting power - it lasts maybe half a day before it starts fading, but at least it fades evenly, rather than blotchily, leaving behind a hint of blush. Another con is that a soft brush is not necessarily the best tool to pick up the blush, but a kabuki is perfect for scraping off the top layer that can get hard. Not a huge issue, though. Did I mention the cute packaging? Very cute. The round compact has an integrated mirror and a curved brush and manages to look both vintage and sleek. The brush is not the best, but it works in a pinch. I currently own the shades 34 Rose D'Or, which is a beautiful rosy pink with golden shimmer, as well as 54 Rose Frisson, which is warmer and a tad peachier. Another lovely touch is that the colour of each compact perfectly reflects the blush shade, shimmers included, making it easy to choose the blush I want without having to first open the compact to check. Not that I wouldn't want to open the blush and smell the lovely scent of roses. These are on a par with Chanel's blushes as far as texture, pigmentation and how lovely it goes on. Certainly, Chanel blushes have a longer lasting power and are easier to pick up with a soft brush, but at their price, these Bourjois blushes can't be faulted.
You all know my Parisian passions run deep,and ANYTHING that comes from / sounds like / looks like it may have a tinge of French anywhere about it comes home with me...and these beauties have had a home with me for many years. The iconic "little round pots" from Bourjois have been around forever...1863 to be precise,when a young actor,Joseph-Albert Ponsin,created a version of these for use in the theatre district in which he lived and worked.Ever since,Bourjois has been a staple in millions of makeup bags around the world....but why ? This blush has remained pretty much the same formula since it began...baked (on terracotta tiles) and transferred into the tiny,yet gorgeous little pots that we see today.The baked texture transforms when applied to the skin into an ultra-fine pressed powder,which is easy to apply,blends impeccably (with a good brush.For the love of all that is beauty,DO NOT try to get any blending done with the brush included.More later on that) and wears for hours (seriously,8+ and counting) without budging or giving in to colour fade. They come in a massive 12 shades (from the delicate pinks to complement cooler fair skins,to deeper amber hues that makes tan skin glow) and are either matte in texture (a few) or pearlised (the majority..anything with "D’Or" in the name is pearlised and has gold tones to it).The color is quite pigmented (amazingly so for a cheaper price range such as this),so you only need a little to get a nice flushed look (so be careful when applying it,as it is very easy to go overboard with this.Start with a light touch and build up).I love the shade "Rose D'Or" (Golden Rose) which is a beautiful true,rosy pink with golden shimmers that aren't over the top,and Velouté De Péche (Peach Bloom) - A peach shade with a very slight shimmer.But what of the famous little compact ? It is a tiny,case that opens at the touch of a button on the front of the case.The pot is also colour co-ordinated with product within,so you can get a vague idea as to what the shade will be without opening it (which is fantastic,as this baked product DOES have a tendency to dry out after a while,making it hard to pick up the pigment,so make sure you close it well.) It has gold lettering on it,which looks divine,and contains a mirror inside that is appropriately sized to it's casing (so tiny.It won't be any good to do a full face check prior to facing the world,but rather to check that a small area is presentable) as well as a contoured brush (honestly,this is of no use in applying this product,so i throw mine out.It is way too small,flimsy in appearance and engineering,and only,in my opinion,to be used as an emergency only backup). And finally,the either "you love it or you hate it" rose scent...YES,this is fragranced with a delicate rose scent,YES,it is noticeable,but NO,it doesn't last OR overtake your senses.To me,beauty products should encompass many of the senses,and this from Bourjois,takes that into account (as a sister company to CHANEL no less,it would be wrong for Bourjois to stray from that logic.Plus,the original,"back in the day" formulas would have smelt similar).So,if a little French flair is what you are after,give these tried and true classics a whirl. TIP:For a summertime glow that you can take with you all year round,try the shade "Santal" (sandalwood) for a bronz-y hue that gives a hint of sheen to your visage.Almost any skintone can pull it off,and it can be built up to give as much glow as you desire.Parisian chicness in a secong
These little Bourjois blushes are super cute! They may be small, but they pack a lot of punch! Firstly, the packaging is adorable. Round little pots that fit easily in any makeup bag. These beauties even come with a mirror and a brush! Absolutely perfect for tossing into your bag when you're on the go. The mirror is understandably quite small, but does the job. I was very impressed with the brush that's included (and slots nicely inside the blush pot). Contrary to most brushes that come with compacts, this one is actually very very good, and perfect for the rounded dome shape of the baked blush.  The one thing that some might not like about these blushes is that they are quite heavily scented - very floral/rose-like. It didn't really bother me, but for those who dislike scented products I would definitely avoid.  The blush goes onto the skin beautifully, and blends in smoothly, so the product can be built up if required. I found with the included brush it picked up the perfect amount of blush for me - a nice subtle colour that's easy to blend and looks very natural on the cheeks. I have this in the shade Lilas d'Or, which gave a peachy-pink colour with a hint of golden shimmer. I found that while the colour faded a little throughout the day, it was still visible at the end of the night, so the staying power is great!  Overall, this is a super high quality blush, and I would say definitely on par with the more expensive high-end blushes from Chanel. 
