Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Black Serum Mascara

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Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Black Serum Mascara features a black serum formula with silk extract and provitamin B5 to soften and condition lashes with continued use. The soft brush helps provide volume and definition to lashes without clumping.


Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Black Serum Mascara


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Great volume effect mascara

The Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Black Serum mascara is a good quality mascara for a very reasonable price. I usually apply one coat only which gives me an effect I'm happy with. It's a traditional style wand and it glides on so smoothly and doesn't flake or crumble. I've tried others mascaras but this is one I can see myself buying again.
I'm going to come out and say that this is my favourite mascara EVER to exist. Yes, I know, I haven't tried them all... but how can anything be better than this?? First, I'll start by giving my opinion on the bottle. The bottle is ultra feminine and looks great displayed in my make-up organizer. It looks sophisticated and has a nice shape. Speaking of nice shape, that applies to the brush too. This brush does not get clumpy. I do not like clump. Every single mascara I have ever tried has been clumpy from the moment I have pulled the wand out of the bottle. The first time I opened this, I could tell I was in for a different experience. The mascara itself is very smooth and it is jet black. I was so amazed when I applied it and pulled back from the mirror to see that it truly enhanced my features. I am a firm believer that make up should enhance, not distract, as some would say. This little gem seriously makes you look like you are wearing the most professionally applied set of fake eyelashes out there. And to top things off, it doesn't give you spider leg eyelashes. My eyelashes are naturally long, but not very thick. I have deeply set eyes which get puffy bags under them, even after the best of sleeps, so mascara is usually problematic for me in that it ends up all the way down my face and pretty much anywhere else too. Well, with this, that didn't happen! It has happened with every single other mascara! At the end of the day, my mascara was exactly where it was supposed to be. My only advice is to use a gentle eye make-up remover, as I initially used a wipe and nearly ripped my eyelashes out (I guess it coated the eyelashes well and didn't want to come off?). I used garnier micella water and was left with ultra soft eyelashes. Bourjois made me feel like rocking some winged eyeliner too. Seriously, I cannot even describe how happy I was to find this product! I highly recommend anyone who wants beautiful, thick and long lashes to go out and get this as soon as possible!
This mascara gives me gorgeous, voluminous lashes! What I like about it most is that it gives your lashes intense volume in just one coat and IT DOESN'T LEAVE YOUR LASHES HARD AND CRUSTY like every other mascara I have ever tried. I thought all mascaras gave a hard black film over your lashes but this doesn't. While you can still feel the mascara, it's very comfortable to wear. I didn't experience any clumps and the wand is great. It has synthetic bristles and the wand is a good size- not too big, not too small- so you can do your bottom lashes with ease. The packaging is super nice and sleek, and there's lots of product. It could easily be mistaken for a high end product. In terms of smell, it has a slight mascara smell which I don't mind. It reminds me of the maybelline collossal volume in the yellow and purple packaging. I haven't used it long enough to see whether it does make your lashes softer because I don't wear mascara everyday. I would definitely recommend it and there's no fall out of crusty bits under my eyes! I highly recommend this for volume addicts!
Myself and my lashes are loving this mascara on several levels. the application is easy and effortless the coverage is divine and the sheer volume it gives is eye poppingly brilliant!!! This with a lippy is a great way to start any day apart from coffee!! The other best thing is the price which so dam reasonable!!!
I'm loving this mascara, it adds a little French chic into my life. The bottle is very femininely shaped and eye-catching. The wand is a good shape and size too so doesn't poke you in the eye. The mascara is easy to apply, it glides on beautifully and evenly without clumps and you only need to use one coat for a great effect. It adds fantastic volume and length to your lashes without making them heavy and doesn't leave them dry and hard like other mascaras. The colour of the mascara is a really intense black that makes your lashes really pop. I have thin lashes and found that I didn't need an eyelash primer for great results.  It also contains provitamin B5 which moisturises your lashes which is a big plus. This is an excellent mascara that you can wear everyday.
I absolutely love this Mascara, it indeed does work well. I have short light lashes that are barely there, this product however makes them long and curls them also and I love it. I highly recommend trying it, you wont be disappointed.
Sadly, I'm not blessed in the lash department and I have serious lash envy of all the lucky ladies with their flutter worthy lashes. My lashes are the typical Asian lashes, they are short, sparse, dead straight and they tend to point downwards. I'm always on the hunt for a good mascara that can work miracles on my lashes and at least improve on what I have. I don't have the time nor the patience to apply false lashes and I find them incredibly uncomfortable to wear, so mascara is a must have in my beauty routine. Even if I don't have time to do a full face of make up, I can't live without my lash curler and my mascara, to really open up my eyes. If you have dead straight lashes like mine you will understand my pain, the pain of curling your lashes then applying your mascara and then seeing the curl drop in front of your eyes. I've previously had to resort to water proof mascara's as they tend to have a drier formula and hallelujah my lashes don't droop. Removing water proof mascara takes it toll on my lashes, leaving them brittle, my lashes feeling hard and stiff and I've experienced some lash breakage. I've had a few hits and misses in the quest to find my holy grail mascara but this new one by Bourjois caught my attention. The black serum formula, provitamin B5 and silk extract sounded like a great addition to treat and nourish my lashes. But how does it's perform? OMG!!! I adore this mascara, I think I've found my holy grail!!  The Pro's,  This mascara not only lengthens and gives my lashes a massive boost of volume, it's as close to a false lash effect I would get by using just a mascara. It holds a curl! This, I was pleasantly surprised about as its not a water proof formula and the added bonus is, it's super easy to remove, just any good eye make up remover will do the trick. It doesn't smudge, flake or clump, I've worn the mascara to the gym and I was expecting the big panda eyes after my gym class, but nope, all good, no smudged mascara under my eyes. I love the dark black colour, it's an intense jet black shade and it really defines all my lashes and the vitamin enriched formula nourishes and conditions my lashes so they feel soft to touch, not hard and brittle. One coat is perfect for a subtle day time look and if I want a more dramatic look, then I'll apply two coats for that extra impact. The Cons, It might not be a con for everyone, but because I have smallish eyes, I found the brush just a tad too big so I have to be super careful applying the mascara so I don't make a huge mess. I found it just a bit difficult maneuvering the wand around the tiny lashes on my lower lash line. If you apply too much, it can clump your lashes together and the weight can cause curl to drop. I found by wiping the excess mascara off on a tissue, I didn't have any further issue with clumping. I like the packaging, it's quite elegant but maybe a bit bulky to carry around in your make up bag.  But it's the formula that I absolutely LOVE! Thank you Bourjois, I think my search is over, I've finally found a mascara that does the works! I can highly recommend the Bourjois Volume Glamour Effect push up mascara, its like a push up bra for your lashes!!