Carmex Moisture Plus Hydrating Lip Tint

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Carmex Moisture Plus Hydrating Lip Tint is a smoothing and plumping lip tint that hydrates lips. The antioxidant-rich formula contains shea butter, sea buckthorn butter, vitamin B3 and menthol to nourish and condition lips.

Available in four shades.


Carmex Moisture Plus Hydrating Lip Tint


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Average Lip Tint

Not the best lip tint and the colours aren't very noticeable when applied to lips. I feel that it didn't hydrate my lips enough and I had a little irritation on my upper lip after using this but I'm a sensitive skin girl so may have reacted to one of the ingredients. It's ok for the price but I won't be purchasing again.
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Beautiful,Natural Shades but Not Hydrating

I was lucky enough to get to try 4 shades of this lip tint/balm. I was initially worried about two of the shades being too dark or colourful,but they all looked quite nice once applied. The Carmex lip tint comes in a slim tube with a handy slanted applicator that makes applying this to the lips a breeze. I don't do lipstick or tints but the colours were all great, very subtle and quite natural. Unfortunately the hydrating just wasn't there. I feel like after fifteen mins or so these tints made my lips more dehydrated than they were. Thank you for allowing me to try these products. They are great for a nice pop of colour,but I prefer a hydrating lip balm over colour personally.
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Very moisturising

I’ve always used carmex for dry chapped lips, and so I was really excited to try this product. The colours are beautiful and quite pigmented though they need to be reapplies regularly. The scent is a little overpowering, and if I put on too much then my lips are quite sticky. But it does a really good job of moisturising lips.
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Hydrates with Subtle Tint

The Carmex hydrating lip tint comes in a squeeze tube with a slanted tip applicator. The tip is slim and easily smooths and glides over my lips. The lip tint comes in varying shades and the finish is a subtle gloss. It feels hydrating on, with a subtle tint to it but the lip balm wears off quickly and with it the tint. I don't find it particularly hydrating, but it does give a nice subtle colour to your lips if you're looking to look effortlessly chic without trying.
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Definitely hydrates !

There are lots of things to love about this tint. It definitely smoothes, plumps and hydrates the lips as the packaging says. The colour range is also very flattering. My husband said that the balm smelt slightly “ like a chocolate brownie”. I was impressed that it contained natural ingredients, as I prefer natural ingredients on my lips and the packaging stated that, the total of naturally derived ingredients were 94.9%. I found that my lips remained moisturised even when the lip balm wore off. The reason why I gave it 4 stars, was because it wore off super quickly, and the colour payoff was very subtle. I would recommend for use as a lip balm but not as a tint as when the balm wears off there is no tint left on the lips.
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Great shades but sadly didn’t hydrate enough

Luckily enough to receive 4 of the new shades from the Carmex Moisture Plus Hydrating Lip Tint. I was a little worried about a couple of the shades being way too vibrant but they were lovely and subtle. Not tingling and uncomfortable to wear but unfortunately after 20 minutes my lips were no longer soft and started to dry out. I wish due to the colours it was a yes from Me but unfortunately not.
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Lightweight formula

I was given the opportunity to trial the Moisture Plus Hydrating Lip Tints in four shade variations. The product is housed in a tiny tube and its applicator has a slanted edge. The lip tint has a light consistency, it felt smooth on my lips and it never felt tacky. After I applied the lip tint, I could taste a distinct peppermint or menthol flavour, but this dissipated in about ten minutes. I usually do not like lip products with peppermint or menthol because they can irritate my lips, but my lips felt comfortable when using this product. After I applied the lip tints, I could see a subtle colour on my lips, but the colour faded very quickly. I tried applying a thicker layer to see if the colour lasted longer, but this didn’t help. Although the colour faded quickly, the product lasted on my lips for a while, but not as long compared to some other lip balms that I’ve tried.
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I'm obsessed with these tinted lip balms. These are so gorgeous and so effortless, so amazing, they give a gorgeous soft colour to the lips with great colour payoff, very hydrating and non rocky l sticky. I have literally been wearing these each and everyday for 3 weeks since receiving these and I can't stop they area that good. I am already a fan and lover of the brand Carmex all when I got these coloured options I was so excited. There are 4 shades: • Nearly Nude • Coral-Me Cool • Mauve'd Up • Pouty Pink I love them all but the gorgeous soft orange Coral-Me Cool shade is beautiful.
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Perfect Daily Gloss