This is my review for the Bourjois blush in "Rose Coup de Foudre/Love-struck Rose" and "Lilas d'Or/Golden Lilac". Hopefully it comes in handy to someone else looking for a great blush. - The compact style case these blushes come in includes a built in mirror and a small brush. Brush bristles are superior to those usually included with cosmetics and can therefore be used in an on the go emergency. Brush does a good job when layering blush as it doesn't pick up too much product due to quality of brush bristles. Blush applicator handle is a light pink colour. Case has good hinge which opens deeper than usual for small pan style products. The mirror can therefore be folded further back to access blush product easier. The compact style container securely closes using a magnetic closure. This magnetic closure has yet to accidentally open in my bag or makeup carrier, it shows that Bourjois really considered their customers needs for travel and safe storage of product. Now onto the actual blushes - Bourjois blushes feel very fine and well milled, they are strictly powdery, non greasy and preservative free. The blushes have a pleasant floral scent with a sweet undercurrent that smells almost sugary like sweets or perhaps some type of biscuit. Unfortunately imhp I am unable to pin the exact associated scent down. Suffice to say it's nice. When first opened the scent from the blushes is quite powerful, however if allowed to air out for five minutes or so the scent does dissipate to a lower level. When the container is closed back up the scent will rebuild until opened again. Every time I open these blushes the smell is like just when they were first purchased. Aromatic yet not displeasing to the nose. Colours of blush are extremely close/true to the outer container colours, which makes it much easier to choose an appropriate shade when an in store sample is unavailable or if you are in a rush. Both Bourjois "Rose Coup de Foudre/Love-struck Rose" and "Lilas d'Or/Golden Lilac" contain warm micro shimmer particles, however this micro shimmer can be removed with gentle patting via fingertips or swipe using a clean makeup fan brush. "Golden Lilac" contains more shimmer than "Love-struck Rose". They are truly buildable with intensity being achieved by less or more application of the product. These blushes can come close to mimicking a natural blush depending on correct match between blush and skin shade. - The Bourjois blushes are my favourite blushes so far. I was initially surprised by just how very fine and buildable they are as a product. - Pros for this product is its reliability, cost effective, wide range of colour choices and availability. - Only Con I can list is if you are sensitive to scents in makeup. - I would recommend this product to someone looking for a buildable blush which can be easily blended out. Or if you need a natural looking blush. The micro sparkles provided by this blush is more subtle than strobe products.
Each shade of these blushes have varying pigmentation and amount of shimmer- some are matte, some are very sheer etc, so I suggest looking at the testers before buying.  I love these blushes! They smell incredible, they apply and blend very easily and they last a decent amount of time (at least 4 hours). I have the shade Rose d'ore. It is a mid toned pink with gorgeous gold shimmer in it. It smells just like real roses. Once the top layer is scratched off, the pigmentation is good. You don't apply too much in one go, but it doesn't take long to build either. The shimmer in it does tend to emphasise my pores however, but I can still get away with it. The packaging is gorgeous also, they are little and great for carrying in your purse or traveling with. I would highly recommend these.
