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Burt’s Bees Hand Salve is an all-natural hand salve enriched with botanical oils, herbs and beeswax to soothe, revive and soften dry hands.


Burt’s Bees Hand Salve


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As a hand salve, I'd only give this a 3/5, however this is one of the best cuticles products I have found, so I give it 4/5 for hydrating dry, rough cuticles! It is quite thick, sticky and not easily absorbed into skin - a small amount is needed. For hands, I felt better putting this on with gloves on top for overnight use, as otherwise I would get a bit of sticky residue on my blankets.
As a registered nurse my hands are put through horrid conditions day in day out with freqent washing. I am always in the market for a good hand cream to put to the test. I was hopeful that this would quickly become a favorite. Sadly I found this was too sticky - the balm wasn't easily absorbed. Even if i put it on overnight it was still not fully absorbed by the morning.  PROS on the cheaper side less is more with this product CONS very thick balm  not easily absorbed I don't think i would repurchase this. Instead of using it as a hand cream i might repurpose it as a foot treatment. 
This is now my new favourite and has bumped the Lemon Butter from top spot!  This salve is rich, soft and is wonderful on hands, elbows, feet and even super dry lips.  The combination of winter and repeated gel polish applications has been rough on my hands, so this has brought them back to what they are supposed to be.
This is a great product and is of great value! My Partner does a lot of Crossfit and as a result, his hands tend to get calloused and a little torn up from lifting weights and using the equipment. This salve by far is his life saver. It not only has ingredients that disinfect the wounds, it also contains extremely moisturising ingredients that sooth, hydrate and speed up recovery on his hands. We don't just use this on hands, sometimes on elbows, heels, cuts and abrasions. It smells great too, although it can leave a slightly sticky feeling and can leave a trace if not let to set properly before touching things. Sometimes I find it on the car steering wheel (however it doesn't bother me as it ends up moisturising my hands haha). I find using it on my hands, my cuticles don't feel cracked and my nails don't split as easily. I definitely recommend this product.
I absolutely working in the garden, it's truely one of my passions but after some hardwork, my hands are very dry and after days of it, my hands are getting really rough and very unfeminine. So Burt's Bee's Hand Salve helps to solve this problem. It's thick and my hands really soak it up and it nourishes my hands. This product is very thick and does the job of nourishes really, really dry hands. I love how it comes in a tin, it's easy to open the lid and just scrape out how much I need and close the lid. This can also be used in winter and for anybody with really, really dry hands.
I used this product years ago and then I finally remembered I have another one stored away. It smells really nice and it keeps my hands hydrated and smooth. The only thing I didn't like was the packaging! It's pretty difficult to open but at least it's worth it. I would rather have smooth hands then fuss over a little container!
Oh Burt, my love affair with your delightful products continues with this saviour of dry hands! Living in Tassie I already have to deal with a harsh climate majority of the year, but since becoming a mum my hands have really taken a battering with the constant washing of everything from stained clothes to dishes...it never ends! My poor hands end up dry and rough, and no matter how much hand cream I apply nothing helps...until Burts Bees came to the rescue! I have used many of their products and just like everything else, this little wonder sure does deliver. It comes in a neat little tin and it's not like a traditional hand cream or lotion...this is almost like a hand balm or solidified oil. I rub my fingers around in the tin and a small amount of this stuff goes a long way. It goes on smooth and although it feels a little oily, it absorbs really well and there is no greasy or sticky residue left on the hands. It smells divine too, like all Burts Bees products it smells of essential oils and natural goodness :) I have a couple tins of this stuff that I carry around in handbags for on-the-go, as well as applying it every night before bed. It works like magic and seems to deeply penatrate the skin to keep hands hydrated for a long time (unlike hand creams that feel great on the surface but they don't absorb all that well and wash off easily). The only criticism I have of this product is that the tin doesn't always open easily and I have snapped a nail  while trying to pry it open (particularly when the tin is new and tends to close quite tight). Although I love the concept of a cute little tin, perhaps they could work on improving the packaging of this and other products that come in the same type of tin. As with everything else sold by this brand, the pricing is great and very affordable. Go ahead girls and lads...give your hands some much needed TLC!
Smells so lovely, and works really well. It doesn't seem like it will absorb well at first but it fully sinks in and is a great texture. Still soft the next day and less chapped. Amazing for dry cuticles as well as elbows. Gentle enough to use daily and very good value for money.
I do a lot of gardening so I was very keen to try this salve as the moisturisers I had been using did not seem to really penetrate deep into the skin and keep them hydrated. This salve was pretty intensive and upon initial application (you do not need a lot - a little goes a long way), my hands were immediately hydrated and felt silky smooth. The scent is also devine!