I have never really given Carmex a second glance in the shops and was happy to give another lip balm brand a try as my lips always tend to get a bit dried out thanks to the air con at work. These come in very lovely, smaller than average tubes which I am a big fan of as I actually like using products up and I swear I have so many lip products that it is painful to try use them up. They are hydrating and not sticky at all - great for long hair and windy days. I find that these are comfortable on the lips and help to soften and smooth out any flakes or 'cracks' you can get. The tint is barely there and personally, I didn't notice much effect but I think my lips are naturally fairly pigmented and can mute most colours unless they are quite opaque.
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Not my favourite

I had high hopes for the Carmex hydrating lip tint (I am a self-confessed lip balm addict), but unfortunately this product was a little disappointing for me. Firstly, I am not a fan of menthol in lip products and I didn’t feel like this inclusion made my lips appear any fuller. If anything, it just added a scent to the product. Secondly, I found the packaging underwhelming. The lip tint comes in a no-frills small, slim tube with a plastic tip. While it works well enough, it’s not particularly comfortable to use and I would have preferred a sponge applicator. The product is hydrating, isn’t sticky and comes in four neutral shades, though I didn’t find that the colours lasted very long on the lips. Overall, not my favourite lip product.
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Great Lip Balm!

This Lip balm is great. I love that it's tinted, and all the shades are fantastic. It's a hydrating balm with added menthol for a plump affect. It makes my lips feel extremely soft and moisturised. It does not feel sticky and I forget I'm wearing it after a while. I love wearing this throughout the day, and I'll even wear it at night time for added hydration.

Amazing lip tints

I was so lucky to be able to trial Carmex Moisture Plus Hydrating Lip Tints. What an amazing product. I love a lip balm with colour, it means I can moisturise my lips during the day, but also have a little hint of colour too. The shades are beautiful, very subtle and all go on so easily and smoothly with the lovely lip applicator tube. Great size for your handbag. Easy to touch up during the day. They really are a wonder product, a lip balm that is not sticky, but moisturises and hydrates, and a lovely subtle burst of colour to brighten your lips and makeup. Great to wear on their own, or over your favourite lip liner.
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Hydrating Lip treatment

I love Carmex moisture plus it is just so easy to use and the bonus is the lovely natural lip tint. The product is in a great little discreet tube with a slanted applicator which is so convenient to have in your handbag or for travel. I suffer from constantly dry and sore lips, my lips are really affected by weather, air conditioning and matte lipsticks and it becomes a vicious circle where they dry, flake and peel and it looks just awful. Carmex moisture plus has really helped with treating my lips soothing them and coating them to protect from any further damage while they recover. I can reapply all day to add moisture and the lovely soft tints look so natural and dont draw attention to any problem areas. This is an essential product to repair or maintain your beautiful lips.
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Hydrated plump glossy lips

Hydrates like a lip blam while looking like gloss - how beautiful is that. Could have been more pigmented but good thing is you can build it up a little so for those who really love understated look, there is an option here. The tiny tubes are so easy to use and pop in tiniest of purses. Doesn't really last long but I love reapplying lippies anyway ;) The only thing I don't like is the peppermint fragrance and that tingling sensation of it but that's just me - don't like it in anything. Good thing is - it isn't very prominent and doesn't linger on for long.
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Great colours!

These great little glosses fit easily in your purse for a night out, have great colour and gloss. Whilst not as long lasting as some others, they smell lovely and heavily moisturise.
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Good budget lip balm.

