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Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation is a gel foundation that combines skin care and makeup benefits in one. It contains an antioxidant-rich skin care serum to help boost radiance of skin, while delivering correcting coverage. Enriched with vitamins and a fruit therapy formula including lychee, goji berries and pomegranate, the serum foundation enhances and nourishes the complexion during wear.

Available in four shades.


Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation


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I really wanted to love this product! I read so many great reviews about it. I have quite dry skin so I was drawn to the 'hydrating' elements. Unfortunately it didn't sit well on my skin and it caked around my dry sections. It does have a nice glow to it though! It has medium coverage, but you can definitely build it up if needed.
A really lovely, affordable and accessible foundation. It is easy to use, especially with the pump bottle. There is a nice range of neutral shades which is great for olive undertones. It goes on so smooth, and doesn’t feel like you are wearing makeup, even if you build it up. I find it doesn’t last as long as some other foundations which is why it loses a star.
I have been using this foundation for years now, it is such an affordable foundation that's comparable to any luxury brand. It is both lightweight and buildable. The foundation melts into your skin and gives your complexion a healthy glow. I love wearing this for my everyday makeup because.
One of the best foundation I owned. Bourjouis has a good reputation in cosmetics, especially foundation. I love this foundation since the day I bought it, the textureare amazing & it makes my skin looks flawless and fresh all day. I don’t get oily or any skin problem wearing it the whole day for 6 days! I use it 6am and wipe it offf at 11pm. It’s still looks good without any touch up at all. Well I’m not a fans adding a compact powder touch up during the day, worry it might block my pores.  So thanks Bourjouis, this foundation has complete my looks and I’m a big fans from now on. 
I have tried so many (and I mean so many!) foundations from pharmacy brands over the years and I have to say, this one is most definitely in my top 5!  Coverage: For me, it is the perfect everyday foundation. I find it has quite a pigmented formula but if you only apply a sheer layer it still lets your skin shine through! However, I find it also quite buildable, to get more coverage I apply a thin layer all over and then add any extra in areas that I need it- I find it never really cakes up on me because it’s quite a moisturising formula! Finish: I would say it has a skinlike to dewy finish. I have quite a dry skin type so I find it looks a little dewy on my skin, but not overly so. I do find I have to set it though or it does tend to get to shiny for my preference. So if you have quite oily skin I am not sure if it would be too much but if you set it it would definitely help eliminate too much shine! Feeling on skin: One of the reasons I like this foundation so much (and why I often wear it as my everyday foundation) is that it is very lightweight on the skin and doesn’t feel heavy and masklike like some other foundation can. Because it’s a serum foundation I really find that the product just melts into the skin and feels almost weightless.  Application: I would definitely say that you can change the coverage of the foundation with whatever tool you’re using. I’ve personally found it works fine with all tools- brushes, sponges, fingers. A brush creates a more fuller coverage look whereas when I use a sponge it tends to look more natural. I don’t often use fingers but I have tried it with this foundation and I had no issues because it really does blend super easily into the skin.  Wear time: If you are looking for a super long lasting foundation that will last through hot summer Australia days and look perfect, this Lau not be the one (one single fault with this product haha). However, I can say it still looks good after 6 or so hours of wear but by the time you get to 8 the foundation starts to fade. However, I find it fades nicely as it is that moisturising texture, it doesn’t crack around fine lines like matte foundations, so I still choose to wear it all day and don’t really have any issues.  Packaging: It comes with a pump (woohoo no realising halfway through the day you have dried foundation on the back of your hand!). I’ve never had any issues with the pump, and I find it pumps out product super easily.  Shade range: I use shade light beige, which suits me pretty well, I have a light-medium skin ton and the foundation is quite yellow toned but it works for my warm skin tone. It also appears that the rest of the shades in the range are also rather yellow-based so that may be something to be wary of. Also, after checking their website, it seems they only have 5 shades in the range (all of which are light to medium) which is disappointing and definetly an area borjious may need to work on! Price: I also think this is quite pricey for a ‘drugstore’ foundation. However I do think it’s worth it and I happily spend the money on it- although usually during the sale at Priceline! 
