Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder

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Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder is a powder that gives skin a boost of radiance while evening out the skin tone. The formula is enriched with exotic fruit therapy to restore and rebalance skin, yuzu to combat shine, and Sharon fruit for hydration. The slim compact case has a large built-in mirror for touch ups on the go.

Available in four shades.


Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder


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Skin type: oily/combination  I absolutely love this powder hands down! It’s velvety in touch and finely pressed for a perfect flawless application, I use it for its longevity properties, I wear this over 8 hours plus and my makeup always looks immaculate. I love the feeling of the power of my skin-it’s a bearly there type feeling so light weight. It’s a full coverage power foundation, however it does not make you look cakey. Everyone needs to try this! 
I'm a bit late to the party in discovering this little beauty, but boy am I glad I have! As someone with oily, problem skin, my powder is usually the last thing I am concerned about. I always have a heavy foundation on and the powder is just whatever I dab on as I'm walking out the door. Lately however I noticed in the mirror at work just how cakey my face was looking ugh! I headed to priceline and the Bourjois powder stuck out to me with its red compact in comparison to the wall of beige. I was really curious when I read Matte texture + boosted radiance. Hmmm Radiant.. from a matte powder, I was dubious. The next day I tested it out and it has been my HG ever since! Pros: It is super super fine! Really does give you a matte finish all day Doesnt give you that obvious over-powdered look It smells amazing It has a large mirror on the inside  Dimethicone is far enough down the ingredient list that this powder does not break out super sensitive skin Cons I cannot think of one I recommend this product if you, like me never really put that much thought into your powder finish. the right powder really CAN make the world of difference after all- who wants to go through all that work to cake it all up at the end?! If you are hesitant to try powders because of breakouts you will be safe with this one. I have very sensitive oily skin so I didn't think I'd ever find a great powder but I believe the healthy balance was made for me, it really does give the perfect balance of matte and natural glow
This is a good affordable powder. It sets everything and mattifies the finish of the foundation you use it over. I tend to use it with the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, as this powder works well in conjunction to set and mattify the foundation, while still letting the glow of the foundation show through. A pro for me is that this is in cake form, with a secure lid. It makes it easier to throw into a handbag or makeup bag than a huge tub of loose powder that risks spillage. I also use the powder by itself with no base on off-duty or dashing-out-the-door days where I just need a little bit of something. I also love the fruit scent of the product, and having a mirror in the compact is always a huge plus for touch-ups on the go. The main con for me is that this tends to come off as a little bit yellow based for my skin, and the lightest colour is a bit too dark for my white-as-a-sheet complexion. This is definitely a summer-only product for me, when my skin has a bit more colour. I hope Bourjois release more colours in the future, or even develop a translucent version. For the price, I certainly think this is a great powder to try for everyday use. I've repurchased several times, which is always the ultimate proof a product is good.
This is my all-time favourite powder! This powder smells amazing- like tropical fruits! It is light-weight, natural and gives me a really nice, even complexion. You can't tell you're wearing anything, but it definitely clears and evens my skin. I sometimes use this over concealer and it's enough for every day wear. It doesn't dry my skin out or make it oily easily, it's a good balance. It has a smooth consistency and is so soft to touch! My face feels like baby skin afterwards. Most of the time i use this to set my foundation. It's great- It doesn't cling to dry patches. It just makes my skin look flawless! It has a decent wearing power (6+hrs) and i would highly recommend this to everyone! It's a must-have.
Compact design package and natural looking effects without making my skin feels uncomfortable. The lightweight silky, fine powder leaves my skin smooth wihout being too cakey. My oily skin stays matte thougout the whole day. A great daily powder. The mirror comes with this compact powder which is great for when you're on the go. The colour suits my skin without being too dark or light. It comes in a lovely fragrance smells which is not too strong. My only wish its for it to have a puff powder which will comes in handy when I put in in the handbag for touch up on the go.
I am a big fan of this face powder! This powder certainly does not leave your skin feeling cakey as it is incredibly light. I use this powder to set my liquid foundation each morning and find that I do not require a touch up for many hours after. This powder has a pleasant, fruity scent. The compact includes a handy mirror for those touch ups when you are out and about. This powder is very affordable and lasts me a few months with daily wear. I would definitely recommend this powder if you are looking for an affordable, everyday setting powder!
Bourjois did it so right with this line of products....wonderful texture,lovely soft scent,great wearability and a great price. I hate wearing powders,foundations,concealers etc,but a little "something" at times is required...and this fits the bill,with it's air light feel...but good coverage,good 6 hours of wear,skin - loving ingredients and (let's be a bit frivolous)....gorgeous packaging (which is super slim and compact by the way).I love the shade "Vanilla"...great for my fair skin (one of the two cons....not much in range for the more olive skinned of you out there.The other con ? NO BRUSH / PUFF TO APPLY IT.) But hey,it's French...gotta loooove that.TIP:For those days when a "no make up " make up is what you need,apply this,mascara,lipgloss and blush..Et Voila,perfection for the next 6 hours at least.
This is the best Powder I've ever used. I love how it's matte like. It never leaves my skin looking shiny. It smells great and the texture is amazing. I've already reccomended it to all my friends and clients as I am a Makeup Artist.
This is a powder you need to try out if you hate powders! This finely milled, silky to touch powder doesn't leave powdery overcast, it applies effortlessly leaving your skin looking smooth (i have quite visible pores and that is only powder that seems to be making them look smoother, in conjunction with pore minimazing primer it gives the most beautiful, smooth finish.  Powder has a jobto matte the face, this powder holds up on my face for 6 hours+ at work and easily 10hours on the weekends.  The colour selection is not very wide but the colour I own seems to be matching me and my paler friend, it would be great to see bigger selection though. The product is very efficient, I own one and use it everyday for past 3 months and barely made a dent. Packaging is very simple and classic looking. Good quality plastic case that clicked open to reveal good size for a compact mirror.  Bourjois powder is in my opinion worth its price, it sits on higher shelf of drugstore but it will be money spend well.  Pros: -keeps the skin looking matte -lasting power(6-10hours) -not drying, doesn't cling to dry patches -travel friendly packaging  -good size, good quality mirror -easily accessible to purchase -affordable Cons: -poor colour selection