Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ Kids Liposomal Lotion

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Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ Kids Liposomal Lotion is fast-absorbing sunscreen with SPF 50+ broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection, formulated specifically for children’s sensitive skin. The lotion helps to nourish skin while it protects with ingredients such as panthenol, glycerine, aloe vera and vitamin E. The formula is hypoallergenic and free from fragrances and parabens. Recommended for children aged one and older. 


Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ Kids Liposomal Lotion


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This is an excellent sunscreen for adults and kids. I love that’s it’s thin and easy to rub in and apply. My daughter has really sensitive skin and many sunscreens have caused her some rashes or redness. This one hasn't, and She wears it every single day. It lasts forever. And of course it’s super quick to rub in, isn’t messy, and the pump style bottle makes it easy for even the littlest people to apply.
I was choosing between this product and their "adult" (I suppose?) version. The only difference between the two is that this one has those lovely skin soothing ingredients like panthenol in it, and that was a selling point for me. This product comes in a large pump bottle with a cap which means less spillage and chance of it busting as the bottle is a sturdy and hard plastic.  Cetaphil is pretty much a well known and staple product in Australian drugstores. This SPF is something that stood out to me as it, obviously, meets out stringent SPF requirements but also, if you look at the sunscreen filters themselves, have a great range of ingredients that protect you from both UVB and UVA rays. A very simplistic way to understand this is that UVB is what causes us to burn while UVA does the slow damage that leads to wrinkles and pigmentation.  As someone concerned with hyperpigmentation and skin cancer prevention, this product was a great addition to my large SPF collection.  For the face, this is unfortunately, not cosmetically ellegant at all and probably only the driest of skin types will be able to put up with this as it is very emollient and leaves a noticeable shine to the skin. I do still use it on the face when I am at the beach but my preferred way is certainly for the body where it gives a nice flow as my body is somewhat dry while my face is combination/ oily.  This has excellent durability and protection and has gotten me through whole days at the beach in summer with no burn and only the absolute breath of a tan which shows how protective it is. The water resistant nature is also apparent though I am one to reapply quite generously and often when I am in and out of the water.  PROS - cheap and easily accessible - excellent range of UV filters for broad and high quality protection - pump sturdy bottle with little to no chance of spill or bursting in a back  - water resistant  - soothing on the skin CON - quite greasy on the face - has a high alcohol smell and potential content which could be irritating to some