Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Wipes

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Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Wipes are gentle cleansing wipes for all skin types. The wipes remove impurities and makeup without irritation to the skin or eyes.


Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Wipes


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Pros - the packaging is simple to use - smells nice  - does not contain any harsh chemicals - never leaves skin feeling oily - hydrates skin - takes off makeup instantly  - you only need one wipe to take off a full face of makeup Cons - does not remove all makeup  - may irritate sensitive skin types - is expensive for the number of wipes given - wipes can dry out over time
I have gone through 2 packs of these. What I like - they are gentle to skin and does not cause breakouts - the texture of the cloth is soft and gentle What I don't like - the wipes are not "wet" enough for a thorough cleanse - my skin is not properly cleansed and residue of makeup is still left Overall not a re-purchase for me.
I just finished using my first packet of these and they are amazing. The wipes are super gentle on the skin, yet effective at cleansing and removing dirt grime oil and makeup. The wipes are white and remove a good amount of makeup. Post use my skin is balanced and refreshed. My skin doesn't feel dry oily or left with a horrible residue. They are perfect for sensitive acne based skin and won't irritate or block pores. No break outs or blackheads here. Great wipes and really recommend these
In love with Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Wipes because I can use it all year round even when my skin is dry or sensitive. It removes my tough eye makeup effortlessly and the size of the packaging is perfect for travelling. The cloth is very soft so it doesn't hurt my skin at all. Definitely my favourite brand for wet wipes.
Like with the whole cetaphil range the wipes are great for people for oily/dry or combination skin, brilliant for those with acne or sensitive skin. These wipes are great for makeup removal and the wipes themselves are big and tough enough so you only need one to get everything off. they are textured so they really clean your pores while removing all dirt and oil from the skin and i find they slightly exfoliate the skin without irritation. Brilliant product!
I really liked these wipes. I'm not picky with my wipes and these worked well to get my make up off. I LOVE the packaging as well.
The best thing about cleansing wipes is that they are quick and easy to use.  Especially if you are getting home late and really want some sleep - cleansing wipes makes it so convenient and simple. The downside is that sometimes these cleansing wipes can be harsh against the skin so it's important to find the right cleansing wipes. Enter Cetaphil's Cleansing wipes. They are gentle against the skin and come with two textures. One side has little bumps so it's best to use on your forehead, nose and chin (the oily areas) and a smooth side for the rest of your face and eyes. It gives me face and eyes a good cleanse and I'm always ready to bed in a timely manner. And the important thing - without any irritations!
I've trialled a few cleansing wipes and never had a wow factor with them.  Whether it is my age, skin, I have no idea but I received the Cetaphil Cleansing wipes in my latest Priceline goody bag and wow, I am totally impressed.  Where have they been hiding as I have used other Cetaphil products before. First they come in a packet like other wipes but this one is heaps better as it has a very strong flip over lid that opens and closes with just a click.  This deserves a gold star as it stays shut and never loosens and opens like other containers. I loved how the seal that you have to break is really hard to get off because I know that my wipes will be well moistened on opening.  The wipe is a rectangular soft cloth and heavily moistened and I found it much easier to use than those square pokey looking shaped ones. I actually find the shape of these easier to run across my face.  They are fragrance free which is wonderful as no overpowering scents to make you go whoaaa.  They are formulated for sensitive skin and a Dermatologist recommended.  It says you can use on your eyes but I prefer to use another product on my eyes so I cannot say if they irritate your eyes.  The wipes felt fantastic on my skin and afterwards my skin felt really clean and soft.  These wipes are definitely gentle on your skin.  Using two wipes removed all my days make-up and I did a test afterwards to see if any make-up left and completely clean.  My skin looked really fresh.  Definitely gentle on your skin so whether you have sensitive, dry, normal or combination skin, they would be ideal to use.   Great for travelling as I have just trialled them on a week-end away.  Finally cleansing wipes that I can say I truly love and will continue to use.
I'm a big fan of Cetaphil's Gentle Cleanser, using it every morning as my facial cleanser in the shower.  So I had high expectations ahead of using these wipes, and I must say they've not let me down. They perfectly suit my sensitive tzone and do a great job as my first cleanse at night.  And when I'm traveling, they're an absolute necessity. The wipes are dermatologist recommended,  fragrance free, Ph balanced and non-comedogenic.  Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. They come in a sturdy plastic packet with a clasp that closes properly.  YAY for packaging that doesn't dry out the wipes, so many other brands spoil a good product by putting their wipes in poor packaging.  I was surprised when I first used them that they are a rectangular shape, instead of the common square shape.  But I then realised that they're the correct width to fit across my face, and I can wipe downwards in one motion with them.  I quite like this shape variation. I use the wipes as my first cleanse at night, and find all I need to use is a single wipe to effectively and thoroughly remove my makeup, and any dirt and grime.  I then follow up with my gel cleanser to give my skin a very thorough clean.  You will need a separate eye makeup remover for mascara and strong eye makeup, though the wipes will remove eyeshadow with relative ease. I received  my wipes via a Priceline skincare goody bag, and will be buying more of them.  I really like how gentle, but effective they are, and how well priced they are.  Great packaging seals the deal  for me, highly recommended
