Bourjois Effet Smoky Eye

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Bourjois Effet Smoky Eye is a double-tipped eyeliner with a soft pencil liner on one end to help outline eyes, and a smudger on the other to blend colour and create a smoky effect along the lash line. The easy-glide pencil is formulated with natural waxes and vitamins C and E. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


Bourjois Effet Smoky Eye


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I've got the grey and brown version of his eyeliner. It lives up to it's name which is great for smoky eye with the package of the design.  E.asy to be use and glide on the eyelid. Just draw the eyeliner and then use smudge on the other end to blend and create the smoky soft line. Great to use when travelling as it's like 2 in 1 design. It is gentle on my eye too when I use it as a contact lens wearer which it's a plus benefit.  It is great on it's on but i think it is even more perfect to be used with an eye primer for a longer lasting result
This is an easy to hold and use eye pencil for smoky eyes and also for everyday liner. It creates a fine line and I use the smudge end to blend and create a natural and beautiful smoky eye. This pencil is non irritating and applies smoothly and evenly. It's a pencil I use to enhance the look of my eyes, and the smudged end makes blending a breeze. I recommend this smoky eye pencil for anyone who wants to create a glamorous smoky eye effect with ease and pleasure! 
A smoky eye is a makeup look that I love. When I am looking for a smoky eye pencil I look for one that is soft, glides on well, is gentle on my eyes and last all day. This Bourjois pencil ticks all of those boxes for me.  The smudging end is also really gentle on the delicate eye area. The pencil is a bit of the pricer side but it's good quality.  
A sexy,smokey eye will always be in vogue...and this gives you just that.This pencil comes in a range of shades (try the smokey plum one) and is soft to apply,lasts hours and is super convenient with it's built in smudger.As this is a pencil,you may need to make sure it is really sharp to get the best results..which is foolproof with this item.Bourjois Effet Smoky Eye is waterproof,safe for contact wearers and stays colour true all day (apply a primer first to get amazing results).TIP:In winter,if you find your pencil harder than usual to apply,try a quick burst with a hairdryer to get it soft enough to glide smoothly.