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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet is a pigmented lip gloss that dries matte to help create long-lasting lip looks with bold colour. Enriched with evanescent oils, the lightweight gloss helps condition lips during wear, while a slant foam applicator helps deliver a precise application. 

Available in eight shades.


Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet


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Silky smooth mousse texture on the lips. It has a beautiful soft matte finish and feels super comfortable. You do need to let this dry for a bit otherwise it'll transfer everywhere. I would say I get about 3 hours solid colour before it starts to gradually wear off. It does stain as well so you're left with a nice flush of colour as it wears off. I love the size of this as it's easy to tuck into your pocket or that side pocket of your purses etc. The fragrance of this is not over-powering either. A little bit of the product goes a long way so the tube will last you a long while.
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick is a liquid lipstick that I had wanted to try for the longest time. I kept putting off the purchase because I have way too many lipsticks as it is. But a little birthday money and a sale quickly changed that. The lipstick comes in a square shaped tube. The wand has a doe foot applicator shaped to contour the lips. Although you can see inside the tube, the lid also represents the shade inside. This lip product has a creamy consistency. I have shade 18 It's Redding Men, which is a bright orange based red. It glides on the lips and has wonderful pigmentation. I experienced no streaks or patchiness, just a beautiful smooth finish. The lipstick does set to a degree, but is not totally transfer-proof. It does last for hours, though. I love that this product feels weightless on the lips and does not dry my lips out like many liquid lipsticks. The Boujois Rouge Edition Lipsticks do not disappoint. I am impressed with the ease of use and comfortable feel on the lips. That does however mean that I will need more shades!
The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet is described as a lip gloss but for me it's more of a liquid lipstick.  I got this in red, as shown in the photo, as it's a colour I like to wear on special occasions.  It's more of a deep red and it's easy to apply as it comes with a doe foot applicator and for me it's a lot more precise.  The colour is very pigmented and the formula is quite creamy yet has a nice consistency so it glides onto your lips smoothly.  The finish is more matte but what I really like is that it doesn't dry out or irritate my lips.  I've tried other lip products that were liquid lipsticks and it was either the fragrance or the formula but it would leave my lips tingling and I would have to take it off right away.  I had this on all night and it didn't cause any problems.  I loved that my lips still felt moisturised and the colour still looked amazing after several hours.
I bought 3 of these in a light nude, dark nude and bright coral shade. I love them all. The formula is light, moussey and glides easily on the lips. It has a flat doe-foot applicator so you can spread the lipstick easily. I love the classy packaging that reflects the colour of the lipstick so you can easily find the colour you want in your collection. I have really dry lips so I don't find the formula moisturising, but I don't think it is particularly drying either. The finish is really velvety, soft and pigmented on the lips. I do find it slightly patchy if I put on too much products and don't wait before layering more. Overall, I do like the quality of the lipsticks although I do wish that it is slightly less pricey and has a wider range of colour.
I love these lip colours from Bourjois! They have almost reached cult status, and it's not hard to see why!  It took all of one swipe for me to confirm that the hype surrounding the Lip Velvets is indeed justified. The formula and texture of this liquid matte lip colour are amazing. It is so light and soft on the lips, yet it's full of pigment. So we have high colour payoff combined with an extremely comfortable to wear formula, that glides on effortlessly and has a pretty long-wearing matte finish. The doe-foot applicator makes application a breeze, and although you do need to touch it up after meals, this is a small inconvenience that hardly matters given the products many positives. I have a pinky-nude shade and a gorgeous red hue, but I'm definitely keen to snap up a few more shades in the range to expand my collection. I highly recommend the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Velvet range!
This is a lovely, high quality lip colour that delivers great results but is still affordable too. There is a good choice of shades; especially a decent choice of bright or darker red shades. I would have preferred if there were more nude shades available in the range. The texture is very lightweight and it applies so easily with the wand applicator. As soon as you apply this lip colour it feels like a lacquer or gloss but then it dries into a matte, powdery finish, with super pigmented colour. One coat is enough coverage and colour for me, but I do like to touch up during the day as needed. The one thing I dislike about this product is probably the scent/aroma, but it’s nothing too overpowering. My favourite thing is definitely the powdery finish it provides, which feels very lightweight and soft on the lips. The formula is non-drying and it doesn’t smudge or settle in my lip lines at all. It is easily removed at the end of the day, with your standard makeup remover, and doesn’t leave your lips dry. The staying power is probably average, as I don’t find it’s completely long-wearing, but the colour does stay true and matte for at least a couple of hours. I think if you want bold, matte lips then this product is for you, especially if you prefer that powdery matte finish. I am very pleased with the texture and finish of this lip colour, so I give it a full 5 stars! 
