CHANEL Stylo Ombre et Contour

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CHANEL Stylo Ombre et Contour is a thick-tipped three-in-one kohl, eyeliner and eyeshadow crayon. The contour crayon is highly pigmented and provides long-lasting wear. The creamy formula allows for easy blending and application.

Available in three shades.


CHANEL Stylo Ombre et Contour


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Chanel....just the sound of that name exudes style,visions of classic looks that never date and a feel that no other label can create.So when i found this beauty recently online,i knew this must be mine. Now don't get me wrong....i have more than a few Rimmel / Colourpop / Max Factor liners in my arsenal,but every once in a while,a luxe one just screams to be with me...and this one did.But at $52 a pop for a Chanel Stylo Ombre et Contour,what are you getting ? start with,this is one versatile and easy-to-use 3-in-1 pen which can be worn as a kohl, eyeliner or eyeshadow, for an eye look that will last all day (i mean ALL day...10 hours,no budge,no running,no fading),so right there you have triple usage.Add to that the creamy, silky texture that glides along the skin and eye contour (no dragging) for easy,no fuss application that has to be felt to be believed.This also comes in a wide range of both standard hues (your black / brown / grey) to some "straight off the catwalk" shades (think deep ocean blue....the shade i have.No 2 "Bleu Nuit" / apricot nude to one that is an eyeliner version of the cult shade of nail enamel "rouge noir"....a deep,dark blackened burgundy red) that will become your "one stop shop" for eyecolour inspiration. But how is it that this can be eyeliner and a shadow ? glad you's all in the way you hold and apply the crayon. For a liner or kohl effect, apply the tip of the pen to the eye contour or to the inside of the lower lashline.To shade the eyelid, fill it in with the flat edge of the tip...easy.And finally,what of the packaging (after all,if it's Chanel,it would need those double C's somewhere).The product is housed in a elegant,gloss black case with white lettering,the shade inside is shown as a band around the lower end of the pencil AND the top has those coveted Cs.To utilise the product,it is a simple twist of the tube,et voila....fresh colour ready to be worn.This pen will last you a good few months of daily use,so that pricetag suddenly seems a little more sustainable, yes ? I want to find a negative to this,but seriously,i just carn't find any (except maybe that,like any creamy pencil type product,this does NOT like 46 degree heat at all.This did go south a bit when i wore this in just that temp over summer...but that is for every product with a similar formula) So,if you want to know if i recommend this,i say to you.....did Madame Coco make black jersey and red lips a timeless uniform ? TIP:Make this work even harder for you by utilising this under a like shade of shadow to extend beyond belief the wear time of your eye a primer if you will,and to give a depth for a smokey eye that will stay longer than you will. The keeps its colour intensity throughout the day.