I adored this foundation and would highly recommend it. I love this French cosmetics brand, such high quality and this foundation does not disappoint. The coverage is medium though I use a beauty blender sponge for a sheerer look and it’s buildable if you like more coverage. The foundation is silky and feels really light to wear. I love the handy pump bottle for just the right amount of product and no mess. I love that it contains an antioxidant rich serum for protecting and nourishing skin, though I do wish it contained an spf. The gel consistency however, means the product glides easily over skin for a smooth coverage and it’s non drying on my skin, it doesn’t flake and won’t go cakey like some foundations. This is great value for money as a little goes a long way, it’s packaged nicely and smells really pretty. It comes in four shades which is great, though a medium beige would be nice. Overall I loved it and would buy it again. A great product.
Probably the best drugstore foundations I have ever tried. I was introduced to this about 8 years ago through Youtube and was intrigued to learn that Bourjois as a brand, owned Chanel - not the other way around. This seemed to me to be a good sign for quality.  I would rate this as a light - light/medium coverage foundation with a glowy, semi-dewy finish. I wouldn't personally recommend layering it up too much as I think it begins to lose effect and become a little cakey. Though others have said they don't have problems with this.   I have given it 5 stars based on using a good primer for your skin. Without primer, this foundation starts to dissipate and break up on my face after about 5 hours.  Out of the two healthy mix formulations, this one is definitely better for a dryer or combination skin type. As its a gel based formula, it glides over your skin and smoothes everything out resulting in a fresh, glowy complexion that makes you look much more awake than you might actually be!  I will say as others have said, while I really like this product, the shade range is quite small. I am the lightest shade but the colour is still not a perfect match (though I still make it work when I want a more affordable base). In an ideal world, this would have a much bigger shade range and include different undertones.  Who it's best for: those with a dry or combination skin type, seeking a 'wake-me-up' foundation with light-light/medium coverage. Who it's not for: those with an oily skin type seeking a medium/high coverage foundation with a matte finish. This is the opposite of that!
This is a fantastic foundation if you're looking for a light, dewy look that compliments your natural skin colour. It provides a glow from within and has a really lovely texture. I would recommend this below mineral foundation for a heavier look if you need more coverage. It's really easy to apply and blends very well.
This is my hands down favourite foundation. It provides good coverage (I'd say medium), blends in easily and doesn't dry too fast so I can take my time. It looks like your skin and is so natural. It doesn't feel heavy or go cakey either. It smells amazing, sort of a fruity scent. It also makes my skin look so incredibly radiant and youthful. The ONLY negative I have to say is the sahde range is poor. Light beige to dark beige there is a huge jump. They definitely need something in between and more yellow based. As the shades get darker they get too pink based for me unfortunately, so it's hard for me to get the right colour for me. If you're looking for a foundation that looks natural and radiant yet provides great coverage I'd 100% recommend this.
My all time favourite foundation! It just gives the most youthful natural glow. I love using this foundation for all occasions. It gives a medium, buildable coverage. You get the most coverage with a brush I find, but it also applies nicely with a sponge. It blends easily, doesn't dry down too quickly, isn't cakey. It looks so natural on the skin. It sets down to a semi matte finish. I have sensitive skin and this doesn't break me out. It just blends so seemlessly into the skin. I always get compliments on how beautiful my skin looks  with this. I couldn't recommend this enough. It also comes in a handy pump bottle, and has the most amazing fruity smell.
This is an amazing product, especially for those with dry skin. Although it applies easily and has a thin consistency, it has a relatively medium coverage. I recommend this product for people who have comedones, which are small bumps (like white heads) which are under the skin surface. Thicker foundations tend to accentuate the comedones which makes it difficult to find a foundation. This foundation also smells great, and did not break me out even though I have dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin. I recommend using a flat foundation brush to apply this product.