Before I start, a quick question: doesn't it look expensive? The packaging looks so luxe, well done, sturdy and just expensive. I am taken aback. A drugstore brand that looks and feels like high end. Let's be quick and stick to the point( s) * wide array of shades- I think that most girls will find a shade they will enjoy wearing. I have got 09 Happy Nude Year - a perfect pink ( not necessarily nude, in my opinion) that compliments most of eye make up looks, I fell in love with the shade first, later came the love for the lipstick.. * scent - yes, Rouge Edition Velvet does smell slightly chemical, but it is subtle and if you focus hard enough it smells like some vanilla pudding * applicator - an ok, standard, typical liquid lipstick applicator, very precise though as it is quite stiff * formula - creamy, or even mousse like, silky smooth, feels like nothing on the lips,very comfortable wearing, does set to a satin matte finish, * application - the shade I have got (09) applies well, evenly and precisely, I get full coverage after two layers * longevity - probably would stay put all day long if I didn't eat or drink, a snack or a drink of water - no touch ups needed, lunch or creamy coffee - a touch up needed; * comes off evenly, easily removed with any micellar water * might dry the lips a little ( that is why I wouldn't make it my everyday kind of lipstick). Verdict: a great matte liquid lipstick with various shades to choose from, the longevity makes is a perfect choice for dates, events, parties. Also a great choice if we have got a long day ahead at work and want to look professional.
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet comes in a variety of shades, I got  it funshia  which is pinkish red. It comes in a sturdy transparent tube which is great as we can the actual colour of the product.  The applicator is also very nice and can use to cover lips including corners.     It  is almost fragrance free which is great for sensitive lips too. This lip lacquer is highly pigmented, one gentle swipe is enough to show intense colour. This is a full coverage lip colour, and it is opaque and shows vibrant colour on my naturally pigmented lips. The formula is wet just like liquid lipsticks but it is thick enough and one coat covers my lips very well.  It applies smoothly and evenly with out being patchy. After application, it takes few second to dry and I need to be careful otherwise it can be transferred.   Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet gives me vibrant matte colour ,which looks luxurious on my lips.  It is truly long lasting lip colour and lasts on my lips for 6+ hours with eating and drinking. It does not transfer at all,  it does not budge or bleed and stays perfectly . It hydrates my lips very well, does not emphasise dry patches and does not flake . I love the fact that the formula is light weight, non drying and non-transferable.  Upon disappearing it leaves a pretty pigmented stain on my lips.   Overall, I really like Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip gloss . Normally I do not use liquid lipsticks or glosses and I got it when Priceline had 50% off sale.  I am pleasantly surprised with  its formula and longevity. I highly recommend it for those who are looking long lasting intense lip colour    
I absolutely adore this! I love how much make-up can enhance my features, but I hate the feeling of it. I put this on my lips and was blown away by how natural it felt. Whereas a lot of other products feel slimy or greasy on my lips, this felt so smooth. Like other reviewers, I forgot I was even wearing it. The matte finish is amazing. This is the best matte lipstick I've ever used! I've tried others and they have often dried really patchy or highlighted my flaws. I found this evened out my (often chapped) lips quite nicely. I've never been one to experiment much with my lip colour, but lately I've felt a lot more daring. I have this in several different shades and they are all vibrant and beautiful. I actually can't put it into words how much of a confidence boost I get when I wear this. It comes in with a wand applicator and you don't need much product at all. It is so easy to put on (goes on a bit glossy) and dries with a matte finish. Gives you a nice pop of colour, yet somehow I still felt so natural. I wore "09 Happy Nude Year" out to dinner and a movie tonight and it survived... so it lasted through food, drinks, wiping my face, etc. I mean, a tiny bit came off, but nothing to sweat about. I think I got about 4 hours out of it before I felt I needed to re-apply and even then, it was still on my lips, just not quite as bold. Re-applying was pretty effortless given the wand. The shades I own stain my lips a bit, so you can either go light and more natural looking, or pop on a few coats for a more dramatic look. Highly recommend you all go out and buy this! The bottle should last you a while too.
