Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara

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Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara is a mascara with a fuller bristle brush that helps coat and lift lashes to enhance curl, thickness and volume. The bold, buildable formula is lightweight and can be reapplied throughout the day, and into the night.


Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara


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Unfortunately I did not have a good experience with this mascara and despite really hoping it would work out for me it didn't.  While the brush itself was alright and helped created even looking lashes I found that the formula of the mascara was quite watery which is why I found it so difficult to create voluminous lashes.  Every time I would use the mascara wand I found that my lashes wouldn't curl up or lengthen.  In fact they would stay exactly how they were despite using several coats of the mascara.  The product would also flake and smudge very easily so after several attempts of using it I just stopped.
This mascara is excellent! It has got to be the best mascara that I have used to date. It is very dark, it goes on easy and you never need more than 2 coats. One coat will suffice usually. It separates your lashes really nicely, it doesn't clump and rarely do you get any excess mascara left on your eyelids to clean up. It magically curls your eyelashes as well. It is perfect for every day use or for the night time. If you want to achieve a really dark thick lash look you easily can with this mascara, as it works extremely well with multiple layers unlike most mascaras. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting to have the lash extension look without actually getting their lashes done!
After trying numerous mascaras over the years this really is a standout. The perfectly sized brush gives beautiful coverage across all lashes without clumping. It lengthens and gives enough volume without looking too dramatic for the day, however for an evening look apply more coats for extra va va voom! Honestly I can't really fault this mascara