This is my all time favourite foundation. I would highly recommend it to people looking for a natural looking, my skin but better, foundation. It gives a very youthful appearance and is lightweight. Pros:     -smells like tropical fruits -blends like a dream -isn't cakey  -good for dry skin because it doesn't cling to dry patches -doesn't burn my sensitive skin -looks natural-it has a very buildable light to medium coverage, depending on the utensil used to apply it -great for everyday wear -no spf so it doesn't cause flashback for night time photos -gives a beautiful, youthful glow/dewy finish -is lightweight so it doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all Cons: -only 5 shades available. I really wish they would make it in medium beige as they do with the non serum version of this foundation    -no spf so it doesn't protect against the sun   -isn't long wearing  I have oily skin, and although this suits dry skinned people better, setting it with a powder gets the job done. 
My skin but better. I love this foundation so much, definitely the best you can find from the drugstore. I bought it after I saw tones of youtubers raving about it for yellow undertone with dry skin gals. The colours all tend to lean yellow - which for my nc20 skin is great! I use the colour 51 Vanilla, its basically the exact colour of my skin, fair-light olive with yellow undertone colour. Considering all the other drugstore foundations makes me look like an Oompa Loompa that's the only foundation I grab for. The formulation is lovely, the consistency is not liquid or thick, is more like a gel. It goes on the skin so smoothly, doesn't cling to dry patches or emphasis any lines. On my dry skin I find the finish is more of a satin rather than glowy, still looks lovely, I don't need to set it with powder BUT be ware its not a long lasting foundation! after 8 hours its pretty much worn down. Its on the light-medium coverage side, so I still have to conceal any spots or imperfections. A great thing that its very light weight! You can barely feel its on your skin. I use my beauty blender(as always) to blend the foundation, I find brush can take away the satin finish and fingers are just way too massy. The beauty blender works like a charm, the foundation blends quite quickly and is very easy to work with.  If you have combination to oily skin this foundation might not suit you, but I've heard great thing about the normal healthy mix foundation! Overall, it's have been my everyday foundation for the last couple of years, totally a HG product and you get big bangs for your bucks! 
The first time I wore this I received more compliments on my skin than I have in the whole year combined! This foundation has a medium, but definitely buildable coverage, and feels so weightless on the skin, still managing to cover all pigmentation and redness on my face. I have dry skin which becomes incredibly flaky with other foundations, but the nourishing and light texture of this foundation just glides over my skin beautifully, leaving a really natural finish. Ideally I would've liked it had more of a dewy finish, but the quality, pleasant fragrance and durability to last the whole day truly makes it the best drugstore foundation on the market in my opinion!
This foundation is great to create a glowy, natural and healthy base. I go between the shades light beige and dark beige depending on my tan. I have an oily t-zone and normal-dry skin everywhere else. However, this foundation is great on both the oily and dry areas of my face! The coverage is light but is build-able to a more medium coverage. Although the shade range isn't vast, I found it easier than usual to find a shade to suit my more yellow-toned olive skin which was great! The price point is also fantastic, so I couldn't recommend this foundation enough. I like to mix this foundation with one pump of BECCA shimmering skin perfecter for an even healthier, glowing look.
I really love the finish of this foundation and the coverage is pretty great too! The colour selection is the only real let down. All of the shades lean very yellow! When they release new shades that have a more neutral/pink undertone, let me know!!
