Bourjois Healthy Mix Primer

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Bourjois Healthy Mix Primer is a lightweight blurring primer that works to conceal tired skin and fill in pores for a smooth and natural complexion. It is formulated with vitamins A, C and B5 to improve the radiance of skin, as well as pigment-correcting technology to even out skin tone. 

Available in one universal shade.


Bourjois Healthy Mix Primer


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I tend to get visible redness on my cheeks and therefore I'm always trying to find a colour-correcting concealer to help minimise and neutralise this. I decided to purchase this one Bourjois which claimed to blur imperfections and pores. The product comes in a cute red tube which is probably a bit too small for the price, but you do only need a tiny bit for each application. The product has a pale pink-peach colour and a soft velvet texture that absorbs well to fill in pores, lines and to create a smooth base for my foundation. It does have a strong apricot/fruity scent which I'm not too fond of. I wouldn't say it corrects or nerutralises my redness but it does make my complexion look more even and smooth. It does help my foundation last better during the day and my pores are definitely less visible. I do also like that it contains vitamins to nourish the skin too. I think it's a good primer that makes my complexion look more even, but there are definitely better options that do provide better colour correction. I also don't think this is particularly great vaue as the tube doesn't last long. I would recommend this primer for all skin types, athough the strong scent may irritate very sensitive skin.