Matte and long-lasting liquid lipstick lasts about 4 hours before touch up needed.  The velvety texture is comfortable, but it does not last all day as advertised.    Can be applied with fingertip or by using applicator sponge. All up, I  liked this colour, and found that using fingertip gave a softer look. Using applicator gives a thicker coverage.   
This is the best matte liquid lipstick from the drugstore. It honestly feels like nothing when it completely dries down! I sometimes forget that I'm even wearing a lipstick. I've owned three of the shades and the only one that was disappointing was Grand Cru, which looks like an amazing burgundy shade but is really patchy and lacks pigmentation. The other shades are beautifully pigmented and easy to apply
This was such a hyped product when it came out and seriously I don't get what all the fuss was about. I was so excited when I picked it up at Priceline, I have the colour 04/Peach Club which is a gorgeous coraly everyday colour. but the cons outtake the pros. Pros:  # Wide colour range everyone can find their desired shade # You can usually get it in a discounted price which make it 'okay' in the price range Cons: # Horrible formula, application goes unevenly, easily transfers and rubs, feels greasy # Wears off after 3-4 hours and not in a nice way, it makes holes and patches on your lips # THE SMELL ! oh my lord, the smell, its like chemicals in a tube so repulsive. Run away from this product if you're smell-sensitive  # Feels like your lips are the Sahara Desert after a while, if you don't prep your lips before hand it would definitely only make them worse  In a short nutshell, there are much better liquid lipsticks in this price range such as Revlon,Nyx,Rimmel,Maybeline,etc. they work so much better than this one much better worth for your money. 
Just beautiful! I love the creamy texture and intense colour of this lip gloss.  This matte lip gloss goes on a little dry, but doesn't dry my lips. It glides on smoothly with the sponge applicator and the colour lasts for about 4 hours for me. The name velvet fits perfectly for this gloss, because as you apply more, the colour intensity builds up and gives me a rich, creamy velvety lip gloss. I prefer building up the colour for using for night time and special occasions.  I love the colour intensity of this lip gloss, if I want light colour, I apply 1 coat and I have a slight stain of colour on my lips. If I want more colour, I apply a couple of coats and build up the enhancing colour. Easy to use and looks great. It is not sticky or drying on my lips and doesn't flake away.  I recommend this lip gloss for anyone who wants a luscious lip gloss with intensity and glossy shine. 
Beautiful matte lip colour at an affordable price. Bourjois makes some amazing products and I was not disappointed when i tried the Rouge edition Velvet lipstick range. The first shade I purchased was Personne de Rouge this is a beautiful rich classic red shade, i then bought Peach Cruz and Frambourjois. The formula and texture is consistent amongst all I have tried. The packaging is compact and travel friendly with  a nice pointed doe foot applicator for precision application. The product itself has a thick mousse like texture and applies smoothly. It is comfortable, hydrating and non drying on the lips and lasts for great amount of time on the lips. Pros Light weight and comfortable Great colour pay off Lasts and wears nicely throughout day Cons Unpleasant smell on application that does fade down  Somewhat limited colour range I really enjoy these lip products. I find them easy to use and comfortable for daily wear. An improved scent and colour range would see me score these 5 stars but, overall a great option for those looking for a longwear matte lip colour.
I have this in the colour '08 Grand Cru'. It is such a beautiful dark red colour. ( I have only tried out this colour) Pros: The formula/texture is so velvety, smooth and light weight. Dries matte but your lips won't dry out. The formula is moisturizing and true to its claim 'Velvet'. Able to build up the colour. Cons : Even though the product looks really pigmented, when you smooth out on your lips it goes light. So you have to apply few coats to get the dark color. And in between the coats its best that you wait few second.(In my experience) . Do need reapplying after food. Overall its a good product , the claims are true ( velvet light weight formula)
Quite a fan of this product! It is very easy to apply. It has a doe foot applicator and the smooth consistency of the product means that it goes on smoothly like a lipgloss. I find the shape of the applicator really helps with application as well, helping you to not go 'out of the lines'.  The opacity and longevity is really good, but you will find you will most likely have to reapply after eating or drinking.  For a matte lip product I also found this to be reasonably moisturising and comfortable to wear which I really enjoy! It dries to that soft, velvety finish like advertised. I definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting to try a velvet finish lip product! The only con I found with this product is the sealed plastic packaging around the product is really hard to get off, or that was at least the case with the one I got anyway.