Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer

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Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer is a primer that illuminates the complexion, and is ideal for normal to dry skin. The lightweight formula melts onto the skin to boost radiance and hydrate the complexion without any greasiness. Skin is left smooth, soft and supple. 


Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer


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A very affordable primer that does the job! I have dry skin and this primer does give me a nice hydrating base. It has a thin, lightweight lotion texture which gives my skin a radiant look. This primer makes my foundation sits better on my skin And keeps it in place throughout the day. Not the best primer I’ve tried but definitely does the job.
I really liked this primer. When I finished the bottle I have started using Napolean's primer and to be honest, I really don't think there is too much of a difference! I have dry/combination skin and this gave me a nice dewy look ... which seems to be all the rage at the moment so win win. I would buy again for sure.
A certain makeup artist coined the phrase "not to prime is a crime" years ago...and that started the whole primer avalanche. With literally hundreds on the market (ranging from pitifully sad,but cheap, through to "when did angels dust my skin with dewdrops" ?...but requiring the sale of a limb to gain),this offering from French brand Bourjois sits firmly in the middle (leaning towards wonderfully affordable). Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer is a primer that acts as both a primer that ensures makeup stays exactly where you put it, a subtle,luminous glow adder (think the angel scenario,NOT "lightbulb of the halogen kind that God and astronauts get a visual of " ) plus skincare benefits (hydration that only adds to the sexy glow...perfect for the drier skinned amongst us). My initial impression of this primer was that it was quite fluid in consistency (it's a thin, opaque pink gel that smells slightly like baby powder) and that it was definitely a lighweight,basic formula .On application, it leaves a shiny moist barrier at first, but allow it to set for a few minutes,and your skin looks very dewy and fresh and... well, glowy. it's very unlike other silicone primers (which feel like wearing a plastic bag on your face...not great in Australia's hot,humid climate...not to mention not great for your visage).As a sidenote,you only need one pump, which is excellent if you're like me and you hate heaviness on your skin AND prefer to let your skin do the talking....not your makeup;)  If i do go down the foundation / BB cream etc route,i prefer to use a high-end, dewy, water base foundation (SPF added as always) on top,and the effect it has on my skin is looks like me,only better - so sheer and lovely ( like an under-foundation luminiser without the shimmer or sparkle....),it's also incredibly comfortable ( i find myself actually wearing this primer by itself....hello skin that looks like i have slept 10 hrs) Now,i wouldn't recommend this primer if you need a heavy duty blurring action or to cover pores (hey,it is at the budget spectrum end), and it won't change your life,but as far as a daily skin boost,this hits the spot. Post-application. there's a look of care to your skin and a tangible softness that is beautiful (hey,even mu hubby has been known to grab this when he feels he needs a little "something" to look more rested.A "try it before you spend your inheritance" product for sure. TIP:Want this to double duty ? Add to your moisturiser for a souped up "no makeup" look,and apply as an eyeshadow base at night for an ethereal glow to your eyes.