This is a very little tube of 3.8mL of product. Made in USA. Ingredients are 94.9% naturally derived. The rest is "unnatural" Have received all 4 shades, faves are all but nude (aka beige brown). Never been a fan of anything with brown tint. This formula is packed with oils, butters, vitB3. Beware though, it does tingle upon application a bit (very subtly for short period of time) as it contains also methyl nicotinate. This ingredient is used in lip plumping products to cause redness and inflammation for a short period of time. Falsely advertised on the packaging as "menthol" in product description, not to find it on the ingredient list of the product on the same packaging underneath and instead methyl nicotinate. Can we just we be straight with consumers please? Now just for the product itself. Tngles slightly upon application. Sheer tint that I like. It diminishes in an hour or two, still there though. I reapply the tint every couple of hours. Smooths, "plumps" (makes lips look juicier) and "hydrates" (prevents my lips from shriveling) and just makes natural lips look a bit alive and not dull. With a colour that is flattering. My faves are pink and mauve pink (natural lip colour of mine but just bolder). Tube is so small, that will fit anywhere. And can be used up quite quickly before going bad. Took one star of because of confusing labeling. Menthol, no menthol thing on the packaging. It is petroleum and its byproducts free, also no lanolin (both of these tend to coat the skin and cause dehydration effect, shriveling under the layer of it). Not suitable for vegans as only one ingredient is from bees: bee wax. The rest just plant oils, butters, extracts, vitamins, a bit of colour and that plumping agent. Other waxes used are from the plant source.
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Lovely lush lips

I love this moisturising lip tint. It comes in a soft plastic tube and you apply by squeezing the tube and use the slanted tip. I also squeezed some out and used my finger to apply. It felt great on my lips and I loved the hint of glowy colour on my lips. I carried this lip tint in my bag and used it during the day whenever I wanted to nourish my lips. This lip tint didn't last through eating or drinking, but there's no problem as reapplying was easy to do. Overall, this is a lovely lip moisturiser which makes my lips look and feel great.
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Not for me

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Carmex Hydrating Lip Tint. In the past I wouldn't leave my home without my Carmex balm. With years my needs have changed. I generally like the idea. Lip balm with a bit of tint. The pigmentation is quite good, I do not like the smell and taste. It reminds me of some plastic. I like the fact that tube is tiny and we actually are able to use up a product! Yay! The formula is of a regular lip gloss. The result is a bit heavy though. It is still a lip balm and I would rather wear a Chanel verson that will give me a chic and not cheap effect. I like the choice of shades though. Pretty natural and easy to pull off.
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Natural lip balm with a hint of colour

I received the Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Tint in my super crew kit to trial. The tints come in four shades - Pouty Pink, Nearly Nude, Mauve'd Up and Coral-Me Cool. As I've become increasingly concerned by what I put on my lips, I'm so glad to see that these lip tints contain more natural ingredients - shea butter, seabuckthorn butter, Vitamin B3 and menthol. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of menthol in my lip products. It gives a cooling, tingling feeling once applied on the lips, however the menthol in this lip tint is more subtle than others I've tried. The menthol is designed to plump up the lips naturally. The lip tint is packaged in a tiny plastic squeeze tube (and I mean tiny). It's 3.8g which is probably equivalent to the amount of product in a standard lip stick however, I tend to go through lip balms much more quickly. The applicator is slanted with a tiny hole to dispense the tint. The product is quite thick so it's easy to control how much is dispensed. The tint was easy to apply and provided a lovely sheer wash of colour. It was difficult to tell the different colours on the lips though. The finish was slightly glossy and did not feel sticky or tacky. Overall a good product but for me, it needs SPF for sun protection!

Good product - just need a few tweaks

Thank you so much to beauty crew for including this product in the supercrew crewkit. I enjoyed using the carmex moisture plus lip tint. I think that the market should make more of these multipurpose products as they are really handy. The crewkit generously supplied 4 different shades. Due to a fairly short review time I have only tried the mauve and pink, both of which I really like! The pink is a natural looking every day colour which is great for casual functions. The mauve gives a slightly more omph for evening or special occasion wear. The lip tint does exactly what it says - provides moisture to dry lips. I do feel that a few things can be improved - the formula feels too oily, it doesn't stay on lips and it seems to slide around during the day. There is also no longevity to the colour, after a coffee everything is almost gone. A reapplication is necessary. It is a product with great concepts but the execution is lacking. Hopefully with a few improvements Carmex will make this lip tint great!