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Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is a radiant liquid foundation enriched with a fruit therapy formula including apricot, melon and apple to enhance and nourish skin during wear. The hydrating foundation contains crystalline pigments to help correct skin tone and imperfections without masking them. 

Available in five shades.


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation


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I bought this foundation because it was such a hyped up foundation all over the social media and because it claims to be a hydrating foundation which is perfect for my dry skin. The foundation has a runny texture with a dewy finish and is buildable to a  medium coverage. It is hydrating on my skin and does not feel sticky after it dries down. The foundation does not oxidise with is a plus and is long lasting. Definitely suitable for people with dry skin. Very affordable with quality.
I originally purchased this as it has such rave reviews online and I found it on sale for a price too good to refuse! I'm always looking for a good,reasonably priced foundation to use daily and still haven't found the perfect one. I got this one in the shade vanilla as it seemed the lightest and closest to my skin tone. I absolutely loved the fruity scent of this foundation! Best scented foundation I've come across. The texture was not really gel like,quite a runny liquid which I personally found a bit hard to blend into my combination skin as this foundation really doesn't "stick" . I felt straight away that this foundation would be more suitable to dry skin types after that. It is so hydrating! I love that it also contains skin beneficial ingredients helping to heal your skin while it leaves it radiant and more even. The foundation provided me lightweight coverage that left my skin looking very dewy and fresh. It didn't really conceal any redness I had but did even out the rest of my complexion. The shade was a bit too yellow based for me and looked a little odd. This foundation unfortunately isn't a fit for me personally as I need a little more coverage,a little more matte and a little more cool toned but this would be a great lightweight daily wear foundation for those with more yellow based skin tones who are on the drier side and who only need minimal coverage.
Probably the best drugstore foundations I have tried. I was introduced to this about 8 years ago through Youtube and was intrigued to learn that Bourjois as a brand, owned Chanel - not the other way around. This seemed to me to be a good sign for quality.  I would rate this as a light - medium coverage foundation. Unlike other reviewers, I don't actually find this dewy at all. For me, this is a semi-matte finish base with some radiance to it. I wouldn't personally recommend layering it up too much as I think it begins to lose effect and become a little cakey. Though others have said they don't have problems with this.   I have given it 4 stars based on using a good primer for your skin. Without primer, this foundation starts to dissipate and break up on my face after about 5 hours for some reason. In addition, this actually doesn't work for me as well as it did in my teen years as my skin is more combination/dry these days. This product is better for those with an oilier or combination skin type.  Out of the two healthy mix formulations, this one is definitely better for an oily or combination skin type. I find this formula smoothing, semi matte with a radiance. If you have a drier skin or are looking for a more glowy/dewy look, go for the serum/gel formula of this product. As others have said, both versions of this foundation seem to be wonderful for sensitive skintypes. However, both formulas do have a light fruity fragrance so perhaps patch test before purchasing. Definitely smell it in store before dismissing it on this though, it is certainly not overpowering and I actually quite like it! For me, it actually makes it seem a little more high end. I will say as others have said, while I really like this product, the shade range is quite small. I am the lightest shade but the colour is still not a perfect match (though I still make it work when I want a more affordable base). In an ideal world, this would have a much bigger shade range and include different undertones.  Who it's best for: those with an oily or combination skin looking for a light - medium everyday base with a semi-matte but radiant finish. Who it's not for: those with dry or dry/combination skin - you would be best off trying the serum formula.
