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Burt’s Bees Matte Lip Crayon is a creamy, full coverage matte lipstick enriched with shea butter, kendi oil and jojoba oil. The moisturising formula leaves lips soft and smooth all day long.

Available in six shades.


Burt’s Bees Matte Lip Crayon


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I am obsessed with the Burt’s Bees lip crayons, you can always find one or two ratting around in my handbag. They are smooth, hydrating and so easy to wear. The colour is long lasting and somehow hydrating at the same time, a combination I haven’t found in many lip products. The colour is buildable to your desirable shade, just add another coat or two.  These are a must have for every woman’s handbag. 
I have dry lips so have trouble finding lipsticks that work for me. Most dry my lips out, so I have been turning more and more to natural options. Enter Burts Bees matte lip crayons. I have Niagara Outlook and Redwood Forest. Niagara Outlook is a a really pretty warm peachy pink that is a really nice nude but fresher, and Redwood Forest is a deeper brownish coral. I find they are both great for wearing during the day. They are both matte and have a waxy feel to them. I apply lipbalm before apply and find that they don't sink into my lip lines. They are hydrating and feel light when wearing. The packaging is too cute with the honeycomb patterned lid but isn't tight enough and I have to keep my eye on it since it's come off and made a bit of a mess a few times.
received Sedona Sands lip crayon as part of a Burt's bees gift pack. Although this colour doesn't usually suit me, I was glad I tried this out. It creates sheer layers that you can build up as desired - my prefered way is single coating just to give a tint and bit of shine. The shine provide by this lip crayon isn't quite like a regular lipstick. The finish is quite matte and yet it has glitter like shine without being jazzy it loud. I'm still sceptical about using it as lip colour simply because darker tones suit me better but definitely it works great as an eye shadow and also a bit of illumination. With slightly dry nature it doesn't run down become smudgy easily but that also means it isn't as hydrating for lips. Definitely not a lip colour you want to wear during winters but great product for rest of the year.
I was never one to look at this brand before...not really one on my radar,and not one i was ever really excited to try,but then i heard about a "well known" someone using this on her wedding day,and i thought i would give it a go. Now,whilst i DO love me a lip crayon (easy to use / easy to slip into a pocket for touchups / no mirror needed to apply),sometimes i find that they are little more than a glorified balm...but this was a little different. Burt's Bees Matte Lip Crayon is a creamy, matte lipstick type product that is enriched with lip loving inclusions (lovely,natural feeling ingredients) ,such as shea butter and jojoba oil that feels hydrating,comfortable and caring,yet applies matte on the lips (not a perfect matte like a true lipstick,but matte in a "not the usual gloss look" that many pencil type lipstick varieties have).My hue..."Sedona Sands",is a pinky - nude that makes for a "your lips but better" look,and is a shade that looks beautiful on (it may not quite have the colour payoff that other matte lipsticks do,but it is great for a "no makeup" makeup) and it is great for my pale skin.The tube that this comes in is very handy....it is black with white lettering,and the handy part ? The fact that the colour of the lipstick is visible via the coloured banding on the pencil (obviously not an exact replication,but enough for you to get an idea),so a quick glance at the store's display can give an indication of what you will get as far as shade selection goes.And what about wearability ? Well,it's not going to last lunch,but it did last a couple of hours of wear (no eating / drinking / lip licking) with no problem. So would i recommend ? Well,i will get it again,but if a more "oomph" and colour is what you want on a day where you don't feel like wearing makeup...then sure,this is for you,BUT,if a true matte lipstick is what you are looking for,maybe this is not for you.At under $17,this is a great addition to your everyday,soft looking makeup ritual. TIP:Apply over an "overly dry" feeling matte lipstick to give it a softer feel and an added level of colour.
I have this lip crayon in number 405 sedona sands. While it does glide on smoothly and feels quite moisturising, it seems to accentuate the dryness and lines on my lips. Also the colour isn't very long lasting. However, it is made of good, natural ingredients and it does provide a quite, natural look if that's what you're looking for.