This is one of my favourite foundations! The consistency of this foundation is exactly as the the name and description suggests - a hybrid between a serum and a gel. So it's not a runny liquid (think L'oreal Nude Magique) nor a thick liquid (think Revlon Colorstay) - it's inbetween. The formula is super lightweight - I usually forget I'm wearing it when I have it on. That is really important to be because I can't stand 'mask' like foundations that feel so heavy on my face and suck all the moisture out of my skin. In contrast, this foundation is so, so hydrating. Because it is hydrating, it laves a dewy finish, but that can easily be negated with some setting powder. Personally, are a super dry-skinned gal, I love that it is dewy! It makes my skin look glowy and fresh, not oily at all, which I know is a concern for people when they're looking at dewy foundations. The forumla also doesn't cling to my dry patches, which means that it's a godsend during winter when I typically get flaky patches on my cheeks. I also haven't had issues with longevity even with it being a dewy formula. The finish of the formula is also very skin-like - I've had people surprised that I was wearing foundation when I've used this. I find that I need to use a pump to a pump and a half when using it with a wet beautyblender-type sponge. You will use less if you're applying it will your fingers or a brush, it's just that sponges tend to soak up some foundation.I find that half a pump to  full pump will give light coverage, and a full pump and half will give me medium coverage. It covers the redness in my cheeks, and then  I dot some concealer under my eyes and my acne to complete my base makeupl. I really do believe that it fulfils it's claim of 'boost[ing] radiance of skin' because my face always looks really healthy while, and after, wearing this for the day, The packaging of the foundation is quite solid - the foundation is housed in a glass bottle, and has a plastic pump. It's quite lightweight despite the glass. The pump is great - it never dispenses too much, and you can control it to only pump out half a pump of foundation. I've never had an issue with dried foundation stopping up the pump, which is great as I've had that issue with out pump foundations before. My only critique of this foundation is that it runs quite yellow. While this is great for me as I am yellow toned, I wouldn't recommend it for pink-toned or neutral-toned people.
After having used the healthy mix foundation, I had to pick up the serum to try at Priceline after hearing such good things about it through the online community. As it is Bourjois, it is on the higher price point than many other drugstore foundations but considering the results I believe it is worth the cost.   The great thing about this foundation is that it gives a wonderful glowing finish to your skin. You face looks very fresh and hydrated so it is great for people who have a dry skin complexion. I would say that because of the dewy finish it gives it may not suit people with an oilier complexion as this may enhance that factor.   The foundation itself applies very smoothly, it is creamy and very easy to blend. It feels extremely light on the face and dries reasonably quickly without leaving any residue on the skin. The foundation does have a slight scent to it but nothing overly strong, so it shouldn't be a problem for those with sensitive skin. This product does have a light coverage though it can easily be built to medium depending on how many coats you apply. This means that it is very versatile in wear. I also had no problems with wear and creasing, after 4-6 hours it still looked great and hadn't become flaky or patchy at all.   One downside to this product is the lack of shades. There is a big gap between the shades so I found the Vanilla too light but the Beige slightly too dark. Once they implement more colours I wouldn't have anything wrong with this foundation.   I would definitely recommend this product especially for people with dry - normal skin complexions as it is so hydrating and I will definitely be repurchasing in the future.
Great value for a skin care makeup. Lightweight not a heavy coverage great for congested skins coupled with a mineral powder.
I’d read lots of reviews for this foundation before purchasing. As a big fan of Bourjois, and as someone with skin on the drier side of normal, I was fairly confident that this would be a foundation for me!   This foundation comes in a slimline glass bottle with a fairly standard 30ml of product. It has a pump applicator which is my favourite type of applicator for controlling exactly how much product I want to dispense. Much less mess!   The thickness of this foundation is about ‘medium’ and has a  lovely, light, fruity scent. This is no doubt due to the addition of lyche, goji berry and pomegranate. The scent disappears after application so those with sensitive eyes or skin don’t need to worry about it becoming irritating.   The coverage is on the light to medium side. If the coverage were slightly higher this would be a five star review from me. It is somewhat buildable though. It has a lovely hydrating and dewy finish (the bottle claims that it’s semi matte). It also claims to have a 16 hour finish. I can’t say that I normally leave my makeup on that long but it certainly lasts a whole day for me.   The shade I purchased is 52 Vanilla which is quite a pale/nude shade which looks very natural. Like other Bourjois foundations I’ve tried the shades are mostly yellow toned so probably not a great choice for those with cool undertones. If you have warm undertones (like me!) and normal to dry skin you should really try this one out.