My friend got me into this product. It has a great consistency and I loved that the colour I chose was a perfect match for my skin tone. I don't like to wear heavy make up so I like that this has a build-able coverage to allow you to put as much as you want on to your preference. I'm also not really a fan of foundation but found this product to be a great first foundation to use to ease yourself into it
I bought this foundation after seeing so many people rave about it. I got the shade 'vanilla' and it's a PERFECT match for my skin tone (usually my foundations are either half a shade lighter or darker than my skin). It has a gel like consistency which very easy to blend and feel very light-weight on the skin. It has a fruity kind of scent which I don't mind cause it's very subtle and will disappear once you blend the foundation out.  This foundation gives a light coverage and you still can build it up to medium, but for me 1 layer is enough. It makes my skin look healthy like I'm glowing from within. I think this foundation is suppose to be for dry skin, but I found it lasted quite well on my combination skin, around 7 hours in hot weather.  Pros: -affordable  -hygienic packaging  -easy to blend  -light-weight  -natural dewy finish  -long lasting. Cons: I don't really have any cons with this foundation. This is my go to foundation because the colour match me so perfectly. It's perfect for daily use. I highly recommend this for people with dry, normal and even combination skin. I think you will love it as much as I do.   
I've been wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation for the past 3 years. Having combination skin, this foundation works best for me in the winter for an everyday dewy, light to medium coverage foundation. It stays for about 5-6 hours on me without having to blot & powder my face again.  I am using shade 51 since I'm quite pale, but it would be great if Bourjois could expand the shade range because it's very limited. I think this foundation would work best for people with dry skin, or for people who prefer a dewy finish. Overall, I'm happy with Bourjois healthy mix foundation looks on my skin for everyday wear.
I cannot even remember how many times i have repurchased this foundation - It is really that good! This foundation is perfect for my dry skin and has amazing staying power that really lasts from morning until night. I would classify this as a full coverage foundation which can be brought down to medium coverage if needs be. It's texture is neither thick nor thin so it works well with any application method - be that fingers, brushes or blenders! As its name claims, it really gives you that "healthy" glow, however, does not look oily or cakey. It does however, have a strong fruity fresh scent to it, which may be difficult for those sensitive to smells - however, i find it disappears pretty soon after application. My only dislike is the packaging. It did use to be plastic (back in the day when i first used it), however, it has changed to a glass bottle which can be quite heavy and cumbersome in the make up bag if you are someone who does their make up on the go or are thinking of bringing it traveling. Having said this, it being not travel friendly should not discourage you from trying this foundation as it is definitely a gem in the 'drugstore' make up aisle!  
I bought this Bourjois foundation from Priceline just after Christmas (when I may have got a little spendy in the 40% off sale!). I've been trialling it over the last month or so and I now have some true and tested opinions on it....both good and bad! I'll run through the many things we tend to look for in a foundation and if this particular product met my expectations!  COVERAGE & FINISH: This is the first foundation I've ever bought from Bourjois and I found it works very well as a day to day foundation due to it's coverage and finish. On me this foundation is a semi-matte finish with a slight dewiness. However, I do find that over the course of the day this dewiness increases (at around the 5-6 hour mark) but on me it looks  like lovely radiance and not at all like excess oil or anything! Although, i do have rather dry skin so I do think that if you have an oily skin type this may not be the foundation for you. Always see if you can get a tester or something but my friend who has oily-combo skin tried this out and did not love it as much as me as she found it got "too glowy towards the end of the day" so be wary! In terms of coverage I would definitely call this a light to medium and a "your skin but better" kind of foundation for more of those natural skin days. If your looking for a heavier coverage  foundation this does build up very nicely (without looking cakey) but only to a medium coverage- not a full.  BLENDABILITY: Positively, I found this foundation extremely, and I mean extremely easy to blend into the skin. I find it does not cling to any dry patches or blemishes and sinks into the skin creating a natural looking base. I have used a number of application methods and all have worked fine! I have used a round topped synthetic buffing brush and also a beauty sponge and both worked very well. If your into using your fingers, I'm personally not so much anymore, but I've found this foundation actually applies beautifully when warmed up on the fingers and applied using small circular motions.  FEEL OF PRODUCT ON SKIN: Although the product itself is probably around medium consistency I have found that it feels lovely and lightweight on the skin. It sinks into the skin fairly easily and I like how it does not change the texture of your skin and make it feel heavier or rougher as some foundations do but makes it feel smooth.    