Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara

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Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara is an extreme volume mascara suitable for nights out. The double-sided brush is fully loaded with bristles for greater volume, and the formula is enriched with vinyl for an intense black lash look.


Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara


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I really liked this mascara when I was younger it was very good for giving the sultry look. What was also great about it was how big the product is, not many mascaras are this size. It isnt as smooth as others and does clump but gives plenty to volume!
This and Bourjois other mascara (full volume I think) are two of some of my favourite mascaras! I like big lashes and this certainly provides that. Easy to apply - I like the thick brush, great to layer and wears well all day long (and all night). Only downside of this one (in comparison to the other) is that it sometimes gets a little too thick and clumpy ... and once your at that point there is no return.  Main Pro- really does stay put ... it is certainly made for clubbing Main Con - although I found putting a layer or two not too clumpy some days it seemed to happen and make lashes stick together and look cheap.
The formula is somewhat clumpy and heavy on the lashes meaning the tissue method of wiping off the excess has to be employed to excess with this one! I've definitely used better mascaras and I tried to give it a shot throughout a week of including it in my makeup routine but it just looked a little cheap, although one undeniable pro is that the waterproof formula of this one held up well. In summary, if, like the label states you're going out clubbing then I guess this mascara may be the one for you. Considering you'll be in a mostly dark environment where no one will pick up on the clumps and at the end of the night when people do see your makeup, they'll be too drunk to notice or just assume your mascara-much like the rest of your makeup at this point-got ruined by clubbing the entire night!