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Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil is a facial cleanser infused with a unique blend of coconut oil and argan oil. The hydrating formula works to gently dissolve makeup, dirt and impurities to leave the skin cleansed and healthy-looking.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants.


Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil


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Very very good cleansing oil!  Only one thing I dislike about it: smell. It is perfumed with flowery chemical  scent that I do not like at all. Otherwise, all good. Apply on dry skin, massage all over face, emulsify with water, rinse. It goes a bit milky when emulsified and rinses skin clean. Takes away well all heavy duty SPF water resistant 4 hours . Also mascaras, long wear lipstick, foundation ...etc. I do double cleanse though just to make sure everything is off. The oil is liquidy, spreads well and does not leave skin coated after rinsing. Pump dispenser is great for ease of use.
The Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil is housed in a clear bottle with a pump dispenser. The cleansing oil has a runny consistency and an unusual but pleasant botanical scent.   I used the cleansing oil with warm water and a Face Halo (a makeup removing pad).The cleansing oil removed about half of my natural-based mascara, and I removed the rest with a separate eye makeup remover. I then used an alcohol-free toner to remove any residue of impurities. There were a few days when I looked in my makeup mirror after using the cleanser and there was a trace of foundation around my nose, so maybe my cleansing technique was not as thorough as I had assumed. After I used the cleansing oil, my dry and mature skin did not feel stripped of moisture and my eyes never felt irritated.
I use only cleansing oils or cream cleansers to wash my face. I have quite dry skin so I love a heavier cleanser. I didn't realise Burts Bees had a cleansing oil until I came across it in bh. I bought this about 3 months ago on sale. The packaging was too cute to resist. The consistency is a runny, light oil that feels really nice and smooth when applied to the face. It removes all traces of makeup, even waterproof eye makeup. It is very gentle and I have not had any breakouts or problems using this even though coconut oil is known to sometimes clog pores. After rinsing, my skin feels really soft and smooth. It also smells great. The pump bottle is really handy. I don't need a full pump for my face. For the price, this is really good value. You don't need a lot to wash your face and it lasts quite a while.
I have read about how good this cleansing oil for a while but didn’t intend to try it because I have an oily combination skin.  But recently my skin feels drier so I bought it when it’s on special just to see if it’s works for me.  I am actually super impressed with this oil cleanser, it can remove my eyeshadow easily, my lipstick, and waterproof mascara without too much rubbing.  The oil is just melted to my skin and take away the residue easily. After I rinse with warm water, I feel my skin is softer and not tight clean feel like using facewash.  I’m glad I bought it !! Thanks Palmer’s. 
I've never used a cleansing oil before so was quite excited to trial the Burts Bees.  You apply to dry skin with dry hands then massage into your face. Wet your hands and emulsify, the wash off. I'd suggest using a washcloth for removal as it can get quite messy just using your hands.  My BB cream was easily removed, no remnants were left and my skin had a silky soft feel to it. The cleansing oil thoroughly did the job and left my face feeling nicely hydrated. The texture of the oil is lighter than a kitchen oil which was a pleasant surprise. Coconut fragrance emerged when cleaning my face, but didn't linger which makes it great for morning use as it won't clash with your perfume.  I did notice that after a few days of use my pores were becoming blocked so I would recommend using an exfoliating cleanser every few days. This is the only reason it didn't get 5 stars from me. 