Every women needs some cleansing wipes in her bathroom for those moments when you get home and you just want to sleep but you know you need to get that face full of make up off or you'll regret it in the morning. Cetaphil give us one of the best options of wipes for easy use. The container they come in has a plastic lid which means they are easier to get them out of the packer and reseal them shut again. The wipes themselves do an awesome job of getting the day off your skin without leaving any residue or feeling too harsh. They also don't have an overpowering aroma like other wipes. These are perfect for traveling or throwing in your handbag to make you feel fresher and to just make cleaning your face that much simpler. Great product at a price we can afford.
Cetaphil cleansing wipes are my go to product for wipes. They are effective while still being gentle. My skin always feels clean and refreshed after using them and there is never any stinging. One of my favourite things about these wipes is that even though they are sensitive enough to use on my eyes with no stinging they perfectly remove my waterproof mascara and long wear lipsticks.  The pack is well designed with a secure hard plastic closure that ensures the wipes do not dry out at all - which is a negative I have found with other brands.  I have a pack of these in my gym bag and one at home because the pack is just so useful. I think everyone should try these at least once and at the price they are a super cheap addition to anyones makeup collection. 
Priceline Skincare goody bags always handy for trying out new facial wipes, and that's how I came across these Cetaphil ones. I used these for a quick clean when I couldn't do a proper cleanse and sometimes to remove makeup. They worked really well. The rectangle shape of the wipe is so easy to work with compared to square shaped wipes. They are really wet and the plastic-snap lid keeps them wet for a long time. My skin didn't sting and they don't have a scent, so if you have sensitive skin I'd say give these ago. I also really, really like  that an expiry date is clearly printed.
I would just like to thank cetaphil for coming out with such a great product , these are my holy grail , I have very dry/sensative skin and these are so kind to the skin. Not only do they remove makeup but they don't dry it out or leave a strong smell after you use them , I also find they're just the right amount of wetness . if u were ever wanting to try this product please do you won't regret it 5  stars for this product :)
Great wipes.  They clean your skin really well, no residue, and no lingering scent like some wipes can leave.  They are nice and soft, and simple to use.  One of the more impressive aspects of the wipes is the container they come in.  It has a plastic lids that snaps shut, and it's easy to pull out one wipe at a time (rather than a couple then you get stuck jamming them back in the pack).  They have just the right amount of moisture in them too, not too dry and not too soggy.  Thoroughly recommend!
Ever had that horrible burning, stinging feeling after wipeing your makeup off with a wipe? Ever imagined what is wipeing it off? Having sensitive skin i've often wondered this. I've even had to take antihistamines to reduce facial swelling! Cetaphil is a winner and you won't have that problem with these! They really are gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. What's even better is that they clean off even the most stubborn make up. No after fragrance and super gentle on skin. I would recommend these facial wipes to everyone whom wants a clean wipe that won't leave skin red!
I would never have tried these if it wasn't for Priceline including them in a skincare gift pack - now I am hooked! I use face wipes daily and these work so well to remove makeup (including stubborn eye makeup), dirt and oil. After using them I feel like I don't even need to wash my face after they are so effective! The cloth itself is really soft and has slight grooves for gentle exfoliation which is why they clean so well! I don't have overly sensitive skin, however I can be prone to breakouts and I have never had an issue using these Cetaphil wipes, plus they are scent free which helps. Another huge pro of these wipes is the packaging - it comes with a lid which makes SUCH a difference in keeping the wipes moist and intact. I have found other face wipes with the sticker enclosures tend to try out sometimes and lose their effectiveness. Given that they are super affordable as well I definitely recommend this to everyone who is after a quick way to cleanse their skin :)
I use makeup remover wipes on a daily basis and several times a day during the warmer months. This wipe cleans and refreshens my face while being non irritating or causing any redness. It is good to hold and use and 1 wipe is enough to clean off the dirt and grime from my face, neck and décolletage. I carry a pack of these in my handbag and use them at work too during the summer. They have no fragrance which is great because I feel that they seem more pure and gentle this way. I recommend these wipes for anyone, males and females to clean and refresh their face.
Another great product from Cetaphil. These wipes are convenient and good quality. Ideal for removing makeup in those times when you're too tired to go through the whole skincare regime or when you just need to freshen up. I was impressed at how soft and moist these wipes are, and the packet's lid easily clips shut to keep in the moisture. On my skin these were really gentle yet still did a great job at removing grime and makeup and making me feel clean. Unlike some other scented wipes these scent-free wipes didn't irritate my acne-prone skin or sting my eyes. Yay! Ideal for all skin types so pick up a packet and experience the ease of cleansing your face without skipping out on a quality cleanse.
Very handy! Especially when I get lazy and want to get to bed quickly, I can quickly remove my makeup and run off to bed. I have quite sensitive skin and so far this product has not irritated it. Will happily buy it again!
These are shaped like a rectangle instead of a square.  The cloth is very soft - perfect for any skin type especially delicate skin.  I love that when I use these I don't feel the need to rinse my face like with some other face wipes.  The actual formula is more water-like and gentle than a lot of other scented formulas in face wipes.  I would definitely buy these again now I've had a pack of them.  The lid is plastic and clips closed to secure in the moisture.