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Burt’s Bees White Tea Facial Wipes

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Burt’s Bees White Tea Facial Wipes are soothing facial wipes infused with white tea, cucumber and aloe to remove makeup, cleanse and tone in one step.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants.


Burt’s Bees White Tea Facial Wipes


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I've tried a few different face wipes from Burt's Bees now, and have found they all lack the same thing - moistness. They are much drier than others I have tried, and I feel that they pull on my skin because of this. They also irritate my sensitive skin if I use them too often, but this is the same with all facial wipes I have tried. I wouldn't repurchase as I think there are better on the market that offer better value for money.
I was not a fan of these wipes. I found them to be drying, and without enough moisture or ‘wetness’ to be successful at removing my makeup. I was left with tightness and a slight burning sensation after using these. I am disappointed because other reviews are so positive, but these were not good for my dry and sensitive skin.
Although nothing extraordinary, these wipes smell refreshing and does the job as expected. I usually avoid using wipes but a little packet like the one I received with my Burt's bee gift pack is a good thing for keeping in bag for situations where you don't have excess to your preferred cleanser. I found these wipes to have just the right amount of moisture but bit small in size. There is bit of texture to them that also provides gentle exfoliation along with cleansing. I haven't tried them for removing heavy make up but they're definitely good enough to remove dirt, sunscreen, face cream etc at the end of a regular day or while travelling.
I found these Burts Bees white tea facial wipes to be quite average compared to other makeup wipes that I have used.  The pack contains 30 wipes which is a good amount and I like that it comes in a packet where the lid opens and closes to keep the rest of wipes from drying out.  The towelette itself is a good size, comparable to the other ones I've purchased in the past.  What it was lacking was moistness.  I found that it was quite dry which made it hard to actually remove my makeup.  I found that I had to rub the towelette on my skin so the wipe wasn't really doing any of the work that it was supposed to.  I only used it for days when I was wearing no makeup and wanted to clean my face and freshen my skin from the dirt and oil that accumulated throughout the day.  It left my skin feeling clean without leaving any residue behind.  I haven't repurchased them as I found that there are plenty of other products out there that do a much better job.
I have quite sensitive skin so i have tried to not use makeup wipes as much anymore but i have just found this brand  i am in love. It is great for my sensitive skin and does not dry out my skin like other brands have done in the past. They are fantastic smell amazing and get rid of all the make up, dirt and grime that is on my face at the end of a day. They are a good size especially for travelling or on the go. I Always have a small pack of these in my handbag for whenever my face needs a bit of refreshing.
The re-sealable pack is handy and convenient for travel. I leave a pack of these in my fridge so that I have a cool fresh towlette to wipe my face in the morning with to reduce puffiness. This particular  combination of ingredients smells fresh and soothes the skin. It doesn’t leave any residue on your face (unlike some other wipe products). The price point is reasonable. I give the product four stars as I feel the wipes don’t have as much moisture in them as I would like (they tend to dry very quickly as you wipe your face).
I love these burts bees facial wipes and have used others from the range, at such a great price point I can afford to buy several varieties as I use these all the time. So easy to use just open the handy pack and pull out a wipe and reseal. They are infused with enough product to easily remove dirt, makeup, oil and grime without pulling, dragging or drying the skin. These wipes  cleanse and tone and smell lovely, I love the white tea, cucumber and aloe as its so soothing on the skin. These are particularly good for sensitive skin like mine and with so many in a pack they are really economical. i highly recommend these and could not live without them