This Burts Bees 100% natural cleansing oil has been a wonderful experience for me. The oil comes in a strong plastic 177ml container with a pump top lid which delivers a fresh smelling floral oil.  The container is sturdy and stands nicely upright. The pump top push down delivers the perfect amount each time. One pump & you are done- enough for use.  I found this cleanser very oily and runny so you have to be quick. ......it runs quickly. A few drops on your hands and then onto your face is the best way . The runny texture makes it easy to spread and smooth all over the skin.  On application to the skin it feels like silk and is soft & smooth. I found it just glided over my skin and allowed all areas of my face to get the oil, spreading well. On mixing with water the oil becomes slightly milky in texture which again is easy to run over the skin. I use a wash cloth with warm water to remove all the excess oil from my face and with it all the dirt makeup and residue on my skin disappears. This cleanser does a brilliant job at removing sunscreen,foundation, makeup and dirt from the day - it literally melts off.  After use I havent found any residue or greasy feel left on my skin.  My skin feels so soft and fresh, yet not oilt or dry. Although containing coconut and argan oil this hasn't disturbed my combination skin or blocked pores. I didnt get any more breakouts or blocked blackheads that i can be really prone too so im really pleased at that. The extra softening oils in this product leave skin completely fresh, balanced and clean. The oils dont strip the skins natural balance so your skin is fresh clean and clear. I like the fact that this oil seems to balance skin out yet doesn't leave skin dry or extra oily. This is a really good one for combination skin like mine. The oil is also rich in omega 9 fatty acids to restore the skins normal barrier function. How to use - use a wash cloth to wash off residue. still remember to exfoliate skin regularly. Perfect for all skin types especially those that use sunscreen & makeup daily.
This is a truly great cleansing oil!  I often wear zinc sunscreen, plus I have dry and sensitive skin, and it has been hard to find cleansers that are thorough, gentle and well-priced. This cleansing oil achieves all three! It makes my skin feel hydrated and plumper, soft to the touch and silky smooth. It isn't too heavy or greasy, and there's no residue left behind. The packaging is attractive, plus is well-made - some other brand's pump bottles have annoyed me or broken easily, yet this is good quality and durable.  I do like the subtle scent, and it doesn't break me out, however I do wish it had no fragrance so it would be even more gentle on my sensitive skin!
I was so skeptical of using an oil to clean my face but had heard so many good things about the Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil that I had to give it a go, and boy was I impressed! It removes al traces of make up from my skin and is super gentle. A little bit goes a long way so you don't need more than one pump per use. My skin feels hydrated after use and doesn't make my skin feel tight like some other products do after use. The only con is that, due to the consistency of oil, it can drip through my fingers if I don't put it on my face quick enough, but that is hardly a negative that affects me. After using it over the past few months I am almost out and will most certainly be restocking as soon as I can, especially at the price point! I would definitely recommend for those with sensitive skin and any one who needs a gentle cleansing oil that removes all trace of make up.
100% Natural Facial Cleansing Oil  Burt’s Bees has created a 100% natural cleansing oil with no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS. A natural moisturiser, including Coconut and Argan Oils.  Remembering that Coconut & Argan Oils are a natural Superfood I was excited to be a part of this trial. The product boasts Dermatologist-tested and clinically shown to cleanse and soften skin During the time I have been using the product I have found my skin to be soft. The scent is strong and delicious though a little overbearing. The 177ml bottle is a great size and has an easy operational pump, though I did find it leaked. To use simply pump onto your hands and massage over your dry face; wet your hands and massage again. Then rinse thoroughly and dry. I found it very easy to incorporate this cleanser into my daily routine and I found it gently removes make-up without leaving my skin oily. Overall: The Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Oil left my skin feeling refreshed, clean and soft.
