Carmex Jasmine Green Tea Lip Balm

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Carmex Jasmine Green Tea Lip Balm is a hydrating lip balm that conditions and moisturises lips. The formula is enriched with a green tea aroma and gentle flora tones of jasmine to protect lips from environmental damage while instantly leaving lips soft, smooth and glossy.


Carmex Jasmine Green Tea Lip Balm


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Protective and hydrating goodness

I keep ones of these in my handbags as I find it works really well to maintain the moisturiser and hydration in my lips when I'm outdoors. I find it protects my lips from becoming dry and chapped too. It smells amazing, fresh and clean. Also makes your lips shiny like you've got lipgloss on which I love. If I ever do have cracks on my lips this lip balm soothes the cracks and works fast to relieve the discomfort too. It is affordable costing $5.00 and I would highly recommend. These are quite often on sale too.

The best hydrating lip balm!!

I love Carmex! A makeup artist taught me to always applies it to lips before starting your makeup, so your lips are plump and hydrated when it comes to applying your lipstick! I can’t live without it! I use it every day and the Jasmine and Green Tea is a lovely change to the tradition Carmex lip balm. The tube is great as you don’t get your fingers dirty! You do feel a bit of a tingly sensation after application, but it’s nothing to worry about! Great price point, and an easy compact to carry with you anywhere!
Absolutely brilliant! You cannot fault a Carmex lip balm! It’s a great size to take with you places and can’t be beaten in terms of its moisturising effect! You do get a tingly feeling when putting it on however this does not bother me. I find it nourishing and my go to when I’m chapped.
This is a great lip moisturiser. It comes in a squeeze tube that you can apply directly to your lips which is super handy. Unlike balms, it doesn't get D if you leave it in the car or heat somewhere. It has a strong scent that's quite pleasant and makes my lips tingle a little bit when you first put it on. It's quite good for my dry lips too. Would recommend this.
One of my holy grail lip balms!!! Not gonna lie but I love the sight tingly sensation it gives when it’s applied on some how makes me think that I’ve got fresh moisture’s lips! This is also good to use before bed especially if you want that feeling of soft and plump lips! The tube is sanitary too - so good to share with your friends (and get them hooked on to it too!!! )
Carmex makes really good lip balms in many different styles and with many different flavours. I love how this comes in a squeesy tube so I can control how much or little I need. The best thing is that I don't get my fingers involved so it doesn't get sticky. I love the smell and the inclusion of green tea. It's very refreshing. This lip balm keeps my lips very moisturised and I always look forward to reapplying it when I need to and after I eat and drink.
I find that this goes into my essentials bag. I carry this everywhere I go and I have lost count of how many I have bought. It has a light and sweet scent that is quite refreshing. It's easy to open and apply and lasts for a really long time. I've discovered that applying this before I go to bed makes my lips nice and soft and moisturised in the morning. Plus the design Is super cute.
The size of this lip balm is perfect. Fits into any purse, clutch or handbag for re-application throughout the day. The scent is mild. Fan of green tea or not, there is no distinctive Jasmine or Green Tea scent in this product. Versatile for whole family use as it is colour free.
I love using Carmex Jasmine green tea lipbalm for everyday use, especially on winter when my lips are super dry and chapped. Personally, because i love the smell of both green tea & jasmine, it doesn't bother me even though i feel like there's not much smell in the first place. This product moisturize my lips as well as providing SPF 15 which is really great because most of us would forget about protecting our lips from the UV rays. It comes very handy for me to bring everywhere and re-apply because of it's small size but bright packaging. I'd recommend Carmex jasmine green tea lipbalm to everyone who has dry chapped lips, who is not particularly sensitive to jasmine/green tea smell.
While this lip balm does have some excellent features, I find both the scent and taste on my lips quite unpleasant, so have stopped using my tube. Unfortunately. it neither reminds me of jasmine or green tea, as the flavour is so strong and overwhelming in nature. Reading other reviews, I've noticed other Beautycrew members enjoy the taste and flavour, so seems like plenty of people do enjoy the flavour. For me personally, if this product didn't have this flavour, it would have been an ideal lip balm - affordable, in a cute little sturdy tube, with a hydrating formula and inclusive of SPF15. But none of these redeeming features outweigh the taste issue for me. I'll not be repurchasing, preferring instead to buy the regular Carmex lip balm products - they work a treat minus the unpleasant taste issues.
