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Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Cleanser

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Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Cleanser is a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser enriched with orange oil and gentle soap bark extract to remove dirt, oil, makeup and impurities. The 99.9 per cent plant-based formula also contains olive oil, aloe and vegetable-based glycerin to help nourish and soothe the skin.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants.


Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Cleanser


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I love this burts bees orange essence cleanser for my sensitive skin and because it smells amazing. The scent was the first thing that hit me, so citrusy and delicious, a gorgeous orange scent. its all natural, so doesnt irritate my sensitive skin and is enriched with beeswax, aloe vera and vitamin E so I know its doing my skin good. Orange oil and soap bark extract remove all impurites from my skin gently, no traces of makeup, oil or grime are left. This cleanser is quite hydrating and never dries my skin out, I always use a good moisturiser after cleansing and my skin then feels clean, soft and smooth. The packaging is great, the slender tube make it easy to apply the product and its a great price, so great value for money. The cleanser is quite thick and rich and applies easily, I massage it in circular motions and it rinses clean. I can see no negatives with this cleanser and would buy it again and would certainly recommend it.
This smells amazing I sometimes use it as a body soap, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and fresh such a good everyday cleanser. Good for keeping dry skin at bay in the winter as so many cleaners are very drying. This is one of Burt's bees best products.
This was one of my first ever purchases when I decided to switch to an all natural skin care routine during my pregnancy a few years ago. It immediately appealed to me after a quick scan of its 99.9% natural ingredients list which included olive oil,Vitamin E,Beeswax and aloe vera. Some of the best ingredients in natural skin care. The cleanser comes packaged in a slender orange and white tube ,which is partly made from recycled plastic. Upon twisting off the lid, the first thing you notice is a very strong and refreshing citrus aroma-this smells just like a freshly sliced orange! So good! The cleanser was much thicker than I am used to and sort of felt like an oily gel, quite similar to a cleansing balm but softer in texture. Initially I was a little sceptical about using it to be honest as my skin is quite oily and prone to acne and this felt and looked rather pore clogging. I applied it to my face and rubbed it in well with circular motions. It actually felt quite soothing and smelt absolutely invigorating.  I find most cleansers tend to leave my skin feeling a little tight or dry once rinsed off. This one left my skin feeling very soft and moisturised. I did not really notice any major reductions in my blemishes,but this also did not contribute to more appearing.  I find this works best with a wash cloth to remove as opposed to just water or skin can be left feeling a little waxy sometimes. Personally I prefer to use this one in the morning as it has a scent that is so refreshing and awakening. Plus I find I prefer a more foaming cleanser of a night ,not entirely used to the oil type cleansing methods as yet. I recommend this to anyone wanting a gentle,natural cleanser that leaves skin clean and still soft.