I expected this cleansing oil to make my skin oily as I had never used a cleansing oil but this is not the case. I actually won this product and was unsure what to expect but I love burts bees products so was curious to try it. This oil is easy to use, just pump a little onto hands, mix with water, it goes milky, and rub into face to remove all traces of grime, makeup and ground in dirt then simply rinse for super smooth , clean, hydrated skin. This product is really gentle which is a huge bonus for my sensitive skin and it smell divine, like coconut, a summer holiday. The oil feels really silky and light and does not leave my face feeling or looking oily. I loved this as it was really effective at cleaning gently. I highly recommend this
Cleansing oils have been a great addition to my skincare regimen and although I've tried some good and bad ones, the Burts Bees cleansing oil has been one of my top favourites.  The oil is silky, hydrating and lightweight with the oil turning into a milky emulsion when mixed with water.   It contains coconut and argan oils that won't clog your pores or leave your face feeling greasy.  It's great as part of the double cleansing process which has become very popular for thoroughly removing makeup, sunscreen and pollution that has accumulated throughout the day.  On the days when I'm just wearing sunscreen, I will use the cleansing oil on its own.  If I'm wearing sunscreen plus a full face of makeup I use the cleansing oil as the first part of my makeup removing process followed by a foaming cleanser.  The oil cuts through the dirt, oil and makeup like butter.  My makeup essentially melts right off and because it's an oil it easily removes waterproof eyeliner and mascara without much effort.  And for those who have oily skin, it removes excess sebum without drying out your face, leaving your skin feeling balanced, soft, smooth and supple.  You won't even need to use a moisturiser!  I find using the cleansing oil a lot more efficient than using makeup wipes.  Normally with makeup wipes I'll have to follow it up with a cleanser as a lot of makeup and residue will still be left behind.  The cleansing oil is a one stop shop for removing everything.  I love that the product is natural and it doesn't cause any irritation to my face.  In the winter and colder months this cleanser is perfect because my face becomes very dry and sensitive.  The cleanser gives my skin a layer of hydration without feeling heavy.  
I am obsessed with this cleansing oil. It is an essential part of my daily routine: to remove makeup and give my skin a good cleanse at the end of the day.  The pump bottle is so convenient to use. The oil is really runny, so a little goes a long way. I use two pumps, and apply directly to my hands then skin. Using gentle circular motions, I apply the oil all over my face including my eyelids. The oil breaks down the makeup easily, and even works for waterproof makeup. I then rinse it off with warm water, and wipe down with a face towel. There is no tacky residue leftover.  I love that this cleansing oil removes the need to use makeup wipes or another harsh makeup remover. Using this oil, I combine removing makeup and cleansing in one easy step. It saves time and energy, and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. The fact that it is an oil means that my skin is left well moisturised, and never dries out my skin.  There are lots of expensive cleansing oils on the market, but I find that the Burt's Bees oil is just as good, and really affordable. I would highly recommend it!
Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil is the most wondrous cleansing oil I have ever tried.  It comes in a wonderful pump bottle and is so easy to use, just pump twice, then rub the oil between your hands and then apply to your face,   Makeup dissolves instantly and all forms of makeup, from foundation to eyeliner and mascara,  Infact I am amazed at how easily and effortlessly my mascara comes off, it simply wipes away from my lashes. The oil is beautifully but subtly scented and is not overpowering at all.  The oil is very light and is not greasy at all.  As you massage the oil over your face, you will notice how soft your skin feels, and will be quite amazed at how easily the makeup is coming off. Removing the oil is very simple.  Simply remove the cleansing oil with warm water and a facial cloth or flannel.  All the makeup will be removed, and you will see a very clean face with absolutely no traces of makeup.  This is fabulous as your skin is super clean, but will never be tight or dry.  As your skin is now clean and with all makeup removed, you can now be confident that all your skincare like serums and moisturiser will now soak in and work better. I recommend this cleansing oil to anyone who wants a really clean face, with all traces of makeup removed, with one simple product.    The makeup is removed effortlessly and very quickly, it is very gentle but very thorough and effective.  This product is excellent value and so easy and hygenic to use.    I love this cleansing oil, it really has a luxurious feel to it, my skin feels so soft after I have used it,  it offers a pleasurable way to remove your makeup, smells lovely and leaves your skin soft and hydrated, ready for more skincare to help you look visibly younger, more radiant, vibrant and beautiful.
I was surprised that this Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil that doesn't leave an oily residue on my face. From the moment you pump the oil onto your hands, it's like taking a tropical holiday every night when I remove my makeup. The subtle scent smells to me like a combination of coconut, rosemary and frangipani. This product removes every trace of my makeup without the need to use a toner or micellar water. Because of the hydrating properties of the cleansing oil, I skip the extra moisturiser on my face during Summer and only apply it on my neck and décolletage which saves me time.