Oh Carmex, how I love you so. I don't know what magical properties this little gem possesses, but somehow it did the impossible and healed my cracked lip. This is a true feat given I've had said cracked lip on and off for about three years. Every time I thought it had healed, it just cracked back open. After exhausting just about every other product on the shelf, this beauty caught my eye, so I decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did. For the first time in so long, my lips are neither chapped, nor cracked. I don't even have a mark where the split used to be, and I always had one every other time it healed. It makes my lips tingle, but I don't really mind. They look a bit fuller and they certainly feel a lot smoother, so it's a compromise I'm willing to make. I do think that it goes on a bit thick and greasy, like vaseline, which is why I've taken a star off. I don't like the initial feeling. The SPF is awesome though, even if it is a bit low... It's good to feel like it's protecting my lips at least a little bit. Obviously in Australia we do need something a little stronger though for it to be truly effective. It's definitely won me over and I always keep it in my purse. The cute design helps :) Very cheap when its on sale too.
Most lip balms don't come in a variety of scents but we can all agree that Jasmine green tea is not something you normally find! The unique scent combined with the hydrated gloss make this lip balm one of a kind! The tube is easy to squeeze, giving lips a nice sheen with added benefits to protect (with SPF 15 because sun protection for your lips is just as important) and condition.  The packaging is bright and cheerful, as is the scent.  A light, yet subtle aroma of jasmine with the freshness of the green tea is easy on the nose.  Keep it in your purse for reapplying though out the day and your lips will thank you for it!
For a teeny little price this lip balm packs a mean punch. Its zesty flavour and smooth texture combine to moisturise lips in an effortless way. The tube and screw lid are great as I find it stays on in my handbag.. unlike caps that always manage to come off. The bright colour of the packaging also makes it easy to find my bag.  I always have a tube (or two) lying around. x
The packaging of this lip balm is beautiful and colourful. I can easily see it in my handbag with the bright yellow shade. The added element of the jasmine flower is so cute and elegant.  I love scent is subtle but there is a light green teaish scent. The added spf is a great addition to the balm. I like that the spf doesn't add and original texture to the balm but leaves it still smooth and light.  The formula is light weight and silky on the lips. It squeezes out a little thickly but it smooths over the lips lovely leaving a light glossy finish.  The actual balm is nicely hydrating but disappears very quickly. I feel like I need to apply this ever half hour or so.  Overall very nice product to add into your routine. I love applying this just before lipstick (particularly liquid lipstick) 
This comes in a very colorful and easy to use squeeze tube. I love the product's packaging, bright tropical colors with a little flower definitely match the scent and feel of this lip balm.  It's a clear color and a bit smoother and softer on lips on application than most balms I use. The scent is quite mild but pretty.  I love the green tea, jasmine and spf ingredients and the way it applies and smooths my lips.  Unfortunately not a fan of the mild tingling sensation I get when it's applied so doubt I'll ever be making a repurchase if this one.  
Jasmine is one of my favourite floral scents so when I saw this lip balm I just had to get it. Everything about this product screams summer, from the cute, bright, floral packaging to the balm's tropical scent. The formula is clear, glides on easily and gave my lips that tingling sensation that makes it feel like it's really working. It made my lips feel hydrated and silky smooth for ages and gives a pretty, glossy finish. After a few days of use my lips felt softer than usual. To top it all off it also contains SPF so that you can be assured that your lips are protected from environmental damage. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a pretty lip balm and moisturised lips.
Neat, easy to use tube with pretty design on the outside. I liked the smell and texture of the balm, however my lips also started to tingle about 2 minutes after my first application, so I wouldn't change from favourite Lanolips balm.
Easy to use tube, light and sweetly scented and provides instant results of soft, smooth lips - a drink for thirsty dry lips...that lasts for ages !
A big thing with me is the scent of a lip balm and this one certainly has it!  It smells like a balmy tropical holiday full of flowers.  I think the colours of the tube and picture design is very cute too.  Most lip balm designs are quite boring or serious or plain but this one looks bright and breezy to match it's scent.  It feels super conditioning on my lips and tends to stay put for a long time too.  I love that it has some SPF in it.
This product didn't suit me because of the tingling effect, but some users may enjoy this. Otherwise, it smelled very nice, like jasmine green tea and was nice to use. But because of the tingling, I don't reach for this often.