Bourjois Felt Tip Eyeliner

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Bourjois Felt Tip Eyeliner is an eyeliner with a velvety soft felt tip for creating long lasting everyday eyeliner looks with ease.


Bourjois Felt Tip Eyeliner


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Texta application for an eyeliner

The Bourjois Felt Tip Eyeliner in Black is a really easy eyeliner to use, it delivers strong pigment in one swipe. It is easy to grip and control due to its texter like barrel. It applies as a liquid and dries relativity quickly and the formula is such that you have no issues going over the same area again later. This eyeliner lasts all day without running, smudging or flaking. It is also extra convenient that you do not need to dip it in anything as you never have too much on the applicator tip and it delivers consistent pigment. I was extremely happy with this product and I am sure to buy it again. Made in Italy.
Slick smooth continuous line in one sweep from the felt tip and it doesn't smudge.
The felt tip makes it easier to apply and gives a smooth, clean appearance.