I purchased this lip crayon in Redwood Forest. Its the perfect red terracotta shade, and compliments my olive skin very well.  I love the ease of application - I usually don't need a mirror . Not the best staying power, but I can easily reapply. One qualm is that I wish it was a bit more moisturising, but nothing some pre-lip balm can't fix!
Burts bees lip crayon is a lovely lip product that contains no nasties, no parabeans, and is just good for the lips. This lip crayon is a thick chunky enhancing lip balm that glides smoothly and softly over lips delivering a colour gently onto the lips. The lip crayon imparts hydrating and moisturising ingredients drectly to the lips, including jojoba oil and shea butter. All oils in this are known and proven to be good for the lips-helping to keep lips in good condition. The chunky balm allows for great delivery to all areas of the lips and doesnt smudge or wear outside the lines. Its also a twist top tube so easy to keep re using, it just twists up itself . I own a light pink which is lovely and soft for a day look- sedona sands. Its a neutral natural pink which is sutle and not bold. On my lips it looks very light & unfortunately not overly noticeable but looks quite decent for a day look or highlighting my eyes. The result is a very subtle matte look that tends to last for a hour or so depending on movement of lips. Its a very waxy velvet matte feel that applies nicely over the lips. I feel my lips are quite hydrated and soft and smooth aftet use. I'm not a huge fan of the waxy result but it does help the lip balm last longer and protects lips from elements. Ideal For... Dry lips Flaky lips Those prone to other chemical lipsticks
Mine is Hawaiian Smolder (429) - a beautiful matte pink that makes my lips look as pretty as an English rose.  Pros: love the true-to-colour shades, the cute packaging, the natural ingredients. Cons: sometimes it doesn't spread evenly on my lips. It tends to make my lips feel dry, too. I still can't decide yet if it's worth repuchasing.
100% Natural Lip Crayon  Burt’s Bees have released six moisture-rich wear matte lip crayon shades both natural and vibrant. A creamy, modern crayon offering full coverage infused with Shea Butter, Kendi Oil, and Jojoba Oil. With no added flavourings or fragrances like comparable brands, making this a great option to crayon lovers.  The lip crayon offers a compact option for a precise application without hassles and messes associated with sharpening earlier lip crayons. With a removable cap it features a twist barrel bottom to apply the product to your lips. I found the crayon to moisturise my lips, some products I have tried in the past can be quite dry. The Shea Butter really helps to hydrate and moisturise dry lips leaving them feeling soft. The Sedona Sands Crayon matched my pale completion perfectly and last a few hours.  Recommended for everyday wear either alone or layered under a Lip Gloss or Lip Shine for a little extra gloss.  Overall: The Lip Crayon really made my lips feel moist, hydrated and smooth
Moisturising properties of lip balm with great colour.  Texture is smooth easy application. Colour is great for day wear. Perfect for beach holidays where you don't want to be pulling out a full makeup kit. Packaging is a big average in my opinion. I think they could make it look a little classier to appeal to adults. 
Love these lipstick pencils. They are so easy to use, goes on really smooth and very creamy, doesn't leave your lips dry. Great everyday lipstick to have in your handbag. Will definitely buy again and if I could afford it would buy one in every colour. My colour Carolina Coast (423)
I really love a good lip crayon as they are SO convenient and easy to use! I usually have a few in my bag and after receiving the Burt's Bees lip crayon in my recent 'The Parcel', I have this crayon in my bag! I find the colour is long lasting but not at all drying. I actually found it quite moisturising and my lips stayed soft. I love that it gives a matte colour but my lips stay soft!!! I will be purchasing this beautiful crayon in many more beautiful colours. I have Carolina Coast and it leaves me with a really pretty pink with a touch of rose to it. Looking to get the red one next!