I have been using bourjois blushes for as long as I can remember. Fabulous rich divine colour. They contour beautifully and give a rosy natural sunkissed glow. A really luxurious product at a good price. They are little miracle pots. Great for handbags and makeup bags as they take up little room and make no mess. These pots last for ages and seem never ending
These Bourjois Blushes are so cute! I'm currently using 34 Rose D'Or, but I've gone through two other shades in the past. The little round plastic pot is adorable and whilst the mirror in the lid is handy, I must say I don't really use it that often, as blush is one thing I don't re-apply when I'm out. You also get a little curved brush, but I prefer using my larger blush brush for better application. I like the way the pot clicks shut magnetically; it's quite secure when closed (it takes some effort to pull apart and open it) meaning you'd be very unlucky for this to open and the blush itself break up. The rounded design of the blush is a great idea. It's so easy to swipe off some product with your brush, and it's actually satisfying to work that mound down from a mountain to a molehill! The scent is amazing and one of my favourite things about these Bourjois blushes! It's a sweet rosy fragrance that also reminds me of those yummy candy musk sticks! As for the product itself, it's a baked blush that's a very fine powder. Rose D'Or is a rosy flattering pink shade with some shimmery silver particles that give a very subtle glimmer to the cheeks. The powder blends seamlessly when applied and can easily be built up to the required intensity. I find I'm often heavy-handed when it comes to eye shadow and blush, but another positive is that I've yet to apply too much and suddenly appear clown-like as it's really hard to over-do it with this blush! I love how flattering this looks on; I have pale skin and this gives me such a nice, natural-looking flush to the cheeks. A great blush, and one I'd highly recommend!
These little round pots are such an institution, I had to have a couple in my collection. I picked up one with shimmer, a rose colour, and a matte coral one. They are so cute and I love the little brush that comes with them, although I usually use a full size brush if I am applying it at home. The have a soft rose scent, which is really nice too. I really like the colours, nothing to wild, all natural flush colours and surely something for all skin tones. The one thing that surprised me was that they look so pigmented but this does not transfer to the brush. Someone else mentioned that this is because they are baked blushes. I don't see this as a downside at all, as it gives me more control over how much product I pick up and makes them easier to use. I am not scared of getting too much on the brush. I also love that these are the perfect size to take with you when travelling, and I can fit in more than one. I like these, and I love the little bit of nostalgia I get when I use them.
Have been purchasing and using this pot of blush for about 10 years now and it's still my favorite. Love the pigment and one pot last me a long time with a lot of application and the slight fragrance smell which is lovely. It blends out easily and buildable to achieve your desire consistency. My fav of all the it's the rose d'or. Such a lovely rose gold/ pink hue to get that healthy glow and blush on my cheek. The little blush pot comes in a delicate small brush and a little mirror attach to the cover great for touch up on the go. Overall the whole range of brush it's lovely and suits any type of skin color. Feels like an english rose everytime i use this blush.
One of the icons in my beauty bag, I have pots of this blush in a range of colours. It comes in a well-designed compact, which houses a mirror and curved blush brush. The standout about this product is the finely milled, formula of the powder. Even on mature skin, it looks beautiful on the skin and does not emphasize pores or skin texture issues. It wears well on the skin, and doesn’t look patchy or uneven. The powder is soft and blendable and it imparts a natural, healthy flush on the skin. The product reminds me of the Chanel baked power blushes, at a much more affordable price. They are great quality and I have purchased a few colours in the range, which I am very impressed with. I haven’t experienced any problems with colour fading, and find that the longevity of the product is comparable to the high end luxury brands. However I prefer to apply with my own blush brush, instead of the one that comes with the compact as I find it gives me greater control and a better finish.   Highlights: 1. Affordable, and great quality for a reasonable price 2. Great range of colours that provide a beautiful natural flush to the skin 3. Convenient compact packaging which is practical and portable
A splendid natural looking blush making this perfect for everyday use. This is a very low maintenance blush which gives a gorgeous rosy glow to my cheeks.  I apply the Bourjois blush with a medium makeup brush for a softer, defining and more contoured application to my face, and it works wonders.  This very pretty natural blush that is long lasting. The flawless finish ensures you don't accentuate your pores with any shimmer.  I am quite impressed overall with the quality and the colour fits perfectly on my skin tone. So versatile I can even use it as an eyeshadow. 
