Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lipgloss

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Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lipgloss is a clear lip gloss enriched with pH reactive pigments that self-adjusts to create a custom shade of pink to suit your skin tone. The lip gloss contains vitamins E and C to help keep lips moisturised during wear.


Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lipgloss


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Been using this for a month now and i find it very useful day&night. From the label it says transform into a bespoke pink, which suggest i will get a light shade of a lovely light rose color but when I  put it all over my lip at first it has very pretty light shade of rosy pink but then it changes into this bright pink color so i tried to find away to get the light rosy pink and been using lucas pawpaw all over my lip with very tiny amount then i apply the 'rose exclusif' inner side of upper or down lip only and mix it with your lip movement or use your finger to dap&mix and voila~ you've achieved a light rosy pink that you wanted~ hope it helps if you find this product difficult to use.
When a lip gloss with a name like 'Rose Exclusif' promises that it will give my lips a 'bespoke shade of pink', what's a girl to do but put on a pair of rose-coloured glasses and strut to the store to buy one for herself? I know I did. And of course, I had to immediately try it and get my bespoke pink, which as it turned out was very, very bright pink! I waited a few more seconds, and then a minute. Still very pink. Then logic kicked in, and I took off those rose-tinted glasses. Still bright pink. I was expecting a natural, soft pink, like the model on the ad had, so being told by a lip gloss that I was getting a bright pink was a shock. Once I got over the shock, though, I started seeing what other people saw - it did suit me! Since then, I have worn this very often, but it's not a favourite. I blame the sticky texture that's typical of traditional glosses that's a magnet for hair. The scent is also on the sweet side, not too saccharine thankfully, but it lingers. On the bright side, the colour remains on my lips long after the gloss and the scent have faded. Essentially, this leaves a stain that I can remove easily with my oil cleanser, but not as easily with a cream cleanser. The concept of a pH-reactive lip colour is not revolutionary, but it's definitely fun; and being able to pretend like it's 'bespoke' - a pink made just for me - is even more fun. The sticky texture is a nightmare, but the gloss sparkles beautifully. I would recommend this for the sheer fun factor, but know that you could end up with a colour you hate.
A unique clear lipgloss which change to a lovely pink hue according to individual. The final product a glossy lipgloss. Love the packaging which is sleek and easy to hold. The wand it's attach wiith a small tip brush which makes it easy to apply. The only problem i had with this lipgloss it's the stickiness which I'm not use to or like. Other then that I love the lovely rose scent almost like a turkish delight.
This lipgloss has been a favourite for a long time. Everytime I use it , I remind myself on the back of my mind "Need to buy another backup". This lipgloss has beautiful scent . It is a subtle rose/flowery scent. The wand has a  little brush as an applicator. The brush reminds me of luxe expensive lipglosses and I love the idea of applying my lipgloss with a little brush. It helps to apply my lipgloss precisely and it feels more classic. The lipgloss has a medium texture, it glides on easily on my lips without leaving them sticky. This lipgloss is clear but its magic. Upon applying it on your lips it turns into a beautiful pink that is customised for your skin tone. The shad eof the pink depends on how much alkaline is in your lips so at times I find it gives me a darker pink tone and other times it gives me a lighter shade of pink. It is so much fun wearing this lipgloss as everytime I get a new shade . It is almost like those mood rings changing colours depending on your mood. The lipgloss polishes your look as it has that glossy shiny finish. After the shiny gloss wears off the lipgloss leaves a pink tint on your lips that looks natural and so pretty. I love how my lips have got that just bitten look even after wearing the lipgloss for a whole day. It is so elegant and I have to buy another one whenever I find it in stock.
This is a great lip gloss to get a pink look that is the perfect shade for you. When you apply the lip gloss to your lips it reacts to make a shade of pink that is supposed to be perfect for you. It is a great concept and I like the rose shade that appears on my lips. It is easy to apply as it has a small applicator that gives you the precise amount of gloss you need. It is a little bit sticky which is the main issue I have with it but it is not as sticky as other lip glosses out there. It is more of a stain so even if the glossiness wears off you still get a bit of colour left on your lips. It is a great gloss for a natural and casual make up look. A gloss that is true to your lips!
This is a true "made for you" product,that isn't seen in every brand....a gloss that becomes the perfect,pretty,bespoke pink. I got this a while ago,and use it for work a lot,or as a weekend "casual" look.It lasts a super long time (hint:it is a "stain" type of product...which is why i took off a star....when i take it off,it still tints the lips) and gives a cool feel to the lips,but some may feel it is a little "sticky".The brush is tiny,which you may find good.....more precise application and it smells DIVINE.Use it alone,or over the top of another lip shade to give a rosey hue.TIP:Think the shade is a little "much" ? Wait for it to change colour, then close your lips onto a piece of tissue to blot. This leaves behind a more subtle colour which is also very pretty, more suitable for the more demure of us.