Burts Bees Lip Crayon is the perfect pointed shape to draw on lips as it is shaped to have a narrow point at the end, where ch is perfect for lining and filling in lips. Is is 100% natural so it does not dry up your lips and keeps them feeling moistened. They have a wide range of pretty colours to suit your skin tone... although they are all pretty bold in colouring. I love love love this product and I would recommend it to anymore who suffers from dried, cracked lips and needs a natural but good quality lip formula alternative.
I really like Burt's Bees products. Their lip balms are great quality, so when I saw that this lip crayon was out I was keen to try it. I'm also intrigued with the fact that there are makeup crayons for lips. It's something different and interesting to try. The packaging of this lip crayon is attractive and I like the detail of the cute honeycomb pattern on the lid which lives up to its bee brand. The lid is transparent which is useful as you can easily see the colour of the product without having to open it. Application is a breeze. You simply twist up the crayon. No sharpening needed. The crayon is thick and has a pointed tip so it's quick and easy to apply it evenly on lips. The coverage is full and creamy yet feels lightweight on. It's very comfortable to wear. The staying power is good. It lasts a few hours but does fade when eating and drinking. I didn't notice a scent with this product. I'm very happy with this product. I love that it contains wonderful natural ingredients, including nourishing oils like jojoba oil. In fact, none of the ingredients are nasties. They're 100% natural so it's great to know that this product is completely caring for my lips. The results are wonderful. With this lip crayon my lips are kept in good condition. They feel soft and smooth. The hydration it provides is really good. With winter coming up this product is helpful in preventing dry, sore lips. The crayon not only cares for your lips but also delivers some pretty colour to your pout. There are quite a few shades to choose from. They are pigmented but not as much as lipstick and the finish is matte. So it's an ideal product for an everyday natural look when you want more coverage than a lip balm but don't feel like wearing lipstick. I recommend this lovely lip crayon to those who like natural beauty products. Have fun colouring in your lips!
I love Burt’s Bees products and use them almost exclusively for my lips.  While this crayon isn’t my favourite of their lip products, I still like it.  The colour I use most is Redwood - a berry brick shade that gives a satiny matte finish with good lasting ability.  It doesn’t dry my lips and gives on easily with a good shape to both line and fill.  I do find it doesn’t last as well as other matte products and that’s probably because it has so many moisturising ingredients in it.  Thinking about how much lipstick gets licked off the lips - an all natural product is a must, and Burt’s Bees is the best - their lipstick colours are so nice and the formulations are really good for the lips.
The Burts Bees lip crayon is the perfect combination of hydrating colour with moisturising benefits so you have a pretty pout that's just as good for the lips.  The lip crayon comes in two different types: one matte and the other gloss.  I purchased the matte one in redwood forest which is a deep red, a colour a wear all year round because it makes you look done up without much effort.  The formula contains shea butter and jojoba oil which keeps the lips soft, smooth and hydrated.  It goes on creamy and feels great when you put it on.  It glides on easily and provides a rich, long lasting, pigmented colour, a little bit less than lipstick as it is not that thick but a lot more than a tinted balm.   It's the perfect mix for those who don't like to wear lipstick everyday and want a lightweight alternative that they can swipe on the go.  I love the look and the feel of the crayon, it's really cute! Just be careful not to press too hard as the tip can move and break off.  I normally like to wear it on its own as matte colour stay on really nicely throughout the day and do not transfer.  However, you can always layer it with a bit of clear lip gloss on tip for a bit of shine.  Even though it is matte and one of my biggest worries is that it will dry out my lips, it actually felt super comfortable and my lips felt great.  If your lips are very dry you can always add a bit of lip balm first and then swipe the crayon on top for extra hydration.  It lasts for a couple of hours before the colour starts to fade a bit so I keep it in my handbag for touchups.  You can put one coat of the lip crayon or layer it for a deeper look.  It doesn't feather and I get so many compliments on it.  I'm very pleased with the product and will definitely continue using and will happily purchase again.