COLOUR SELECTION: In this foundation range there are five shades. I have shade 55 (dark beige) which is the second to darkest shade and at the moment I am light-medium (as I have a little tan from this hot sun!). That's my one issue with most "drugstore" brands- their colour selection. If you have skin tone darker than a medium tan unfortuantly I don't think you'll be able to find a foundation in this range to match you. I believe this is actually quite a popular foundation so here's hoping that Bourjois expand their colour range! LONGEVITY: As I mentioned before this is very much a natural daytime appropriate foundation although I do have to warn you it does not last super long. I find that around the 5 hour mark it starts to wear off but still leave a dewy glowy finish behind. However I has found that using powder (more heavily where you tend to show shine and then a light layer on the rest of your skin) helps increase the longevity- even "baking" the areas where you use concealer or brightening products on top of the foundation also helps! I find powder will reduce the shine at the 5 hour mark and keep it looking nicer for longer. However I do recommend that when initially applying the foundation you allow it to set (wait around 3 mins while you do the rest of your makeup, maybe eyes) before going in with powder.  PACKAGING:  This foundation comes in a glass bottle with a plastic pump. Now I absolutely love a pump on a foundation so was very happy. I did the pump makes application much less messy as you can apply it directly on your brush and control how much product comes out (so your not wasting any, bonus!!). SCENT: I find that this foundation, strangely enough has a fresh and almost fruity scent ( I'm guessing this May be due to fruit ingredients used in the formula)? I don't know haha but I do know that this product does not have an overpowering or a "chemical" kind of smell as some other more affordable foundations do. So overall, I was actually rather pleased with this foundation as for my purposes it is practically perfect! If you also have dry or normal skin and are looking for a low-medium coverage foundation just for day to day (at a reasonably affordable price- especially with that 40% off haha) then this could be a pretty great bet! It would be nice if it lasted slightly longer and the shade range was extended but apart from that I am very happy to keep calling this my every day foundation pick for the moment! 
This is my go-to 'drug store' foundation. As someone who still has scarring from acne, I find that this foundation covers the scarring and redness with minimal product. I love that this foundation does not feel heavy on the skin, easily blending and melting into the skin. You do, however, have to use a powder over the top if you get oily as I find that throughout the day it can oxidise. In saying that though, it is a great foundation and definitely rivals some of the high end foundations that are far more expensive (I alternate between this foundation and the Nars sheer glow). And for around $30, I don't really think you can go wrong!
So glad I discovered this foundation-it is one of the few I have found that doesn't oxidise on my skin and go horribly orange. I love how well its matches my skin tone and the fruity scent is a lovely added bonus. It's lightweight, blends well and makes my skin glow without being shiny. I get so many compliments from people saying how healthy I look when wearing this foundation.
Brilliant light, dewy product. It's my go-to for days where I want natural, my-skin-but-better coverage. It won't hide any major imperfections or blemishes, but it will even your skin out and give you just enough glow that they'll be more unnoticeable. It goes on easily and evenly, blends well with fingers if you're in a pinch and brushless, and the fruity smell is a nice change from the more standard of makeup scents. I recommend this product to all my friends, whether they are make-up nerds too, or don't know where to start with it all. I've repurchased at least 3 times over the years, and if you're patient, you can pick up a bottle for less than $20 during a priceline sale - total bargain. I wouldn't be without it in my kit.
The biggest pro of this foundation is that it works for even the most sensitive skin and it doesnt break you out :) also the coverage is perfect for that naturally flawless look
This is a nice light foundation that blends well. Not the best for total coverage of flaws. But nice non the less. Two stars as its not the best foundation that I have ever tried. More suited to a younger complexion.
This foundation is slightly more pricey than other drugstore foundations, but there are reasons for this. It comes in an easy to use pump bottle that disperses the right amount of foundation for initial application. It goes on smoothly and I use my fingers to blend in the creamy texture. It is so light, that I thought it wouldn't provide enough coverage for the entire day, but I was wrong! My face remained oil free and shine free the entire day and there was no streaking or caking.  This foundation evened out my skin tone and hid my blemishes and dark circles. It also made my fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. It gave me a smooth, flawless nourished coverage.  It also gave me a natural and smoother finish and left my skin feeling soft and creamy to touch.  I recommend this foundation for anyone who wants light to medium coverage from a daily wear foundation which provides even healthy skin tone. 
