Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon

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Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon is a vibrant lip colour formulated with silk extract hydrate and tint lips. The sheer formula is water resistant and contains SPF 15 sun protection, suitable for daily wear.

Available in nine shades.


Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon


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I own 08 Sweet Macchiato.  Pros: - I love the slight fruity, sweet scent, just the right amount of scent. - It doesn't taste like lipstick. Thank goodness! - I love the beautiful texture, my lips feel moisturized whenever I used it.  - Non-sticky, doesn't feel heavy on my lips. Love! - Spf15 makes me feel virtuous for being "sun aware" - Very good colour pay off.  - Affordable dupes for a more exxy brand. Cons: - It doesn't last 10 hours as printed on the packaging. I nee to reapply every 3 hours. It doesn't survive meals, either. - I don't think it's waterproof. - Not the perfect shade for me.  Verdict: A nice tinted lipbalm that I would definitely repurchase in other shades. 
I purchased two of these ... In the shop I (**must have?) liked them but since purchasing every time I put them on the colours just seem to look really weird.  The actual lip crayon formula is really nice though, they aren't as long wear as some other brands I have tried in similar products but it is both moisturising and glossy .. maybe I should have just chosen different colours. 
I admit I find Bourjois to be hit or miss, they have some amazing product but also some that I am really not a fan of. This actually sits in the middle for me. I have the colour Red Sunrise and found it to have a decent formula. It was very lightweight and not at all tacky on the lips which was great however I did find that the pigmentation to be slightly lacking. It would take me liberally applying the product to get a nice rich colour. This is a very glossy lipstick so you would definitely not need any gloss over the top, because of this it is also very hydrating on my lips and they do not feel dry at all. I did find there to be a mild fragrance to the lipstick but nothing off putting and it disappeared quickly. The wear time is not great, due to the glossiness of the lipstick it doesn't have the greatest of staying power as it is very easily transferable. It only lasted a couple of hours on me when I wasn't eating or drinking. On thing I did like was the pencil shape. It was great for getting a sharp shape around your lips and there was no bleeding of the colour so it stayed a great shape whilst I wearing it. I found this an okay product, I would recommend it for anyone wanting a rally hydrating lipstick, however it won't last if you wear it out so probably best for day wear. Personally it isn't a favourite of mine but I can definitely see why people really like it.
As i have said in a few other reviews,i LOVE Bourjois,so when i saw these,i knew a few would come home with me. I got three (fuchsia,orange and red ) and the colour payoff to start is leaves a radiant veil of colour on the lips with just enough shine and moisture to enhance your lips,but honestly,it fades quickly and doesn't like being tested on glasses,cheeks etc (or much else).It comes in a handy chubby pencil form,which is great for quick touchups (of which you'll need lots),but it does feel lovely on the lips (a balm type texture).Give them a try,if not for the shades alone.TIP:Want to have this do double duty ? Apply a touch to your cheeks for a stunning,creamy glow.