Bourjois La Laque Ultra Shine

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Bourjois La Laque Ultra Shine is a nail polish that helps create a high shine colour manicure. Enriched with vinyl and a reflective resin blend, the polish leaves a radiant finish on nails that lasts up to a week. 

Available in 10 shades.


Bourjois La Laque Ultra Shine


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Ok,i'll admit it...anything even vaguely French,i'm all over it,so i am very familiar with this brand (and this product) so i had to try this again after a certain royal bride wore the shade Rose Lounge mixed with another shade to get her nails perfect for the world to see when she said "I do". Now,as a nurse,my hands are given a workout every day,and any nail colour i use has to stand up to that...and this kind of did,but not for long.The polish itself is very,very a few coats are needed to get any kind of colour payoff,and the little ball bearings in the bottle (to mix the product) make a few air bubbles that are hard to get out (causing the colour to go on a little "patchy") and my nails chipped after only a couple of days....lucky the Rose Lounge shade is barely there,so it didn't show up too bad.The range of shades is great (and grows every season),but i have to be honest and say that,for a few $ more,you can get a better quality lacquer.The three stars is for the fact that the glossy effect the polish gives is nice,and the shades are lovely....but on the whole,this was not quite a favourite product of mine from Bourjois.TIP:Use the Rose Lounge shade as a pretty alternative to white for your next French manicure...Tres Chic.