This foundation is definitely my number one drugstore foundation pick. It has a medium coverage with one layer, a yellowy-olive undertone which as my fellow warm olive girls will know, is near impossible to find at an affordable price point! Having said that the shade range IS quite limited and the shades 51 and 54 are not widely available. Also, the bottle I've had for just over a year now oxidises orange on me which it didn't used to. However I love how it feels nice on the skin, definitely a dewy leaning satin finish on me, holds up well and even looks with a few hours of wear. For me it holds up quite well throughout the day and lasts a solid 6 hours before breaking down slightly on my chin and around my nose.  It supposedly has health/skin benefits but I take that with a grain of salt - I don't buy foundations for their antioxidants anyway. Blends seamlessly and effortlessly into the skin using fingers, brush or sponge. You can build up to three layers I'd say without it looking cakey and doesn't settle into fine lines or emphasise pores. It mixes well with other foundations and undertone mixers like the MUFE Chromatic Mixer (I use the yellow). It doesn't control oil well but I do think it would work beautifully for every skin type from dry to oily although the oily girls will have to powder more often. 
A standout drug store foundation that gives skin a beautiful natural luminous glow. Skin still looks like skin, but better. I love how lightweight and easy is it to apply. It never looks heavy or cakey and looks great applied with a brush, fingers or beauty blender. I love to use this to mix in with other drugstore or high end foundations to change the consistency. This product can help to add a sheer glow, and lighten the consistency of other products and works wonderfully when mixed or used on its own.  
This foundation made it my list of drugstore favourites as soon as I tried it. It is a great product with a wonderful finish and I was a repeat buyer (I now buy the Healthy Mix Serum).It is on the higher end of the price range for drugstore foundations but I definitely feel it is worth it.                 This is a light coverage foundation, I do normally prefer full coverage but this is great for day wear.It has a lovely hydrating formula which moisturises your skin, so it is perfect for people with dry-normal complexion. Saying that, it could still work for an oilier complexion as it does not dry with an overly dewy finish (for reference, the Healthy mix foundation has a more dewy finish) but can get slightly shiny after 3-4 hours, so this may be a problem for some. It gives a great natural glow to the skin, though because of the light coverage it will not really cover any angry blemishes, so a concealer would be needed. It does even out skin tone as well though which is perfect for me as it hides some of the redness I get on my cheeks.   The staying power of this foundation is pretty decent and I found that it would last most of the day 5-6hours without any patchiness or flaking, though as said it can get a little shiny around the T-zone.   There is a reasonably strong, almost fruity fragrance to the foundation which I have no problems with as it does disappear once it's applied. But, if you have found in the past that your skin is sensitive to this type of fragrance, definitely get a tester beforehand if you can.   I would 100 percent recommend trying this foundation as I have found that it is one of the best drugstore foundations out there at the moment especially for dry and normal skin complexions. I personally do prefer the serum now to this, but for oily complexions this is definitely the better buy as it has less of a dewy finish.
Great Value for a skincare makeup. Lightweight not a heavy coverage but coupled with a mineral powder skin is perfect for congested skin's not wanting to clog pores.
This is one of my all time favourite foundations! As someone with relatively dry skin, it's hard to find a good foundation that doesn't look cakey or cling to my dry patches. This has buildable, light to medium coverage with a gorgeous dewy finish. I also love the fresh fruity scent- it's not too overpowering or overwhelming. I find though that this can oxidize after a few hours of wear, so I'd suggest getting a shade lighter!
This is a very nice, natural, light to medium coverage foundation. It applies beautifully with a lovely, light, fresh, fruity scent. Being a oily combination skin girl i do find i get breakdown on my nose and t zone after about 5 hrs of wear despite powdering. Colour choice is very poor with most shades only catering to fair/ light/ medium skin tones and all very warm. If i could get longer wear out of this foundation it would get more stars but perhaps that would ruin the lovely natural glowy look this foundation gives.