Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick is a lip colour enriched with pure lacquer that helps create a glossy finish. The formula glides on lips with ease and keeps lips hydrated and protected for hours.

Available in eight shades.


Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick


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I am someone who wears lipstick every single day and as a result I expect a lot from my them.  In order for a lipstick from my vast collection to be worn regularly it has to be the perfect flattering colour, to be hydrating, have opaque colour and to have longevity.  The Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick has all of those bases covered and has become a firm favourite. The formula is beautifully hydrating and with one swipe you are left with a lovely wash of colour, however if you wish a more opaque lip a second swipe would be recommended.  I can have a couple of cups of tea and something to eat before I require reapplication which is a huge plus as I am too lazy to have to continually reapply my lip products.  I am always surprised by how much colour is still on my lips when I do reapply after lunch. When I am going to an Event my Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks are always top of the list as I know I can rely on them to last all night without feathering and for my lips to feel soft, moisturised and comfortable all night.  I only have 3 in my current collection however I am definitely planning on adding more.
I really love this lipstick and I am so glad I picked one of these up to try. It is everything I would want it to be. Creamy, hydrating and a stunning colour. It glides onto your lips with ease, providing a nice layer of product. The lipstick itself it really pigmented and provides great colour with only one swipe, though, if you prefer a truly opaque colour then you will need a perhaps two swipes of colour.  The formula of the lipstick is wonderful as it is so soft and creamy and really moisturizes your lips, I had absolutely no issues with dryness or cracking. It wasn't sticky or tacky either which I don't like so that was a bonus. The finish of the lipstick is slightly glossy but not shimmery at all. In regards to the wear time of the product I would get a good 3 hours out of it over dinner as I was eating and drinking, but I found it lasted several hours longer normally. I did find that there was a slight scent to the lipstick but this soon disappeared and there was not strong taste to it either.  Overall, I would absolutely recommend this product as it is a wonderful lipstick and has some amazing colours to the range which will suit most people. I will definitely have to purchase some more colours in this.