I've been using this blush for years now and i'll always come back to it :) all the shades are just beautiful and a little goes a long way so you dont have to use alot of product
Bourjois make great quality and affordable products and this adorable little blush pot is no exception. This is a baked blush that comes in a round plastic pot that’s a very feminine pink with gold writing and clasp. It has a hinged lid which opens to reveal a mirror and brush. It’s all very tiny (about 4cm in diameter) and the perfect size for your handbag. The overall look is very chic and classy - not surprising for French made make up!   I have the colour 34 Rose D’or (Golden Rose) which is quite a pale pink with very subtle gold shimmer. The addition of the shimmer is great for adding a very natural glow to your cheeks so this product can act as blush and highlighter in one. As the shimmer is gold it would probably suit warmer toned skin best. The blush is quite pale and I find it does need a few sweeps onto the cheeks with a blush brush to build up the colour. It’s a very natural finish though and I find that it lasts all day without disappearing.   As this is a baked blush it’s quite firm and needs more than the usual amount of pressure to get enough product on your brush. An easier way I’ve found is to swatch it on my fingertips and transfer it to the cheekbones that way. This may not work with some of the darker shades but it works well with shade 34 due to it being quite pale anyway. There’s little risk of being too heavy handed and looking like a clown as a result!   Another difference about this blush is that it has quite a distinctive scent. It’s described by Bourjois as a ‘rose’ scent but it reminds me more of a rose scented talcum powder. That may be a good or a bad thing, depending on your preferences. I just thought I’d mention it for those that don’t like scented make up. I don’t mind it myself and you can’t smell it once it’s applied anyway.   Even though this blush contains only 2.5 grams of product I’ve found that it lasts quite a while. The PAO symbol (Period After Opening) says to use it within 18 months but I’ve had mine longer than that and it’s still as good as the day I opened it.   The only downside for me is the brush included. It’s basically not very good! It’s a tiny natural bristle brush but it doesn’t do a great job at picking up the product or transferring it to your cheeks. It’s also not really the right shape for a blush brush as it’s more crescent shaped rather than the traditional dome shape. This is a shame as the biggest selling point (for me) for this blush is its travel friendliness so a good quality brush would make it perfect. As it is, I use a regular blush brush or just my fingers if I’m out and about.   Other than that it’s a great little addition to my blush collection and I’d like to try some of the other shades in the near future. Très bon!
The Bourjois Blushes are gorgeous, with their own little application brush that curves to ensure the baked powder sits perfectly on your cheek bone. Subtle, but true colours that have a little bit of a sparkle. The compact is small and fits well in a make-up purse if you are planning on taking it out and re-applying later - which you may need to do because the colours unfortunately do not last as long as you would like. Affordable and in some great, bold shades, these are a basic must in your make-up collection.
My mum introduced me to this little round pot of love when I was pretty young as she had used it for a long time before. I love the simple and cute round packaging( mirror and a brush always a bonus!).  It is probably the most amazingly smelling blush in the universe, and it smells so expensive too. The colour payoff is incredible. Staying power?  All day long plus all the wedding on ( yes,my “I’m so in love” flush was by courtesy of Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in 34 Rose d’Or- the shade that is appreciated by many judging from the reviews but it comes as no surprise to me) . It gives the most flattering effect on the cheeks. Some shades are more shimmery than others, the pigmentation is fantastic but it won’t make any Russian doll - like stains as it is subtle too. One pot = 2 years of everyday use. Don't think twice next time you pass the Bourjois stand, just get it. You won't regret it. This little round pot blush is a classic. Unbeatable!